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    soul/beat/funk/psych/organ 45s, SS180s, GP200s, ITFC
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    Darrow Fletcher 'What Have I Got Now'

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  1. Thank you. Does anyone have contact info for Denise & Ray?
  2. Thanks. That’s 4p a unit. Not too bad compared to other sources I’ve looked at and hopefully cheaper when I tell him the quantity I need.
  3. Does anyone know where I can buy a bulk load of 7” sleeves? I want coloured ones, not black or white ones. I want bulk too - probably around 5,000 so ordering small packs offered by online record stores isn’t an option cost-wise. Thanks!
  4. Whereas ‘Let The Music Play’ had none as it was only recently unearthed/released on the 50th anniversary of it’s recording.
  5. For those of you who like uptempo blue-eyed stuff, these 2 cuts received their first release on 7” on their 50th anniversary...
  6. Col Wolfe

    Col Wolfe

  7. I thought it may have been replaced by Overnight Ferry Music.
  8. There's plenty of heavyweight London collectors out there. I would love this record to go to a London collector rather than a soul collector.
  9. is this the moment when a relative of the guy from the pressing plant comes up with another copy?
  10. is this the moment when the guy from the pressing plant comes up with another copy?
  11. somebody should make a documentary on Major Bill. top cad!

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