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  1. sweeney

    Soul Prescription November 2018

    After last month's scorching session with Carib Soul we've got yet another treat for you. This month we're proud to welcome our special guest Mr Andy Jones from the legendary Filthy Soul sessions to our little soul cellar. Will be great to see you all! 7pm - Curfew - free entry! ...and don't forget we have our fabulous Christmas Alldayer on Sunday 9th December with special guests Brian & Dave Pinches from the magnificent Sunday Chillout @ Horse & Groom, Doncaster.
  2. sweeney

    Soul Prescription September 2018

    We're really chuffed that more and more people are coming down to our little soul cellar - we've been going about two and a half years and it's really feeling like we hoped it would when we started. That's all down to the lovely people who turn up and create such a fine atmosphere and the fine guests we’ve had who play from the heart. This month is no different as we've persuaded Mr Mike Lofthouse to return and do the honours. Free entry as usual. Can't wait!
  3. sweeney

    Soul Prescription August 2018

    This months sees living legend Tony Rounce as our esteemed special guest. Expect the unexpected from a collection the size of a small galaxy! Hope to see you down in our cozy little cellar. As ever admission is free and a fine selection of drinks await. 7pm - midnightish.
  4. sweeney

    Soul Prescription July 2018

    This month we've got Blake Helliwell as our special guest. Prepare to see those wants lists get a serious bashing! The revelry starts at 7pm and continues unabated until at least midnight in our friendly and intimate soul cellar. A fine selection of drinks and good food at reasonable prices awaits! Kicks off at 7pm
  5. sweeney

    love the gloves

    this lot must use the same stylist!
  6. sweeney

    Soul Prescription June 2018

    What can we say? The last few Soul Prescriptions have exceeded our wildest dreams. Heartfelt thanks to all who venture down to listen, drink like lunatics (according to the staff at The Betsey) and create a truly great atmosphere to listen to Rare Soul in. This month - we have a long-time want on our guest list - the legendary Terry Davis. How thrilled are we? Mere words can’t describe! 7pm - Midnight. Free entry. https://www.facebook.com/events/257716674788736/
  7. sweeney

    Soul Prescription May 2018

    Times for Thursday Binsy 7:00 PM 7:25 PM Paul 7:25 PM 7:50 PM Anthony 7:50 PM 8:15 PM Binsy 8:15 PM 8:55 PM Paul 8:55 PM 9:35 PM Anthony 9:35 PM 10:15 PM Val 10:15 PM 11:15 PM Bonkers hour 11:15 PM 12:00 AM
  8. sweeney

    Soul Prescription May 2018

    The next Soul Prescription sees special guest Val Palmer dish up the soul medications. A long-serving member of the soul scene, Val was also the first (and so far -only!) female regular DJ at the 6Ts 100 Club all-nighters, back in the day. A frequent jock at Crossfire and various gigs about town, Val is still regularly spotted hauling her record box on the night bus. 7pm - Midnight. Free entry. https://www.facebook.com/events/637566179913569/
  9. I recently got a silver card through my letterbox for the same type of thing - they do give you the option of paying online and then arrange delivery to your door. I was too impatient to do so. It was a nice day and the walk did me good!
  10. sweeney

    Soul Prescription April 2018

    This month sees bon-viveurs and connoisseurs Michael & Mandie guesting in our little soul cellar. Expect the finest vintage tunes known to humanity! All served up in a friendly old-school boozer with great beer and food. See you down there! 7pm - midnight.
  11. sweeney

    Soul Prescription March 2018

    This month promises more soulful sounds in our little soul cellar - hopefully without the cabaret this time :-). Our special guest this month is Seriously Soulful’s Ben Summers who will be sharing the exquisite delights of his record box with us. As always, the Betsey has a fine selection of beers and great food and is a stone's throw from Farringdon station. Hope to see you down there! 7pm - midnight.
  12. sweeney

    Soul Prescription February 2018 - 2nd Anniversary

    Times for later: Mark 7:00 PM 7:25 PM Paul 7:25 PM 7:50 PM Anthony 7:50 PM 8:15 PM Mark 8:15 PM 8:55 PM Paul 8:55 PM 9:35 PM Anthony 9:35 PM 10:15 PM David 10:15 PM 11:15 PM Pandemonium 11:15 PM 12:00 AM
  13. How time flies! Our second anniversary bash already! What immense fun it's been and how lucky do we feel to have had the guests that have graced our little soul cellar. Most importantly thanks to everyone who has made the effort to turn up and support us - you really do make it feel special and create a fine atmosphere for listening to some of the best records ever made. This month joining regulars Mark, Paul and Anthony will be Mr Dave Taylor - stalwart of the scene and a man with a fine-tuned ear for a righteous tune. There might even be cake! Kicks off at 7pm and ends at midnight(ish)
  14. sweeney

    Soul Prescription January 2018

    After the festivities Soul Prescription returns to the regular Thursday slot in our intimate soul cellar! And do we have a guest for you! Step forward Mr Ady Croasdell - sure to set a high standard for the rest of the year. Kicks off at 7pm
  15. sweeney

    Soul Prescription Xmas Alldayer!

    It\s that time of year again! Santa wants to know if you've been naughty or nice this year. If you've been nice you can come down and hear 9 whole hours of fine Rare Soul in Santa’s Grotto with our special guests Mr Gareth Donovan and Mr Ivor Jones. Ho Ho Ho! indeed! Spread the word! from 14.00 to 23.00


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