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Free At Last All Nighter Swinton

Kevin Draper

Free At Last All Nighter Swinton

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Event Information

Type: Allnighter


Start Time: 19:00 hrs

End Time: 06.00

Door Tax: £12

Venue: Swinton Pallais

Town/City:  Swinton Postcode: M27 6HA

Event Details

United Clubs.

Invicta Soul Club, Blackhearts, Wiganner 1, 3 Clubs, Detroit A Go Go, Midland Soul Club. and Dark Horses. All joining together for the Free At Last, End of Lockdown All Nighter.

To be held at Swinton Palais, 11a, Station Road, Swinton. M27 6AH

This will be an TICKET event. Capacity 1000 with social distancing.

Ticket price is £12 plus £1 postage payable by Paypal (Friends and Family please) to FREEATLASTSWINTON@outlook.com

A limited amount of tickets are available at the door  @ £15 each


This will be a 3 Room event. For DJ's Please see the flyer.


“FREE AT LAST End of Lockdown Nighter” at Swinton Palais

Urgent News .....

Please read copy and share where you can.

As I am sure you are well aware our beloved BoJo has once again screwed the northern soul scene in the rear.

As the “FREE AT LAST end of lockdown celebration Nighter” was scheduled for 17th July it misses out by 2 days.

So we have had to react quickly with an alternative date .


We wish to stress that, as stated on the advance ticket that they will be valid for the new date.

But we also appreciate that for some of you that have purchased Advance Tickets, you may not be able to attend on that date.

For those people affected, tickets will also be valid and can be used at “FREE AT LAST 2” which takes place on Saturday 30th October 2021 .

Or alternatively if you would like a refund you can return your ticket (by recorded delivery for security please) to

“Free At Last”

c/o 68 Jethro St

Bolton BL2 2PL

Please include the original paypal address used for purchase and refund.

For the many who have indicated that they will be still attending can I remind you that if you have booked accomodation, to change your reservation date with them.

Once again many apologies for the inconvenience but as you understand these changes were forced upon us ...



Swinton Pallais - Swinton Event Map


Swinton Venue Address:

Swinton Pallais
11, Station Road, Swinton, Lancs, M27 6HA, United Kingdom

Contact the venue / club

Please contact the venue / club to confirm address & all event details before travelling

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What happen to the four clubs under one banner you told us about? All joining forces for one big night. Looks like it's everyman for himself to me..... 

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Thank you for your comment. As I said there will be more details to follow and yes, this is the joint event you are asking about.

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Hi Mike, I will have a word with Brent and ask him what he is doing. He asked me to create an event notice for this and then it appears, did another himself.

I will speak to him and get back to you.


Best regards,


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Hi Mike. I have spoken to Brent, and he says to delete his one please, if the two cannot be merged. 

Best regards,




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7 minutes ago, Kevin Draper said:

Hi Mike. I have spoken to Brent, and he says to delete his one please, if the two cannot be merged. 

Best regards,




ok kev

will delete the other one as can't merge events

thanks for your assistance 👍

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15 hours ago, Jez Jones said:

..counting down to whats looking like a fantastic Allnighter !!

Oh arh, would mind a bit of this, hope you'll take a request for your cover up ' crackling rose' . 😉😁🤣

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12 hours ago, Geeselad said:

Oh arh, would mind a bit of this, hope you'll take a request for your cover up ' crackling rose' . 😉😁🤣

i'll give thee a shout before I goo

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With the lifting of lockdown restrictions. We will be operating at increased capacity of 1000 over 3 ROOMS .

In addition to Advance tickets Available at £12.00 .

There will now be LIMITED OTD ENTRY .. priced at £15.00 ..

Advance tickets available by post . And from Djs .

(See flyer for details )

As your health and safety are still our priority .

We expect all our patrons and members to exhibit sensible choice and a common sense approach on health and safety issues.


Social distancing ——. Voluntary

Hand Sanitising. ——. Voluntary

Face Covering. ——. Voluntary

We also Obviously ask that anyone Displaying Symptoms and or who have been asked to isolate in the previous 10 days , Do Not Attend .

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**** JUST 3 WEEKS TO GO ***** !!!

Brought to you by a group of current Allnighter promoters/enthusiasts...

to give you one of those MASSIVE SWINTON ALLNIGHTERS



Please share to your Groups , Friends and pages etc —-

Gonna be the BIG END OF LOCKDOWN CELEBRATION .. don’t miss out !!


OTD £15.00 There will be a limited number of tickets remaining —.

see flyer for details

*********Capacity now 1000 -***********

YES !! increased to 1000 people




Dont let it be one of those “GOD I WISH I HAD GOT A TICKET “. Nights


3 Atmospheric Rooms bringing you the best in allnighter sounds past and present

. 8 pm til 6am

Spread the word !!!!!

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On 18/07/2021 at 09:32, Winsford Soul said:

Count me in Jez. Great nighter 7 minutes from home 🏡.  Been far too long 

Certainly has mate...be good to see ya...

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