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  1. Louis


  2. For me it's worth the trip just to hear Flash McKinley played out. My all-time top favourite record. A real Preston cybermen tune ! Louis
  3. Louis

    Grumpy Soul Runcorn

    I'm only going to come if one of the dj's for tonight was on a bbc TV programme this week !! Just polishing my shoes now !
  4. Happy birthday chuck WAFLL Louis
  5. Hi Geoff Disagree with your comment, as my definition of storm is; uproar, outcry, furor and controversy. The record caused all of these in my little group, similar to comments on this thread. Even caused merriment when we imagined Fluffy's mum calling her in when she was little, "Fluffy your tea (dinner for those down south) is ready". These days its not all about packed dancefloors, sometimes its the memories a particular record invoke. My other particular record memory of the night was Len's spot where he started off with Nancy Butts, which I absolutely love. You can have as much fun sat down as you can dancing, these days, just wish some DJ's realised that too. Don't particularly like the record, but it's just about personal preference.............
  6. Triode (Paul Johnson) played it at the last stubshaw in december. Went down a storm.
  7. Happy memories of Elland road. I remember travelling to FA cup final Leeds v sunderland 1973, dressed in levis turned up jeans, levi jacket and leeds scarf tied to my wrist. Arrived at Euston station from Preston on my own and having to walk through hundreds of sunderland fans, giving me verbals. luckily I later met up with the Taddy whites in piccadilly. #Timetogomassimo
  8. Drama - channel 20 on freeview and believe it has a catch up service on the web too.
  9. Coming soon on drama channel series 1 of shetland, starting 9th march
  10. I seem to remember going there to see the Marvelettes (but I could be wrong, as I do remember being ill on those long benches, after eating something). We had a minibus from Preston with Derek Smith driving. Was it the Marvelettes? Can anyone confirm or deny, please?
  11. http://www.45cat.com/record/5c00690825 Dutch single release 1970
  12. Just remembered SAS did a soul night at the Hacienda Manchester...........it's all coming back to me...slowly..it was on the same night that Russ did an all-nighter at Maximes (Wigan Tiffanys). I went to both of em (as I remember stopping on the M61 hard shoulder for a wee going to Wigan )
  13. Hi Chalky SAS of GB also did the Ritz all dayer manchester (Ric -Tic revue). I worked the door that day and I've still got flyers for it. Also they did an all-dayer at the blue rooms sale ( I'll Pm you the story of that :-)
  14. Hi Chalky I'll pm you later next week, after I've spoken to some people to see if I can mention their names

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