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The Larue by Lada Edmund Jr. Or Not

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Just noticed this in this months Anglo American auction. Have cut and pasted the comment ...

Title: The Larue
Label: Decca 32007 (DJ)
Condition: M-
A Shrine record in all but label and Eddie Singleton (the producer) told me that on THIS side (but not the flip) he drafted another, black, singer in because the famed white go-go dancer from Hullabaloe couldn't really sing. Thank goodness he did! Her name is pronounced ‘Layda’ by the way.

So "The Larue" isn't by Lada Edmund Jr, but the other side, "Soul Au Go Go" is. Whilst this may be common knowledge of course, it was new to me. I learn something new every day.

Wonder who sang it, possibly a DC Blossom, or maybe a Chansonette ?


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Well, I always loved the 'the larue' and was happy to discover 'soul a go-go' when I first acquired the 45. At one time I was told that she was actually 'blond' and therefor could not be considered a "black" soul artist. I couldn't believe my ears since 'the larue' always sounded so "black" to me. But I can be wrong !

When I saw the add/promo pictures for this 45 it all became clear altogether; she was either the "face" put on the 45 to push it commercially or the 45 was her singing talent "credibility" bought argument.

So we can understand that the 'the larue' b/w 'soul a go-go' was very likely specially credited to Lada as a "credibility" 45 (part of the deal or not to ruin the deal in the end) where she was maybe involved (as composer with Eddie Singleton) but left/put aside for her singing abilities... and replace by we don't (can't) know who ! In the risk to upset Lada and we don't want that do we ?

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Maybe he did draft in another vocalist but never told Lada.

Lamont Dozier went to great detail in his open interview with Richard Allinson in Liverpool explaining how the Andantes were substituted for The Marvelettes without them knowing, as they weren't getting it right. They came back into the studio saying don't "we sound great"

at 3.15 on this clip



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Eddie and I spoke about this a number of times and he never once indicated anything other than Lada was the vocalist ... and given they co-wrote the song, which he confirmed they did, as opposed to him bringing a song to her and then cutting a songwriting credit share to 'persuade' her to record it would puzzle me as to why another artist would be drafted in to cut the vocal as her performance wasn't good enough  ... would she really let that happen ?

Obviously there are a number of potential scenarios ... Eddie had a rough demo recorded with Miss X ... he plays it to Lada .. they work on the final lyrics so share credit .... but that all is theory

I've fallen foul in my interpretation of stories .. and I have no reason to challenge what Eddie told Tim .. but it was never a conversation I had .. he always indicated it was Lada

... and my ears tell me it's Lada singing

Sadly Eddie isn't here anymore so we can't ask him


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OK, I can be wrong. No denial about that ! But why would she suddenly sing ? Had she prefer never to win the public admiration for her hidden secret tallent as a real singer with a voice that showed little if not more (or some) power, depth and even breath leap ?

While all of her other materials before and after sounds more like "brat talking" ! She was indeed recognized/popular for that and maybe a better fit as a guaranteed $ recipe...

In the video of 'soul a go-go' she's not even lip-synking where she is on the prior recording 'I know something'... Even all the talk around her career is mainly about her dancing 'go-go' girl figure and lately as a charity struggler... her singing career is never really "hyped" about. Not even by her !

And if it's really the same Lada singing 'the larue' all my apologies and respect to her. Truly !


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