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Soul music related articles and features

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  1. Northern Soul - Exclusive Teaser First Look and Interview

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Last month Soul Source had a look at the mainstream media coverage of the upcoming film titled "Northern Soul".

    The Soul Set - Article on the group

    By Flynny, in Soul Features,

    Back in 2003 I was contacted by the drummer of the Soul Set of 'Will You Ever Learn' fame..


    Silhouettes -Website

    By Guest, in Soul Features,

    The link below is to a site dedicated to The Silhouettes which has been put together with a great deal of effort and care. There is much, in fact a great deal to read…

    Supercorsa Blog 2005-2011

    By Supercorsa, in Soul Features,

    In A Reflective Mood Posted by Supercorsa, 11 July 2011 · Just sitting here on my day off, meant to have been doing some work on the computer, but as always logged onto S…

    Talking with Maxine Brown - Video Interview - 2hrs

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    James Power has been in touch and passed on word of a great online video interview he carried out with Maxine Brown.

    djmelismo blog 2010-12 2 of 2

    By djmelismo, in Soul Features,

    Soul Searching Posted by djmelismo, 01 May 2011 · Been doing some soul searching again and this is what I came up with for mix #42: MARJORIE BARNES - Drift Away (1983) …

    Part 2 of Europe and beyond.. The rare soul scene guide to whats on over the water.. Oslo Soul Experience Paid this place a visit in for the anniversary a few …

    Sam E Solo A Biography

    By Louise, in Soul Features,

    Sam E. Solo Biography by Dave Welding Sam E. Solo was born Samuel Flournoy Jr on the 13th of July 1942 in Shreveport Louisiana, to parents Samuel and Ona Lee Flournoy.…

    Darlene Love

    By chalky, in Soul Features,

    Don't know if aware or read but Darlene Love has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. If your interested you can read about it at…

    An interview with Stan Lewis, founder of Jewel Records (Ronn/Paula) by Martin Gavin

    Petition On Behalf Of The Late Roy Hamilton

    By swoz, in Soul Features,

    The family of the late Soul Legend Roy Hamilton, would like everyone to click on Roys new memorial website.

    Europe And Beyond.. Gothenburg Soul Scene

    By little-stevie, in Soul Features,

    Been wanting to feature whats on overseas for a long while.. Seems a good time now with Dave doing the overseas events guide.. I am gonna feature soul clubs and history …

    Latin Music Usa Video Documentary Online - 4Hrs

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Latin Music USA Video Documentary online 4 hours worth, a mainstream feel, talking heads, clips and such done well Laid out in a easy to dip in to style, chapters, episo…

    Top Tips For 2011

    By Sean Hampsey, in Soul Features,

    Well, its that time of year again Exactly 12 months since we did the last 'Top Tips' thread... so, as it's now a Soul Source tradition, here we go again!

    Revilots Blog from 2010

    By REVILOT, in Soul Features,

    THE MAGNIFICENT 7 - THE "X" FACTOR & NORTHERN SOUL Don't worry this is not somedaytime television style look into the role that Northern Soul has played inthe development …

    The O`jays On Line Biopic

    By de-to, in Soul Features,

    Unsung episode link gone away

    Purist Blog - Rugby's Freestyle Room

    By purist, in Soul Features,

    Rugby's Freestyle Room, A 40 Year Journey Posted by purist, 26 November 2010 · These days with my memory failing a little I'm not exactly sure when it was that …

    Upfront Or Way Behind Why?

    By Mark Bicknell, in Soul Features,

    Being very much out of the loop scene wise so from an outsider looking in as it were it would seem

    tony foster blog 3 of 3 from 2009-10

    By Tony Foster, in Soul Features,

    Taste Of Hell Fire Posted by Tony Foster, 08 November 2010 First of all a big thank you to Captain Morgan for inviting us a long to the Taste of Honey at the Hell Fire C…

    Chalkys Blog from 2008-10

    By chalky, in Soul Features,

    From: Lifeline Bank Holiday Weekend Bonanza Posted by chalky, 16 August 2010 · After our recent foray into Mace Land, Bidds and Stoke that is, we are pleased to be getti…

    sandi blog part 3 of 3 2009-10

    By sandi, in Soul Features,

    Venues, Birthdays, Weddings, Betrayal Most Horrid. Posted by sandi, 08 October 2010 · Along this road of life no matter what background we all as individuals have, no mat…

    Pete McKenna interview by Snowy

    By snowy, in Soul Features,

    An interview with Pete McKenna author of real world books "Nightshift and "Who the hell's Frank Wilson", including news of a new forthcoming edition of Nightshift (several hu…

    the golden 101 blog from 2010

    By Goldsoul, in Soul Features,

    Owls, Snow And Lil' Ole Me..... Posted by The Golden 101, 02 December 2010 Sheffield Wednesday takeover, excellent news, a Saudi Billionaire? Er's Milan M…

    Northern Soul at Lowton - The End of an Era - Fri 10th Sept

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    A few years ago I found myself turning into the Lowton Civic Carpark...

    Soul Sister Jane Blog 2010

    By soulsisterjane, in Soul Features,

    Nottingham Oddfellows All Niters Leicester.

    Why 60S Newies?

    By in town Mikey, in Soul Features,

    Just been pondering life, love and the 60s newies crowd. As you do. And whilst doing this, I stumbled accross a theory....

    The Tempos Story by Rob Moss

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    The TEMPOS Story The lineage of vocal groups, male and female, in the 1950s and 60s can be as difficult to establish as any family tree. Line-ups would frequently change a…

    The Epitome of Sound - The Story

    By Goldsoul, in Soul Features,

    The Epitome of Sound In the 1960's, the Megatons were a Motown/Soul style group from New Jersey, USA who were made up of

    Steve G Blog from 2007-10 2 of 2

    By Steve G, in Soul Features,

    "Movin On" in Barcelona is a club that's become...

    Dave Rimmer Blog from 2008-10 - 3 of 3

    By Dave Rimmer, in Soul Features,

    Cleethorpes Antics And The Soul Mastermind 2010 Quiz Posted by Dave Rimmer, 19 June 2010 · It really is a privilege to be able to write this Blog entry, because it's …

    Purist Blog - Stafford 25 Better Late Than Never

    By purist, in Soul Features,

    Stafford 25, Better Late Than Never ! First things first, I am the worlds worst at taking a compliment, in fact I don't know what to say or do when somebody gives…

    Soul Survivor - Sir Lattimore Brown

    By chalky, in Soul Features,

    Soul Survivor - Sir Lattimore Brown Back From The Dead! If anyone is entitled to a pain in the heart it is Sir Lattimore. Born to beginnings we cannot comprehend in 1931 …

    The website has 9 full length episodes of the late 60s/ early 70s New York Tv show available to view online. As they have been up a year or so it may be "old" ne…

    Willie Mitchell 1928 - 2010 By Rob Moss

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    A report on the recently held public memorial celebration and a look at the career of this recently departed legend. WILLIE MITCHELL 1928 - 2010 by Rob Moss To des…


    Get It Baby - The Stanley Mitchell Story

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    The Stanley Mitchell Story by Soul Junctions Dave Welding

    White Men Can't Jump - The Turley Richards Story

    By scotchmartin, in Soul Features,

    White Men Can't Jump - The Turley Richards Story By Martin Gavin (Scotch Martin)

    A Google book preview of the book A House on Fire: the Rise and Fall of Philadelphia Soul By John A. Jackson A Google book preview of the book A House on Fire: the Rise…


    lukin4clarkie blog from 2009

    By Guest, in Soul Features,

    iam sad to anounce the death of clark vincent joseph aka clarkie his fruneral will be held at oldham crem 1pm 28th may 2010 thanks to everyone whp supported me especailly mr …

    The Manchester Wheelers: A Northern Quadrophenia - Review THE MANCHESTER WHEELERS -A Northern Quadrophenia by Dave SOULPUBLICATIONS 2008 300pp, £15 ISBN: 1-4392-2163-4…

    Shaun Gallagher Blog 2008-9

    By Shaun Gallagher, in Soul Features,

    Rio Reunion - Back Together Again Posted by Shaun Gallagher, 20 October 2009 · Rio, Rio Reunion, Soul, Funk Start Time: Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 5:00pm End Time: S…

    Mrs Soul Blog from 2008-9

    By mrs soul, in Soul Features,

    Lou And Teds Excellent Adventure! Posted by mrs soul, 18 October 2009 well Ted how was it for you, cos it was great for us,what no-body realizes the logistics of getting …

    Ficklefingers blog from 2009

    By FickleFingers, in Soul Features,

    After A Spell Of cold Turkey... soul blog

    Agent Double-O-Soul - Feature On Melvin Davis

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Agent Double-O-Soul - Feature on Melvin Davis by Michael Hurtt Thanks to Rob W for passing on word that Melvin Davis was recently featured in the Detroit Metro Times. A …

    A Google book preview of the book Northern soul: music, drugs and subcultural identity By Andrew Wilson From a couple of years ago but worth a revisit as the Google boo…

    Mattfox blog from 2009-12 - 3 of 5

    By mattfox, in Soul Features,

    Across The Board Soul Mix Online - Make Up Your Mind! Posted by mattfox, 13 April 2010 Hi y'all, there's a brand new downloadable soul mix online! Soul across …

    The Radiants - Sitting In The Park Interview

    In the Snakepit - The facts and the friction

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    The facts and the friction. There is a Motown related anniversary that is not likely to figure in the anals of the current campaign, led by the Universal Corporation, to &#39…


    THE JOLSON FACTOR - The Cultural relevance of UK/US POP Covers of 1960s SOUL ORIGINALS. If one chooses, the release of a product, albeit a record or any other commodity ca…

    lloydee blog from 2009

    By lloydee, in Soul Features,

    Gangland Shocker: Francis T Posted by lloydee, 15 June 2009 · I could'nt believe it: there I was round at me Mum & Dads for Sunday tea, sat there with abeer reading …

    Ganche Blog from 2009

    By Ganche, in Soul Features,

    All Danced Out Posted by Ganche, 16 June 2009 I knew by the glorious sunshine on the way to Cleethorpes that the weekend was gonna be a blinder. I wasnt wrong. Kylee and …

    Coops Blog from 2009

    By coops, in Soul Features,

    Of The Way We Were Posted by coops, 21 May 2009 · This is the nighter, where we danced in our teens To records by Foster, Parker and Sheen, tunes from the 60s, the 70s …

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