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  1. This month we're honoured to have Mr Ivor Jones as our special guest. Incredible taste and records to match. What's not to like? As always we're in the basement - that's where its at! Free entry kicking off at 7pm and going on until Binsy's cab shows up.
  2. October sees us welcome back our good friends Carib Soul as esteemed special guests. Expect their unique brand of sheer musical awesomeness in our small but jewel-like Soul Cellar. And you know what you can do with Sober October! 7pm - When Binsy's Cab arrives. Free entry.
  3. A warm welcome awaits in our lovely Soul Cellar. An intimate and ultimately fantastic space to hear the best in Rare Soul. In a break with tradition we're sporting a resident only lineup for September with Mr Jason Sharp bolstering the lineup. We're not sure if this constitutes foolish drunkenness or drunken foolishness. Should be good either way! Kicks off at 7pm and continues until Midnightish. Free entry.
  4. Sweeney

    Soul Prescription August 2019

    It's that time again! Come on down to our little soul cellar and experience the beauty and truth that is Soul Prescription. This month we welcome Mr Alan Handscombe as our special guest. Those that know of Alan's work will expect an eclectic mix of top quality sounds. You know it makes sense! Kicks off at 7pm and continues until Midnightish. Free entry.
  5. Sweeney

    Soul Prescription July 2019

    Thanks to everyone who made it down last month - yet another fun night! This month we welcome Blake Helliwell to our little cellar. We always enjoy Blake's inspired selections and we hope you will too. Free entry - 7pm - midnightish.
  6. Sweeney

    Soul Prescription June 2019

    It's that time again! More soul than you can shake a stick at with our esteemed special guest Mike Lofthouse. It promises to be another cracking night in our compact and bijoux soul cellar. 7pm - Midnightish. Free entry.
  7. Sweeney

    Soul Prescription April 2019

    Fine Soul music from whenever and wherever in our compact and bijou cellar bar. This month we welcome David Taylor as our special guest. A man who has tunes and knows how to use them! See you down there! 7pm onwards. Free entry as always.
  8. Sweeney

    Soul Prescription March 2019

    We were blown away by the amount of people that came to our third anniversary bash - it's really appreciated! This month we've got Lisa Wolverson as our special guest. Lisa writes: The first signs of my music and dancing addiction was very apparent at the tender age of four when my Dad lost me on a very busy Saturday afternoon in Dublin’s city centre , after sweating blood for nearly an hour he finally found me outside a record shop in the zone dancing with a crowd of people around me totally oblivious to everything… 9 years later I got my first real taste of the Soul Scene at Ireland’s first Northern Soul Club Bubbles ... this club was the catalyst to the start of me spinning a few tunes three years ago at Bubbles and since then Iv had the privilege to play at clubs like Dublin’s D8 & London’s Soul Giant. Excitement is an understatement of how much I’m looking forward to playing Soul Prescription this month.
  9. Times for Thursday: 7.00 -7.25 Paul 7.25 - 7.50 Mark 7.50 - 8.15 Anthony 8.15 - 8.55 Paul 8.55 - 9.55 John Pearson 9.55 - 10.35 Mark 10.35 - 11.15 Anthony 11.15 to end Mayhem.
  10. Well they do say that time flies when you're enjoying yourself and in this case time has definitely flown! Incredible to believe that it's three years since we persuaded The Betsey to let us put on a monthly Rare Soul night in their basement! What were they thinking? Joking aside - many thanks to them for making us welcome and allowing us to do our thing. Thanks guys! It's been a real blast and to help us celebrate we’ve secured the services of no less than Johnny Pearson to help us mark the occasion. Those that know Mr Pearson will know they are in for a treat. Those that don't - well you're in for a treat! See you down there! We kick off at 7pm and entry is completely free. https://www.facebook.com/events/2093453034035221/
  11. Cheers Rob! HNY to you too!
  12. Wow! The Christmas Alldayer was a true blast! Thanks to all that came and to The Pinches Brothers for coming down to amaze us with their records. This month we have Jules Pallett as our special guest. A man that is guaranteed to deliver and put his stamp on proceedings. I'll get my coat... 1900 - Midnightish. Free Entry.
  13. Sweeney

    Soul Prescription Xmas Alldayer

    Times for Sunday: 14:00 Anthony Sweeney 14:30 Mark Taylor 15:00 Derek Jack 15:30 Brian Pinches 16:00 Dave Pinches 16:30 Anthony Sweeney 17:00 Mark Taylor 17:30 Paul McKay 18:00 Brian Pinches 18:30 Dave Pinches 19:00 Anthony Sweeney 19:30 Mark Taylor 20:00 Paul McKay 20:30 Brian Pinches 21:00 Dave Pinches 21:30 Xmas Mayhem!
  14. Sweeney

    Soul Prescription Xmas Alldayer

    We were scratching our heads about doing something special for our annual Christmas shindig to reward you all for being good girls and boys this year. And then we thought - great records, incredible taste like all our guests this year - but times it by two - and there's your answer... Brian and Dave Pinches! From the mighty Sunday Chillout @ The Horse & Groom in Doncaster. What better way to kick off the festive season? Kick-off is 2pm and we stagger on till 10pm or thereabouts. Ho Ho Ho! Entry is free.
  15. After last month's scorching session with Carib Soul we've got yet another treat for you. This month we're proud to welcome our special guest Mr Andy Jones from the legendary Filthy Soul sessions to our little soul cellar. Will be great to see you all! 7pm - Curfew - free entry! ...and don't forget we have our fabulous Christmas Alldayer on Sunday 9th December with special guests Brian & Dave Pinches from the magnificent Sunday Chillout @ Horse & Groom, Doncaster.

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