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  1. Jimmy Conwell To much

    are there two presses of this ...I've seen one with bigger writing on it (like the BMI) and one with a smaller font .My copy has the smaller font and has the nashville matrix stamp. Any ideas? Thanks Ed
  2. Jimmy Conwell To much

    Thanks for the info people. apologies as I have not been on line for a while 👍
  3. can you recall this niter?

    Hi Kim...yep I remember this one...car load of us travelled up from Wales...mostly oldies played if I remember rightly ...really odd dingy place....I can recall those fires too. Best Ed
  4. For those that would like to attend,Steve's funeral is at Croesyceliog Crematorium Treherbert Road ...
  5. Steve Williams (South Wales) Funeral details

    Sorry for the wrong info...the postcode for the Crematorium is NP44 2BZ
  6. Edwin S Wales

  7. Richard Berry - Have Love Will Travel

    off topic...I'm sure the copy I've got is on the "Golden Tiger" label...what's the score on that one
  8. The Just Brothers 'Go On And Laugh' Amazing News

    cracking news Mark...well done..look forward to hearing what comes out of this find. Hope you're well Best Ed
  9. Little Gigi

    Sorry Mark...I meant they produced Harlem Rumble ...haven't heard the Marching Band version though..interesting
  10. Little Gigi

    Love little Gigi's voice...didn't Straight Ahead Rhythm also do Frank Fosters Harlem Rumble....
  11. Records my mates

    oooh..Jimmy Gresham...makes me drool just looking at it...when 's the last time you've seen one of them for sale ...absolute magic
  12. Jay Griffin - Lucky Me - Now...SOLD

    How much did this sell for? T.I.A. Ed
  13. timebox - ill always love you - picadilly issue

    No problems...Hope you get your hands on one soon
  14. timebox - ill always love you - picadilly issue

    is it just the issue you want?
  15. Corner Pocket Soul

    looking forward to this one
  16. John Manship Auction Results 6-5-2015

    And if anyone wants a copy of Dorie Williams they can have mine for half that price
  17. Jimmy Wensiora

    Always enjoyed hearing Jim D.J. Wasn't the Del Chontays c/u as the Startones?
  18. 90T's Nighter Tunes

  19. Happy Birthday Mark Oliver

    Happy Birthday Mark...Top Man Hope you're keeping well Best Ed & Theresa
  20. Pete Lawson 1984 Letter To Blackbeat

    Me too Joan...I've still got some letters from him...make me laugh out loud when I read them...even the one where he was REALLY pissed off and angry with me for, Quote: "F**king up a big record sale" for him....we were mates again the next week
  21. Curtis Johnson...if You Need Love

    Which label did this first come out on..Hotline or Whurley Burley? T.I.A. Ed
  22. Sammy Ridgley Locked Up- Hit Sound

    I'm sure this came out on another label..."cash sales/cash in"???

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