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  1. I think I have speculated in the past that it might be Charlie Rich-I think vocally very similar-but no evidence of course!
  2. Correction- This Phyllis Brown is not the same as the "Oh Baby" one on Rainbo- she was West Coast and her dad owned Rainbo records which was also a pressing plant
  3. The Rotations on Mala are some or all of the Attractions, including Morris Chestnut
  4. Only one winner for me with his finest vocal performance: J.J. Barnes-Got to get rid of you-Volt
  5. Very versatile singer and musician. I have always been convinced that he is the mysterious Charles Brandy ! However, I stand to be corrected!
  6. It'll never be enough while your still looking for that initial "aural hit" we all got while we were young. I was talking at work today about this with a mate who loves rock and roll and he's just the same. Searching for that adrenaline rush when you hear something for the first time. As I've got older I seem to have taken a lot of what I now hear for granted and the excitement of hearing something for the first time has diminished. The first disc to "do it to me" was James Brown-Sex machine, I'd never heard anything like it. The last disc to really get me was Tommy & The Derbys-don't play the role, quality tune
  7. How about Gene Chandler, J.J. Barnes and Little Richard , Mr. Penniman of course has done everything Gospel, Pop, R&B, Rock & Roll, Northern Soul, Funk and what a showman!
  8. One of the best lines ever! ZZ Hill-Gimme Gimme-Kent, "I can't throw out dishwater baby without throwin' it in your face". He must really like her!
  9. A great read on a fantastic group. I attempted an article and discography back in the day for Derek Pearson's "Shades Of Soul" - forget which issue! I remember research on them was very difficult at the time and was incomplete, the internet is a wonderful thing. American "Goldmine" magazine reviewed that issue of the mag and gave my article high praise which chuffed me to bits at the time.
  10. I sold a Commands on Dynamics years ago to Kitch I think. Not sure which it was but I think it was a yellow vinyl demo with picture sleeve-must be rare!
  11. He plays great stuff every Saturday.Over the past few weeks Nolan Chance, Ray Pollard, Ikettes, Elmore Morris and he always has a little story to tell about the artists. Well worth tuning in !
  12. I think this was one of Dave's wind-ups. James Scarborough was a member of The Performers with his brothers, Bobby and Larry, who had 2 discs on Mirwood and one on Sir Graham-Hank Graham's label. They were also Scarborough on E.J.Scarborough, "Make love to you", or at least James Scarborough was. It's amazing how some spoofs get written into Northern/Rare Soul folklore. I did one about Silky Hargraves in my mag "Detroit City Limits" which has since been repeated in the Groovesville book. I did put the author as "Al Lize" but nobody twigged ! Cheers Graham
  13. Gave a copy of Soul Bros Inc-Pyramid, to charity along with some other discs which weren't " Northern" at the time back in the 70's. Think I got it in a soul pack!

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