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  1. Tim Richmond

    Leeds Queens Hall Festival All-Nighter 1974

    More..... I recall two tunes from that night, Dynamics on Top Ten, played by Kev Roberts, most of us had not heard it before, the other, oh dear...... Hawaii Five O by The Ventures. Just goes to show that records that have absolutely nothing to do with Soul Music are nothing new!! Tim.
  2. Tim Richmond

    Leeds Queens Hall Festival All-Nighter 1974

    No great memories I'm afraid, I took some pictures, still have them, pretty poor, I was too far from the stage. I also have a flyer, lots of acts mentioned that did not appear. Tim.
  3. Linda by a two miles!! Bought this from a market stall in Soho in the early 70s, always amazed it has never had regular spins. Every time I hear it, I can't help thinking if The Whatnauts, when making the record, knew what was to come after one minute! Ha. Tim.
  4. Tim Richmond

    Question on ripping vinyl on Audacity

    Have used Audacity for years on my Mac lap top, a recent software update apparently, does not support Audacity ,typical Apple! I've started using 'Garage Band' an Apple app/download, which seems to work OK, and is definitely easier to work with than Audacity. May be an alternative to have a look at for some of you guys. Tim.
  5. Tim Richmond

    The death of large Hall commercial oldies nighters

    We were there on Saturday, first visit for a year, we had noticed numbers declining over the previous couple of years, but there didn't seem to be less there than 12 months ago. One other observation, may seem oddball, but over recent years the the 'dancers' seemed to be outnumbered by the 'drinkers' (or those who just sit there). On Saturday, there seemed to be a higher % of attendees dancing, if that makes sense. Maybe the numbers are 'boiling down' to the remaining 'hard core' !! On a more positive note, we enjoyed the night, two big name DJs , who , in our opinion usually disappoint did great sets, avoiding overplayed and nasty pop records in the main. Need to ensure we don't leave it 12 months before we go again. Tim & Christine.
  6. Tim Richmond

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    I think the first 'latin' tune I heard was Ricardo Ray's excellent Nitty Gritty. Must have been 1971/72, it was played all over at the time. A nice one to own on UK Roulette. Tim.
  7. Tim Richmond

    RIP Aretha

    Rest in peace Aretha, no one can take your 'throne', no one has come near in the 51 years since the first Atlantic album. Tim.
  8. Tim Richmond

    The Wellington Pub, Keighley circa 1970-1971

    Graham Slater & Garry Chatburn were the main guys, Graham has of course gone to 'the great all nighter in the sky', but Sandra is still around, as are Garry & Marilyn, not sure if they are on here. Hope this may be of some help. Tim.
  9. Tim Richmond

    Your Fave Motown Track.

    Tammi Terrell- This Old Heart Of Mine, first heard it played at a youth club when I was about 14, it alerted me to the fact that there was more to Motown than I was hearing on Top Of The Pops! Never looked back since!
  10. Tim Richmond

    News: Reimagination by Lamont Dozier - Album Out Soon

    Cliff Richard, what a joke, why the hell is LD associating with a musical loser like Harry Webb? Gobsmacked. Tim.
  11. " Stay in Detroit". It was recorded in LA wasn't it? Much too much bolox & hot air on this topic for me now. Tim
  12. Tim Richmond

    John Abbey

    I was at the Halifax gig, hell, I must have been 14! Regarding what may, or not have been the Major's first UK gig, I recall he was due at The Wheel, but it never happened, I believe there are some posters advertising it. Could this have been on his first UK tour? Did he play elsewhere? Just a thought. Tim.
  13. Tim Richmond

    Memorable DJ set

    Ted Massey's 'rare & underplayed' set at last years St Ives weekender, was stunning. Tim
  14. Tim Richmond

    Soul Night

    Turned up Friday night, to be told on the door it was a ticket only event, and all tickets had been sold. Absolutely NOTHING on here to flag it was ticket only, what a bloody joke promotion. OK, free advertising on here, but come on promoter, whoever you are, make it clear if a ticket is required, and, even if you can't be bothered, at least flag it's sold out- very,very poor. Looks like we were not the only ones disappointed/turned away.
  15. Tim Richmond

    Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    Really gettin' bored with this thread now, it has lost it's way.


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