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  1. Not long now to yet another great night of quality soul across the board always a great friendly atmosphere with sounds from rare and underplayed 60's 70's crossover to present day with a touch of r& b and a few choice oldies . now in its 8th year congratulations guys I know its been hard work at times but its been worth it the best venue in the area , if you've never been get yourselves down for a night of quality soul
  2. here you go best intro ever imho no messing it hits you like a brick
  3. note to self if you don't know it go up and ask mick wont bite your head off lol
  4. The uk koolkat recording is not the full version it as been faded out before it actually finishes, full version far better imho
  5. it was covered up as pat lewis I have Chris kings acetate of this when he sold up late 80's have full recording of it will try and upload over the weekend
  6. had 3 copies off you at the time kev sold two a few years back for £300 each
  7. until

    Not long now looking like being a superb weekend of top quality rare and underplayed soul from 60's 70's crossover and beyond great atmosphere ,friendly like minded folk who like that something a wee bit different here's one i'll be spinning from the Stafford niters the copy I have is better quality as it was Chris kings copy see ya all there
  8. wasn't there also a ken Williams title at the same time if memory serves me correctly ?
  9. Hi Kev seem to remember you having these at record haven along with the Blue jays " point of view" jay and bobby moore "carefully check my heart " kay ,o regards Steve
  10. 25 - 30 bout right flip it over great beat ballard in the same vein as jay and the shufflers
  11. well looking forward to the next instalement of the caliante as we missed the xmas one due to mrs.p having a op so two birthdays to celebrate this month Mrs.p's and young John Alderidge so expect cake always a great night quality ,quality music great friendly atmosphere sounds completely across the board from 60;s rareties and oldies ,crossover ,modern and r&b and its free what more could you ask for see you Friday guys
  12. well be venturing over Rupe with the Spalding crowd looking forward to a nite of quality soul
  13. until

    well looking forward to this great event great crowd ,friendly like minded people wanting to hear top quality sounds, and a superb venue . last years was top notch so lets keep up the great tradition of quality venues in Skeggy, looking forward top spinning a few tunes over the weekend some current tunes and a few from Stafford era and Daves Rock city nites too see ya there
  14. cream blue print is a d.j. copy had one when first played by sam in the late 70's should say audition copy on it
  15. Richard Anthony was originally a Searling spin he dropped it same time AS SAMMY SEVENS EVERYBODY CROSSFIRE which was covered as JERRY ROSS