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steve z

Worlds Rarest Soul Record


Hello soulwise,

I think you'll find there are more than 2 known copies. I've sold 2, plus i know another 4 U.K. collectors with copies. Very good record though whistling.gif


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Guest enchantedrythm

what about tmg 720, ive only seen two, had one nicked last year, anyone seen it?

london hlu 10070, had two of these once, sold one to j manship many many years ago for £70 (1975/76)

the one john had was fully printed as a london stock copy, the other was a blank label hand written in, black issues?? south african- must be rare, juna junoff-yesterday has gone? olga label u.k

the larks orange vinyl my reverie on appollo (1134)

the larks- i live true to you-red wax-appollo 1194

encores on checker-when i look at you?? all super rare r&b/doowop/??

stagemasters on slide?

ffloyd jones on vee jay-lonesome day

mamie galore sac

ty karim

ive had the romark disc afore mentioneed and seen a couple more


rod reviers- impact

i think the pye thing ta;lked about above not as rare as you think

robbie lawson?

chubby checker parkway u,s?

somebody in nottingham had a 444 c jackson, wasnt derek allan or r smith, maybe swifty or steve elliot, what became of that?

theres loads of demo only sides that speculate to the position of a stock copy

what about that soul city avatar on south african, must be rare, a certain eye opener at Hansie Vortrekkers ,black soundalike party night!!! i dont think!

is king moses still rare

try me for a new love

proffessionals on yellow/beige vinyl??

chesterfields- parkway test-think it over

wasnt there a acetate thjing of lillie bryant?



patrice hollaway- boy of my dreams-vip?

counts- shrine?

j r bailey - tears

all stars- disintegrated-motown

billy woods?

the dore rare thing

timothy carr?




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Surely there must be many one off recordings in existence. All equally rare. I am currently playing the vocal to Melvin Carter - Midnight Brew. An unknown artist item on a King Recording Studios 10 inch acetate. That's the rarest item I have for sure. No one else has one to my knowledge.


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