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  1. mikeysoul


    Was up for $1500 plus post
  2. mikeysoul

    Audio Topic - Joe Bataan

    This is one of my faves - sweet with a beat
  3. mikeysoul

    Paul perryman little joe Hinton 2 killer rnb45s

    Added in error
  4. mikeysoul

    Sherrell bros current price

    I am sure mine (sadly gone) came from an Anglo American front page focus @ £15 - would say between 2000 - 2005?? So likely to have had a small quantity at that time.
  5. mikeysoul

    Winstons - Need A Replacement

    Presume this is the same song both sides?
  6. mikeysoul

    Name that tune?

    Beverley Savage - How can you face the world (Tornado) It is on youtube
  7. mikeysoul

    ARCTIC house drummer

    If not seen already, there are some great clips of The Ambassadors on the Hy Lyte show (1969) on YouTube I watched the other day. Including 'I really love you' & ' Can't take my eyes off you'. No band unfortunately, just them performing, but they certainl...
  8. mikeysoul

    ARCTIC house drummer

    It could be Earl Young The Ambassadors - Soul Summit LP does not cite him in the band, but has a picture of him as the drummer. Wikipedia says: "Earl Young (born June 2, 1940, Philadelphia) is a Philadelphia-based drummer who rose to prominence...
  9. Lou Lawton - Knick knack patty wack, I suspect
  10. mikeysoul


    I would say the Spontaneous Arts issue is exactly the same version as the Triode. It is one sided, with just an etched pattern on the other side. There are a couple of releases by the Grambling College Marching Band but i think they are much later releas...
  11. mikeysoul

    Cleveland Robinson - Boy - Nosnibor

    1012/ green label, I would say from the description. More wah wah 70's sounding version.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=obny1-4z-zU
  12. Been looking for a copy of this Mod type instro please. Please PM with expected price if you have one. Cheers Mike
  13. mikeysoul

    Johnny Mc Bee - Nothing But Love - Uk Airborne

    sent a pm Pete Mike
  14. mikeysoul

    Johnny Watson, Chantels, Pete Rodrigues

    £40 & £200 respectively
  15. How you doing Eddie? Sorely tempted to get Reggie back in the fold. Will have a think if not gone
  16. I think Phils ebay name is wickycat1 He used to live round my way, or used to be in my mate's record shop a lot. Believe he lives London way now
  17. mikeysoul

    Rare Soul Review Issue 1 2 & 3

    A good mag - enjoyed reading it. Shame it finished. Was three issues the total run?
  18. mikeysoul

    Charles Cc Carlson - She's Not To Blame

    Ah was at work & didn't come ups in my search. Well done
  19. mikeysoul

    Charles Cc Carlson - She's Not To Blame

    I don't think it is on YouTube, I couldn't find it Sara. I think 'check YouTube' is Phil's standard sales patter, although I thought it might be up A soundclip of the other (deep) side is available on Sir Shambling's site http://www.sirshambling.c...
  20. Freddie Scott - Girl, I love you, always gets me.
  21. mikeysoul

    Sales (Mainly R&b Type Stuff)

    Hi Some sales - Please PM if interested Bank transfer preferred or Paypal (GIFT), or UK cheque please Postage costs are... UK - £2.00 recorded (insured up to £39) or £5.50 by special delivery (fully insured up to £1000). Overseas - £2....
  22. mikeysoul

    Outta Sight Label

    I thought the Fabulous apollos - honky Tonk woman sounds different to the original. The instruments are clearer, albeit mine is a fairly battered copy. Mike
  23. mikeysoul

    Nita Rossi /emmerdale

    The Tom Jones version ain't too bad

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