Sad news Eddy Amoo the Real Thing RIP

Sad news Eddy Amoo the Real Thing RIP magazine cover

Very soulful voice and the pop tunes get better with age.

Sad news of his passing.



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Mickey Finn profile photo


Sad news indeed. One of the most soulful voices to come out of the UK, leaving behind a significant body of work. RIP.


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Theothertosspot profile photo


Love this one by Eddy and Co

Had this without realising they went on to become The Real Thing.

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Codfromderby profile photo


Always loved his voice, raining through my sunshine is an awesome track, RIP Eddie, thanks for the tunes

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Hooker1951 profile photo


  • The Chants were a great soulful Rn B outfit in the 1960,s they were kept under because the fad at the time was beat music their style was more American , they were pretty famous in the North West obviously in Liverpool running parallel with the Beatles, Searchers , ect because at the time 90 % of what became beat groups were doing soul and RNB in their live performances by late 1963 the emphasis had changed to the new music craze which was beat the Chants fronted by Eddie and his brother stuck to their roots and got left behind by the more commercial beat sound till they reinvented their selves as the Real thing so at their hard work paid off fianacially in 1975 after 13 years of gigging touring, Eddie and his group even learned to play their own instruments so they could deliver the music on their terms before that the Chants were a vocalist group 
  • Rest in Peace Eddie Amoo
  • A real Liverpool Soul Man
  • ML
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Thinksmart profile photo


Thanks for the music.  Love The Chants song, had it on a demo and crazily sold it for a decent sum. I should of kept it.

chas profile photo


Quality 45 from those guys,as good as anything coming from the U.S. at the time,a real beauty.


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Stevegods profile photo


Just woken up to this ... very sad news indeed .

Before there was 3 before 8 , there was 4 from 8 ... for boys from Liverpool 8 .. Toxteth ...  sad to see it’s now only 2 👎






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