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  1. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    A mate wanted a copy about 10 years ago, I found one ,dead easy for 4 quid & gave it him for nothing.
  2. What your mother said

    When going to all nighters my mum used to baby sit my dog & on my way out she always said don't you going & getting in to any scrapes. My reply was mum, I'm 50 years old & have never got into any scrapes at all nighters & I've been going since...
  3. Grumpy Christmas (and big birthday) bash

    Happy birthday Joan, big love from Mark & Toffee XX.
  4. Sunday Chillout @ Horse and Groom

    What are the start & finish times? Best Mark.
  5. sad day

    My mum was in hospital for the final 2 weeks of her life & both me & my sister said that she's not coming out this time. We visited her every day & on my 50th birthday at 8pm her last words were "enjoy the rest of your birthday Mark" 14th January ...
  6. Whatever Happened To............................?

    Honey Boy Zimba, Mike Rollerball Rocco, Bobby Barnes & his tag team partner, can't remember his name though.
  7. Whatever Happened To............................?

    Word cup coins also worked in telephone boxes.
  8. Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

    Ann Peebles I cant stand the rain Telling it
  9. Guess the tune

    Sounds like it's stuck (the record that is, not to stuck to me) just my opinion.
  10. Allnighters - 2015 - End at

    Bearing in mind that not everyone can drive or even has a car, thus having to rely on public transport, added to that some allnighters these days are nowhere near a railway station & even if they area you have to face a long wait for the first train home...
  11. Whatever Happened To............................?

    Johnny 7 & The Man From Uncle set, both classics!!!! Anyone remember Wards Grand Prix shoes?
  12. Whatever Happened To............................?

    Bazooka Joe bubbly gum and acid drops (they were a bit like spangles but tasted sour & not sweet).
  13. robert thomas (more lunacy)

    A mate of mine wanted a copy not so long ago. I found one from a reputable dealer for £4 & gave it to my Mate. Mark.
  14. Gregg Taylor-Rotherham-Passed away

    Also Gregg was a fine footballer, in fact he was the leading goalscorer for Rotherham Boys as a 16 year old. Best, Mark.
  15. Gregg Taylor-Rotherham-Passed away

    Wonderful heartfelt words Ange, brought me to tears. Can't make Greggs funeral as my passports expired but will certainly be at the memorial do. Condolences & love, MarkXX.