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  1. Title: rocky roberts - just because of you - durium Artist: rocky roberts Track: just because of you Label: durium Record information:
  2. TOAD

    Happy Birthday Louise

    Happy birthday x
  3. TOAD

    Happy Birthday Joan

    Happy birthday xxx
  4. TOAD

    Gerry Hogan (Gerry H) R.I.P

    Oh no...rip
  5. came out twice...a different version!
  6. I have two of the pinks both with different credits etc
  7. definitely as large collections hit the market
  8. TOAD

    Gucci Does Northern soul

    run out of ideas....well just do something northern related...another sad episode rip
  9. TOAD

    6TS Cleethorpes 2017

    fantastic memories thanks for that
  10. TOAD

    11th Anniversary - Nuneaton Coop Oldies All-Niter

    reggae! You should book martin and me ;)
  11. TOAD

    Divs are more abundant than ever......

    obviously some have not understood my post tomorrow I will go into more detail...bet you can't wait ha ha .
  12. TOAD

    Divs are more abundant than ever......

    no no no they don't like soul music , they are dippers..a bit of this a bit of another genre like punk..etc etc.
  13. TOAD

    Divs are more abundant than ever......

    everything I enjoyed about the scene is slowly being dumbed down...we even have two -tone bands being advertised on here..dont get me going on the mix genre nights where it seems anything goes..ie scootering nights ktf or keep the farce!
  14. TOAD

    Divs are more abundant than ever......

    true it puts me off going to a lot of places when i see some remarks on here. I collect Sylvie Vartan records !!!
  15. TOAD

    Bobby Womack - So many sides of you.

    No USA 45
  16. TOAD

    Nuneaton coop 70's 80's Uptempo Northern Soul All Niter

    no times mark
  17. TOAD

    Price Of A 45 1970?

    79p uk 45 and £1.30 for a Jamaican pre release late 7ts
  18. wasn't it the soulful two fi ya dance that got more plays at totw...and not the Romeo's
  19. its all gone fluffy! Sign me up for a culture course I'm dead working class !
  20. TOAD


  21. what is media and cultural research?
  22. TOAD

    The Spindles - Ten Shades of Blue

    have a mint condition one here pm if interested
  23. TOAD

    Happy Birthday Joan

    happy birthday XXX


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