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  1. ZZ Hill-You Just Cheat & Lie. The Originals- Why'd You Lie.
  2. Nolan Porter in Blackpool a couple of years ago, but the absolute worst has too be Parliament/Funkadelic at Belle Vue Manchester, late 70s- oh dear, so bad. Tim.
  3. Tim Richmond

    Wrong Crowd

    OK, Okeh- you win!!
  4. Tim Richmond

    Wrong Crowd

    Ha, good banter, what about Minit?
  5. Tim Richmond

    Wrong Crowd

    What label is that on- Imperial, Polo or maybe Trebor!!! Tim
  6. Tim Richmond

    Wrong Crowd

    Our first visit, always looking for venues that avoid the 'top 500'/played out 'classics' etc- well, we've found one! Every DJ delivered top class sets of quality kinda mid tempo tunes, well done guys. Top tune for me- Delegates Of Soul/I'll Come Running Back. We'll be back! Tim & Christine.
  7. On Millennium eve, I played 'People Get Ready' as my first tune of the new Millennium, didn't take a lot of thought to choose it from all the tunes I had heard/owned over 40 years. He will always be 'the gentle genius' !!!
  8. Just seen this and played the sound clip- Artist: Unkown Artist A Side: You Know You're Wrong B Side: I Am Your Leader Label: DCT Format: 10" I thought I recognised it, after some thought, it's the title track from Walter Heath's 1974 album- "You Know You're Wrong Don't You Brother' on Buddha. Maybe Mr Manship ain't heard this album!! Anyone concur? Tim.
  9. The prospect of some unreleased Willie Tee stuff is exciting! Tim
  10. People need to comprehend the concept of 'compound interest'! If you borrow money on the understanding that no capital repayments are required, the end result can never be a happy one!
  11. Lots of candidates on Don Covay's brilliant 'Super Dude' album- Leave Him. I Was checkin' out as she was checkin' in. Bad mouthing. Somebody's been enjoying my home. I wonder what was on Don's mind when he cut the album!!! Ha. Tim.
  12. It appears Lawrence Murphy was Darrell's personal manger according to Billboard's Talent Edition from 12/28/68 - Thanks for the info. Looks like individuals were credited as writers to receive royalties that were not due to them! I'm currently reading Chuck Berry's book, his first big hit "Maybelline' was written by him, but the Chess Brothers added Alan Freed , the influential New York DJ as a co writer, hmm.. can't think why they would do that! I suspect this type of exploitation was rife in those days. Tim.
  13. Interesting find, the writers credits are also interesting, well, to me anyway! The Stateside Darrell Banks is credited to 'D Banks', the Jackie Wilson version "Darrell Banks', a (pretty poor) version by Tyrone Davis is credited to "Darrell Banks & Donnie Elbert' . I read somewhere years ago that Donnie Elbert was co writer, and there were some legal proceedings to ensure he got paid etc. So, who the hell is "Lawrence Murphy' shown as co author on the Argentinian issue? Any fellow 'anoraks' out there who can shed any light on it? Tim.
  14. How about "Look At California' - Maze featuring someone called Frankie Beverley! From their first album in 1977. Also, Bobby Womack's version of "California Dreaming".

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