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  1. mid tempo

    Darnall Horti' Soul Club

    As usual here, top notch music and people. It was brill.
  2. mid tempo


    2 demo's in Barnsley, that i know of.
  3. mid tempo

    Records signed by the artist..

    This is the one she signs in the u-tube clip. Priceless to me , thanks to Dave & Bri Pinches .
  4. mid tempo

    why are posting titles displaying vertically?

    Mines same Geo.
  5. mid tempo

    mid tempo

  6. mid tempo

    Crossover Top 100

    Two in my 100, from cheap to expensive. Carl Carlton- Dont walk away. Mel Williams- Sweet girl of mine. Both brill imho.
  7. mid tempo

    Crossover Top 100

  8. mid tempo

    Darnall Horti Soul Club

    Pretty little girl..glad you enjoyed it. Great night. ..Gaz.
  9. mid tempo

    News: Eddie Foster R.I.P.

    RIP EddieFoster.
  10. mid tempo

    mont soul@ Montgomery hall

    Lets go baby..where the action is !!!
  11. Hi Grant, have you still got Roscoe & Barbara..if you have will have it pal. Regards Gaz.

  12. Hi Chris, bit late did you sell Leon P....my email is steelegaz@gmail.com for sound clip.. Regards Gaz.
  13. mid tempo

    Inner Soul Sheffield Saturday 24th October

    3..15 just enough time to do mi hair n iron mi boxer shorts.. c u later...lol
  14. mid tempo

    Inner Soul Sheffield Saturday 26th September

    Weshing behind mi lugs & ironing mi britchers...inner soul here we come...lol.
  15. mid tempo

    Snoz (Paul Barker) from Barnsley RIP

    R I P Paul (snoz)..as mentioned not seen Paul for years. Very sad news.. Gaz.
  16. Hi Steve you still got J W Because of you.. regards Gaz.
  17. mid tempo

    Inner Soul Sheffield Saturday July 25th

    Booze taxi booked...see u satdy.....Gaz Jane Rocky Chippy & Donna....lol.
  18. mid tempo

    Bobby Cutchins I Did It Again

    Great stuff that John....gaz.
  19. mid tempo

    Joe Dutton Aka Pikeys Dog Rip

    Very sad news..very sad day..RIP Joe.
  20. mid tempo

    Imagine If It Hadn't Made The Charts

    Rescue me - fontella bass...
  21. mid tempo

    Horse & Jockey Doncaster, Next Event 6Th Feb

    Nice 1 sue..got there eventually...lol...x
  22. mid tempo

    Inner Soul Sheffield Saturday January 24th

    Thanx dave... we'll be there.....gaz jane rocky n chippy.
  23. mid tempo

    Inner Soul Sheffield Saturday January 24th

    Wots them directions agen martin ? .......


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