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  1. Parliament/Funkadelic at Belle Vue Manchester late 70s- oh dear. Turned out to be an 'anti tour' whatever that is.They were in army fatigues, jamming rock riffs. We were expecting the fancy stage show that was supposed to rival EW&F. Don't really know why we went, I never bought any of their records!! Tim.
  2. Before I clicked play on the original post, I was expecting to hear 'that' Frank Wilson tune- ha.
  3. Leeds Central, August 1972, age 15. Jean Carter, James Barnett, Alice Clark,Billy Kennedy, Duke Browner, Fuller Brothers....... I think I have a tape somewhere. This was a 'different world', the only tunes I knew up to that point were the re issues of the day on Mojo, Chess & Jay Boy, played in the youth clubs. First time I saw lots of folks with eyes like saucers, chewing gum- puzzled at first, but I soon caught on!! Tim.
  4. I don’t recall the first night being much different to any other nighter. Russ’s box seemed a little ‘limited’ compared to what I was used to. Torch/Cats/Mecca tunes, I remember “Ski-ing In The Snow being absolutely ‘battered’, maybe twice per set-honest! Bobby Treetop, The Gems, Little Johnny Blair, Wally Cox all spring to mind, all great ‘pre Casino’ tunes that I never seem to hear today, it seems to be the case for the majority of ‘pre Casino’ tunes as far as I am concerned. The attendance was defo not the ‘rumoured 600’, but it certainly wasn’t quiet, well attended, but nothing like later years. I still have my membership card, a pink one, number 937, I understand that later on the girls were issued with pink, the chaps blue, but mine is defo pink. Still have the first night badge-hmmm.... not for sale. I took some pictures, we were sat with Andy Simpson and the Bradford crew, the pics have been lost, but I have the negatives, in a box, mixed in with pics from The Mecca, Cats, later Wigan and that horrendous all nighter at The Queens Hall in Leeds with The Major, Exciters, Mel & Tim etc. I got a few ‘random’ negatives developed, colour quality very poor, nothing from the first night, but a belter with Les Cockell at Wigan, Les in his satin bomber jacket, with sleeves rolled up! Remember bomber jackets??? Ha. I kinda remember the night pretty well although it was 46 years ago, because my 17th birthday was the previous day!! Who would have thought that the Casino would go on to attain ‘legendary status’, on a scene that still refuses to die!! Tim.
  5. I saw them in Leeds last year, I guess it was 'just OK', but more like a tribute show. The Tops opened with that 'Acapulco' record- oh dear! All I could think of during the show was just how bloody good Messrs Stubbs, Ruffin & Kendricks were!! Not really the real deal without them. The Tops musical director/conductor was announced as 'Earl Van Dyke Junior' to a massive cheer. Tim.
  6. I was there on the first night, my last visit was late 1974, opted for Levine/Curtis and their more refreshing approach going forward. This thread has reminded my why!! Ha. Tim.
  7. We have relatives in Auz, for years we have 'exchanged' parcels at Xmas, a couple of years ago, we got a card from the postman telling us there was a parcel at the local sorting office, with duty to be paid before collection. The parcel was valued at about £30, containing small gifts. When I queried it at the sorting office, I was told that the PO had been relaxed over the years in 'picking up' incoming parcels (with a customs declaration/value) where duty was due. The PO add £3 (I think) as an admin fee, looks to me as though the fee is the motivation for the change in stance. Bearing in mind the PO is an inefficient/out of date/dinosaur type of organisation, who are losing customers by the day, the new stream of income must be greatly appreciated! HM Revenue & Customs must be pleased also! Be aware. Tim.
  8. John Manship has a copy of 'Try Me' with 3 days to go- good luck!
  9. ZZ Hill-You Just Cheat & Lie. The Originals- Why'd You Lie.
  10. Nolan Porter in Blackpool a couple of years ago, but the absolute worst has too be Parliament/Funkadelic at Belle Vue Manchester, late 70s- oh dear, so bad. Tim.
  11. Tim Richmond

    Wrong Crowd

    OK, Okeh- you win!!
  12. Tim Richmond

    Wrong Crowd

    Ha, good banter, what about Minit?
  13. Tim Richmond

    Wrong Crowd

    What label is that on- Imperial, Polo or maybe Trebor!!! Tim
  14. Tim Richmond

    Wrong Crowd

    Our first visit, always looking for venues that avoid the 'top 500'/played out 'classics' etc- well, we've found one! Every DJ delivered top class sets of quality kinda mid tempo tunes, well done guys. Top tune for me- Delegates Of Soul/I'll Come Running Back. We'll be back! Tim & Christine.
  15. On Millennium eve, I played 'People Get Ready' as my first tune of the new Millennium, didn't take a lot of thought to choose it from all the tunes I had heard/owned over 40 years. He will always be 'the gentle genius' !!!

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