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  1. EMI never did acetates with just EMI on them like in those pictures, deffo fakes. Cover-up is correct methinks.
  2. It's almost on the same level as who is Joy Lovejoy!
  3. Here's a great album track from the For Once In My Life:
  4. IMO Stevie's best albums are between 1965- 70 some brilliant tracks. He's how talented he is:
  5. Looking for VG or higher condition copy of the Dixie Nightingales - Forgive these fools on Chalice.
  6. If you click on the link you can scroll through pictures of all the acetates auctioned by Special Auction Services https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-us/auction-catalogues/special-auction-services/catalogue-id-srspe10190/lot-1d163574-53c1-473e-a214-a70f00b52840
  7. It's by Eddie Boyd, but seems to be a slightly different version to the one on YT
  8. Although it's supposedly Tami Lynn, I reckon it's Sissy Houston her vocals are unmistakable.
  9. Interestingly one of the publishers is Brianbert, Robert Bateman's publisher when he worked at Motown in the early 60's
  10. Trying to contact Richards Evans and Gene Barge - Chess Records writers & producers. Appreciate any information or leads anyone has on these two. Sony ATV Music Publishing has royalties we need to pay to these guys. Please PM me if you have any info. Thanks Tim Fuller Sony ATV Music
  11. That photo in the article looks like it was taken on the South Bank by the Thames with the Shell Centre in the background.

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