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Nürnberg Soul Weekender

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Hi Folks!

Just got up after one of the most enjoyable weekends I ever had. I'm not good in numbers but I'd say about 600 to 700 people in one of the best allnighter venues you can imagine in this country. Some real quality soul music spun by John Weston, Chris Anderton, Dave Rimmer, Dave Thorley from the UK and the best DJs germany provides like Marc Forrest, Thorsten Wegner, Lars Bulnheim and so on. The atmosphere was really friendly and warm. As always enjoyed the company of John Weston the most, this guy is a party animal! Also got to say, after being to more UK venues than german ones over the last few months and being a "youngster" of 28 years, it was nice to spin some records to a slightly younger crowd, that was up for the music from nearly the beginning until the very end. The allnighters started at 22.00 o'clock and by around 23.00 o'clock the dancefloor was really full and never emptyed again, even I wasn't able to clear the floor.

Here are the records, I tried it with:

1st set; friday 23.00 - 23.30

Ozz & his Sperlings - Somebody to love - MIOB

Oliver Morgan - The La La Man Pt. 1 - SEVEN B

Lonnie Lester - You can't go - NU-TONE

The Prophets - Let's get down - C/U

Gary Brown and the Chants - Spoiled Child - BROWNIE

Lamar Morris - I lost someone - ABC

Deon Jackson - Ooh Baby - CARLA

Rufus Hunter - These are my people - REF-O-REE

The Prophets - Talk don't bother me - JUBILEE

The Intertains - Need your love - UPTOWN

Barbara and Brenda - If I'm hurt you'll feel the pain - DYNAMO

The Girls - The hurt's still here - MEMPHIS

Ronnie Milsap - Total Disaster - WB

The Turnpikes - Cast a spell - CAPITOL

2nd set; friday 3.00 - 3.30

Mr. Caldwell - Love Bandit - SCORPIO

Third Point - Spirit - TIDE

Barbara and Brenda - Don't wait up for me mama - DYNAMO

Bill Griffin - Try to run a game on me - NAPTOWN

The Rotations - (Put a dime on) D-9 - FRANTIC

Bob Collins and the Fabulous Five - My one and only girl - MAIN LINE

The Natural Four - I thought you were mine - ABC

The Harvey Averne Dozen - Central Park - UPTITE

The Marquee Review - What good tomorrow - PACIFIC AVENUE

Orthea Barnes - I've never loved nobody - CORAL

Willie Tee - First tate of hurt - GATUR

3rd set; saurday 22.00 - 22.30

Deon Jackson - You'll wake up wiser - CARLA

Pat and Andre - You're breaking my heart (for someone new) - WB

Lori & Lance - I don't have to worry - FEDERAL

Louis Curry - Captivated - M-S

Life - Tell me why - REPRISE

Elvin Spencer - Lift this hurt - TWINIGHT

Na Allen - Thanks for nothing - ATCO

TSU Toronadoes - Got to get through to you - ATLANTIC

Celeste Hardie - You're gone - REYNOLDS

George Byrd - I'm available - TRC

Carl Hall - Is your love growing or going - MERCURY

Pic and Bill - Talk about love - SOUL RECORD (france)

Marv Johnson - With all that's in me - UA

Cheers, Martin

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yeah, I have to agree with Martin...it was just fabulous, from the beginning to the end. Lots of people, good music, and really good hosts...It's only the second year I was djing there,it's so cool, to have such an openminded crowd- if they love it, they dance, no matter what it is and if they know it or not, great.., it is a real highlight for me...and I am already looking forward to next year...

playlist and some funny stories will follow later..have to go to bed now...


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still recovering from this great weekend :shhh: its so refreshing to play somethin a bit different from the norm to an appreciative crowd,thanks to osi,stephan and dominic for organising every thing and looking after us.it was great to meet up with martins sence of humor again :thumbsup:

could not fault any of the dj,s music was great all weekend :rolleyes: roll on 2007

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still recovering from this great weekend :D its so refreshing to play somethin a bit different from the norm to an appreciative crowd,thanks to osi,stephan and dominic for organising every thing and looking after us.it was great to meet up with martins sence of humor again :rolleyes:

could not fault any of the dj,s music was great all weekend :shhh: roll on 2007

Top Weekend all round, John. Special moment for me was watching you going off on one to Frankie Croker-Ton of dynamite, hope Chris is able to upload the video.

Add my praise of the organisation, from Osi, Stephan and Dominic. Great sets all round in both rooms.

In the Main Room

Mr Rimmer, several differing sets, (and even though I not a fan of R&B, packed the floor with the more quality end of the style) then followed with a set full of killer Detroit/Chicago tunes

Martin Walgenbach, Local DJ played his great Prophets C/U and some cool crossover :lol:

John Weston managed to arrive for all his sets almost on time, and played some nice stuff. :thumbsup:

Thorsten and Mark Forrest play nice mixed sets of Northern and Crossover, to a monster response from the main room.

Peter Werhand, Delivered a packed floor to some nice classic tunes.

Chris Anderton, delivered some monsters to light up the floor, including the Kings Of Soul.

I was able to play a mixture of lesser know and classic northern/crossover

Osi and Stephan closed the event with with a set that left everyone shouting for more.

From just after the doors open to the last record played, on both nights this room was ramed with full on dancers. This allowed the DJ's to step out of their safety zones and play truly imaginative sets. You can't beat DJing to a room of over 400 dancers.

The Modern Room

Lars played some stunning toons, including Ice, what a great number.

John Weston and Chris Anderton both played a great mix of 70's and 80's tunes

Malayka, had the room hopping to rare 7" and some cool new R&B

Fin, was as dazzling on the wheels of steel as ever, with his nice mix of classic 70's and soulful house.

Carsten, had the room buzzin, to Curtis Anderson and the great lesser know tune on Hi, by Majik.

Stepfan Kubernus, played a soulful mix of 70's and 80's winners.

I played one set of soulful house and one of 80's 7"

Although this rooms numbers were a bit up and down over the weekend, the room always had a nice buzz to it and the dancers were open minded to everything that was played.

Saturday All dayer.

As with all weekenders in europe, these are used by everyone as a place to drop in on and chill out in between shopping and sight seeing round the city. Ralf Menhert and the boys delivered a nice soulful mix of mid tempo 60's and killer crossover tunes, with a sprinkling of modern. Was great to hear Ralf play Bobby Taylor-It was a good time. This is the flip to There are roses on Sunflower.

Over all this is one of my favourite weekenders each year. People travel from all over europe to attend and they get in over 800 people mainly by word of mouth and a little advertising. It is one of the longest running weekenders in main land europe and just gets better every year. Music is always first class and people come to dance. :yes:

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Play list across the two rooms for the weekend

Kings of soul-Is your love for me-Down to earth

Martells-Where can my baby be-A la carte

Earnest King-Your gonna miss me-LK

Moments-You said-Deep

Holidays-Without your sweet love-C/U

Salvadors-Stick by me baby-Wise world

Paris-Sleepless nights-Doc

Ann Sexton-That don't make you a man-C/U

Bad Weather Inc-I never, never knew-Bad weather

Chosen Few-Birth of a playboy-Canyon

Albert Jones-Up to the sun-Bumpshop

Charles Mintz-Running back-Uplook

Charles Mintz-Lucky guy-Uplook

Enchanette-The way you make me feel-D-town

Urban Blues Project feat Micheal Procter-Love don't live-AM/PM

Eddie Kendricks-Date with the rain-Motown


Jean Carn-Was that all it was-Philadelphia Inter

Sounds Of Blackness-I'm going all the way (Brixton Mix)-Perpective

Deep Sensation-Somehow, somewhere (there's a soul heaven)-Guidance

Spanky Wilson-Easy Lover-ABC

Crown Heights Affair-On top of the world-RCA

Jimmie Raye-Philly dog round the world-KKC

Ringleaders-Win you over-Studio Disc

Flamingos-Lover come back to me-Polydor

Billy Taylor Trio-I wish i knew how it would feel to be free-Tower

Herman Hitson-Why not me-Studio disc

Chocolate Syrup-You're off an running-IRA

Elements Of love-Lets try making love-Brown Duck

Timeless Legend-I was born to love you-Dawn-lite

Liberation-Love looks good on you-SOA

Arthur Prysock-I was a boy-Studio disc

Adams Apple-Don't take it out on this world-Brunswick

Spaceark-People come together-C/U

Marshall Donovan Broomfield-Since I found my baby-Augusta

Freedom-High on you-Freedom

Rena Scott-it's you for me-C/U

Trey J's-I found it all in you-Tee Gem

Eddy Carlton-Things are gonna get a little tougher-Studio disc

Dramatics-All because of you-Sport

Rare Pleasure-Let me down easy-Cherd

Vicki Williams-Do I make myself clear-Morgan Park

Lovelites-Get it off of my conscience-Lovelite

Little Samson-Don't take your love-El D

Eddie Parker-I found a true love (Version 3)-Studio disc

Great weekend :thumbsup:

Edited by Dave Thorley

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Would agree with everything already posted.

I have to add one more thing though...


By the way. This photo is the right way up !

Playlist later tonight


Edited by Dave Rimmer

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As far as I can remember, this is how my four sets went, I know I played all these records, but they might not have been in this order (or even in the same set !), and there may be a couple missing !

First set: 11.30 Friday night: - Although the venue had been filling steadily the dancefloor was still a little slow in warming up, so, uptempo Oldies did the job.

Fabulous Peps - With These Eyes - Wee 3

Cavaliers - Hold Onto My Baby - RCA

Cooperettes - Shing A Ling - Brunswick

Edward Hamilton - I'm Gonna Love You - Carrie

Jack Montgomery - My Dear Beloved - Scepter

Doni Burdick - Bari Track - Sound Impressions

Rose Batiste - I Miss My Baby - Revilot

Larry Atkins - Lighten Up - Highland

The Belles - Don't Pretend - Mirwood

Enchantments - I'm In Love With Your Daughter - Faro

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Get Out - Landa

Second set: 4.30 am Friday night: - Last set of the night, so a bit of a mixture.

Thelma Lindsey - Prepared To Love You - Magic City

International G.T.O.s - I Love My Baby - Rojac

Valentinos - Sweeter Than The Day Before - Chess

Van Dykes - Save My Love For A Rainy Day - Mala

Ike & Tina Turner - Dust My Broom - Tengerine

Lavern Baker - Wrapped Tied And Tangled - Brunswick

Sparkels - Try Love - Old Town

Sam Fletcher - I'd Think It Over - Tollie

Jimmy Wallce - I'll Be Back - Alpha

T J Williams - Baby I Need You - Josie

Fantastic Four - Can't Stop Looking For My Baby - Ric-Tic

Johnnie Mae Matthews - I Have No Choice - Big Hit

The lights came on at 5.00 am, but encouraged by shouts of "One More" from a still packed dancefloor, Stefan agreed, so to finish the Friday night I played

Edwin Star - Back Street - Ric-Tic

First set: 11.30 pm Saturday night: - R & B Time ! Nobody else had really played any R & B on the Friday, so it seemed the right time.

Syl Johnson - Try Me - Twilight

Syng McGowan - That's What I Want - Hope

Delcos - Arabia - Ebony

Patience Valentine - If You Don't Come - SAR

Betty O'Brien - She'll Be Gone - Liberty

Reatha Reese - Only Lies - Dot

Bobby Bland - Sweet Lips Of Joy - Duke

Mickie Champion - What Good Am I - Musette

Idols - Just A Little Bit More - Reveille

Five Royales - Catch That Teardrop - Home Of The Blues

Johnnie Mae Matthews - Lonely You'll Be - Atco

Dick Jordan - I Want Her Back - Jamie

Douglas Banks - Ain't That Just Like A Woman - Guyden

Second set: 2.30 am Saturday night: - Last set of the weekend for me so time to throw a few of my favourites in.

Vondells - Hey Girl - Airtown

Brice Coefield - Ain't That Right - Omen

Caressors - I Can't Stay Away - Ru-Jac

Eptones - A Love That's Real - Jox

Magnetics - I Have a Girl - Ra-Sel

Brooks Brothers - Looking For A Woman - Tay

JoAnn Courcy - I Got The Power - Twirl

Marge Dodson - Be Your Baby - Decca

Larry Banks & Jaibi - My Life Is No Better - Unreleased GWP

Troy Dodds - Try My Love - El Camino

Athens Rogues - She Could Love Me - Stop

Charles Lamont - I've Got To Keep Moving - Challenge

Edited by Dave Rimmer

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As far as I can remember, this is how my four sets went, I know I played all these records, but they might not have been in this order (or even in the same set !), and there may be a couple missing !

You made it past Rugby then Dave......but did you make the bar at the airport....

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You made it past Rugby then Dave......but did you make the bar at the airport....

Oh yes, we made the bar at the airport, then Komm in Nuremberg, then the bar by the hotel and went to bed about 2 am, and that was Thursday night. Then it was Finnegans Irish pub ay midday on Friday......and so it went on

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Not a lot to add really, fantastic weekend: great venue, good music, good attendance and lots of fun and drinks, great to see all the familiar faces again- except mine in the mirror on sunday :thumbsup: . I enjoyed to the maximum; thanks to Osi, Dominik and Stefan for organizing it. It was actually my first visit down to N¼rnberg and I must admit I obviously have missed a lot in the past years..

..and another playlist to look at:

in the main room Friday and Saturday in two spots included:

Masters of Soul- sad face

Houston Outlaws- Ain't no telling

Jimmie Ellis- Happy to be

Fantastics- me and you

Syl Johnson- Do you know what love is

Trey J's- I found it all in you

Delegates of Soul- I'll come running back

Vipers- Little miss sweetness

Continental Showstoppers- Not too young

Esquires- How could it be

Celest Hardie- You're gone

Age of Bronze- I'm gonna love you

Claude huey- Drifting

O'Jays- Working on your case

Valentines- breakaway

Frank Beverly- if that's what you wanted

Shirley Lawson- One more chance

Frank Dell- He broke your game wide open

Detroit soul- All of my life

1 or 2 missing, but I can't recall it..and I think one spot wasn't full 30 minutes..anyway, downstairs in 4 spots:

Tavares-If that's the way you want it

Modulations- I'm hopelessly in love

Al Hudson- I'm about loving you

Alex Brown- I'm not responsible

100% Pure Poison- You keep coming back

Ecstasy, Passion & Pain- I'll do anything

Ed Summers- I can tell

Betty Wright- Man of mine

Jesse James- if you want a love affair

Jimmy Beaumont- Our day is here

Grace Jones- Sorry

Pages- Heartaches & Pain

Ralph "Soul" Jackson- Set me free

Solid Solution- Think about it girl

David Ruffin- Questions

Wil Collins & Willpower- Anything I can do ( I think J)

Karen Pree- Make love last forever

Midnight- Keep on walking by

Teddy Pendergrass- The more I get

Basic Black & Pearl- There'll come a day

Betty Wright - Keep feelin'

Emotions- Blind alley

Sister Sledge- Thinking of you

Bessie Banks- Don't you worry baby

Barrett Strong- Is it true

Edwin Starr- There you go

Minits- Still a part of me

Candy & the sweets- I want to give you my everything

Trammps- Stop and think

Patti Labelle- It's alright with me

Millie Jackson- Something about you

Jimmy Lewis-Is that any way to treat a lady

Intruders- A nice girl like you

N'Cole- Thank you for the love

Randy Brown- I'm always in the mood

Vincent Montana- That's what love does

Ron Hall & the Muthafunkaz- The way you love me

Leroy hutson- All because of you, again, I think

Not in the actual order at all and I probably forgot some as well, as I ended the downstairs room on Friday and as the bar staff had enough at 5.30- just when we were warming up a bit :lol: , - and turned the lights on for the fifth time, I surrendered, the last record was Ella Woods, that is something I remember,

Can't wait for 2007!



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There we are....my playlist, all in one...as I said, great to be able to play 7ties followed by a R&B tune...

Bill Brandon - The streets got my lady

Sir Henry Ivy - He let you standing there

Tearra - Just loving you

Betty & the Gangsters - He got me - c/u

Bobby Jonz - Win your love

Al Hudson & Soul partners - Spread love

Masqueraders - Spread love

Me-yo - It just aint right

Fir-ya - Keep on trying

Willowband - Willoman

Haywood Tucker - I'm yours

Soul II Soul - Keep on movin

Sammy Acuna - I never found a girl

Paul Johnsosn - Every kinda people

Robin S - You know how to love me

Ebony Evans - Lovin you is all I wanna do

Jimmy Sommers - Let's go party

Garfiel Flemming - Don't send me away

Susan Duffy - Look me over

Quadrophonics - Betcha if you check it out

Joyce Banks - It's you

O'Jays - Out of my mind

Mary J. Blige - Love no limit

David Nevin - The maze

Tony Etoria - I can prove it

Elizer - Freedom says

Zulema - wanna be where you are

Momie O - You're welcome stop on by

We the people - Making my daydream real

Glenn Dorsey - Movin on

That's all I can remember...

Edited by malayka

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only went for a couple of hours on sat night but enjoyed it immensely! big thumb up to ozi and crew for organizing another succesful weekender ...

but turned out one of the homemade CDs on sale was a straight copy (apart from cover) from a homemade CD i sold last year, how sad is that?

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Guys, Well, straight off the plane, 5 hour drive to work, then a 13 hour day....not recovered yet....Just wanted to add that we had THE best time once again...for me the best weekend of the year, the most laughs, the most relaxing, the best food and without doubt the best music, certainly in the Northern room....of any soul weekender i have been to.....Its an honour to be a part of it........

i`ll post a playlist when i get my breath back....

Check out some cheap flights from the UK for next year...you will not be disapointed.......


ps, will try and upload the video-clip of the year as soon as possible!

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alldayer sounds

don`t know what meikel from hamburg, udo and domenik from nuremberg (just remember pyramid by soul inc.) and dave thorley/malyka played, because the vodkas with dave rimmer and john weston closed my ears...

it really was a great weekend, especially for matu from hamburg :shades:

here are mine (and i`m sure i forget a few)

...by the way...there will be a soul weekender at hamburg in october 2007 (05. - 07.10.)...watch out for infos next year...we try to be as good hosts as osi, stefan and dominik each year down south...two allnighters and a boat trip through the famous harbour of hamburg on sunday with dj`s like john weston, marc forrest, dave rimmer, lars bulnheim, thorsten wegener, stefan kubernus, malayka erpen, dave thorley, markus gora, stefan krapf + a few more

hier wir gehen

early saturday

shopping break and relax sounds

Willie Brown - Love that stranger (Tri-it)

The Newday - Wait a minute (On Top)

Albert Jones - I do love you (Tri-City)

Little Anthony - Nothing from nothing (Pure Gold)

Pattie Ward - (Girls) You have to wait for love (Road)

Bob & Gene - I gotta find a way (Modo)

Ella Woods - I need your love (Soul Merching)

Ben Monroe - Broken home (Dakar)

Al Hudson - When you`re gone (Atco)

Gwen Owens - It ain`t hardly over (Josie)

George Benson - My woman`s good to me (A&M)

The Chaumonts - When you love someone (Bay Sound)

The Presidents - It`s all over now (Sussex)

The Chymes - My baby`s gone away (Down to earth)

3 Besuffskis - Puff nach Barcelona (c/u)

Newsounds - Bet you never thought about it (Mod-Art)

Vessie Simmons - I can make it on my own (Simco)

Sonja Grier - Right here, right now (Spirit)

Living Color - Gotta strangfe feeling (Madhatter)

Bobby Taylor - It was a good time (Sunflower)

Robert Neal - I`m so glad (Port)

later...after the sportschau

vodka and bavarian beer influenced oldies record-hopp

The Specials - Everybody say yeah (Satch)

Reggie Milner - She`s alright (Ron`s)

Tommy Tate - I`m taking on pain (Okeh)

The Attractions - New girl in the neighborhood (Bell)

Mak Loyd - When I`m gonna find her (Parlophone u.k.)

Herbert Hunter - The big oak tree (Poncello)

The Fantastics - Me and you (SS7)

The Majors - Down in the ghetto (Venture)

Paul Sindab - You drop you`re candy in the sand (Hype misspressed)

Sherlock Holmes - Standing at a standstill (Part III)

The Four Voices - We live in the ghetto (Voice)

The Zircons - Go on and cry, cry (Heigh-Ho)

The La Rays - A woman like you (Arlen)

Bobby Jones - Check me out (U.S.A.)

Jim and Lee - Let go, baby (Smash)

The Valtone Band - Some good in everything bad (Valtone)

Argie and the Arketts - You`re the guy (Ronnie)

The Hymes Sisters - Walking around the town (JerJimHan)

Johnny Howard - The chase is on (Bashie)

Bernard Williams - It`s needless to say (Harthon)

Billy Hambric - She said goodbye (Drum)

Pat Thompson and Archie Powell - Darling....darling (Mir-a-don)

Anna King - Mama`s got a bag of her own (End)

The Friendly People - I ain`t got nothin` but the blues (VMP)

Ronnie Forte - That was whiskey talkin`(Tarx)

C. Vaughn Leslie - What we need (to make the world all right) (Bandit)

The Puzzels - My sweet baby (Fat Back)

Chuck Corby - Happy go lucky (Sound)

The Fenways - The fight (Blue Cat)

The Fabulous Peps - With these eyes (wee 3)

The Kittens - How long (can I go on ) (Chess)

Little Natalie & Hanry - Teardrops are falling (Roulette)

The Charms - If you got the notion (Emblem)

The Vont Claires - Don`t cha tell nobody (Double R)

Eddy Morris - Come on (Look)

The Volumes - I love you baby (Inferno)

Tobi Lark - Sweep it out in the shed (Topper)

The New Arrivals - Big time girl (Palmer)

The Arabians - (Please) take a chance on me (Le Mans)

The Charades - The key to my happiness (MGM)

Norma Rudd - He`s mine (Sure-Shot)

Five Chances - Stranger I love you (Finch)

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Been away some time, but better late then never. Here`s what IO played (in order). It was a FANTASTIC weekend !

2nd set friday night

Bob Meyer Only Get This Feeling Blue Soul

Salvadors Stick By Me Wise World

Nelson Sanders Mojo Man Rambler

Gene Allison Why Did You Have To Leave Me S and H

Ted Ford Hold On To the Key Gaye

Charles Mr CC Carlson She`s Not to Blame Bold

Anthony & Delsonics Everytime Emerge

Don & Ron I`m Sorry White Cliffs

Lester Tipton This Won`t Change La Beat

Little Stanley Outta Sight Loving Vance

Connie Van Dyke Don`t Do Nth. Wheelsville

Willie Tee Please Don`T Go Nola

Joe Jama My Life Optimum

Joe Valentine Lost The only Love Val

Litte Tommy Baby Can`t You See SOS (request)

Ree Flores Look Into My Heart M & H

1st set saturday night

Dynamics Need Your Love RCA

Soul Shakers I`m Getting Weaker Loma

Fascinators In Other Words Bombay (request)

Soul Bros. Inc. Teardrops Salem (request)

Imperial C`s Someone Tell Her Phil LA Soul

Antiques Go For Yourself Lasalle

Limitations All Because Of You Volt

Vanguards Good Times Bad Times Lamp

Fabulous Moonlighters For Granted Blue Eagle

Sensations Step Aside Way Out

Masquaders Same thing Soultown

Gambrells You better Move Carla

Constellations Don`t Know About You Gemini (request)

Rocky Gil It´s Not The End Teardrop

Delites Lover Cuppy

2nd Set saturday night

Thornton Sisters I Keep Forgettin Cuppy

Eric Lomax Seven The Looser Columbia

Rokk Patience Tollie (request)

Bobby Guitar Wood It´s Mighty Nice To Know Colt

Dennis Landry Sing My Song Soul Unlimited

Frankie Crocker Ton Of Dynamite Turbo

Lee Moses Reach Out I`ll Be There Musicor

Marvelle & The Blue Match Whole Lotta Loving Magic Touch

Psychedelic Frankie Putting You Out Of My Life Hi Speed

Melvin Davis Find A Quite Place Wheel City

Luther Ingram Exus Trek HIB

Ray & Dave Wrong Wrong Wrong Mica

JR Bailey Love Won`t Wear Off Calla

Bobby Reed Time IS Right For Love Bell

Edited by Marc Forrest

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