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  1. How far would you travel..

    Rotherham to Paris on 2 occasions, don't know how far though. Did it once by eusostar and the second time on a plane. Not cheap but well worth it.
  2. jerry certainly came up on the outside but sidney still does it for me.
  3. Northern Soul Newbie

    Rob Smith in Nottingham is very reasonable and has loads to browse through.
  4. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    A mate wanted a copy about 10 years ago, I found one ,dead easy for 4 quid & gave it him for nothing.
  5. What your mother said

    When going to all nighters my mum used to baby sit my dog & on my way out she always said don't you going & getting in to any scrapes. My reply was mum, I'm 50 years old & have never got into any scrapes at all nighters & I've been going since...
  6. Grumpy Christmas (and big birthday) bash

    Happy birthday Joan, big love from Mark & Toffee XX.
  7. Sunday Chillout @ Horse and Groom

    What are the start & finish times? Best Mark.
  8. sad day

    My mum was in hospital for the final 2 weeks of her life & both me & my sister said that she's not coming out this time. We visited her every day & on my 50th birthday at 8pm her last words were "enjoy the rest of your birthday Mark" 14th January ...
  9. Whatever Happened To............................?

    Honey Boy Zimba, Mike Rollerball Rocco, Bobby Barnes & his tag team partner, can't remember his name though.
  10. Whatever Happened To............................?

    Word cup coins also worked in telephone boxes.
  11. Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

    Ann Peebles I cant stand the rain Telling it
  12. Guess the tune

    Sounds like it's stuck (the record that is, not to stuck to me) just my opinion.
  13. Allnighters - 2015 - End at

    Bearing in mind that not everyone can drive or even has a car, thus having to rely on public transport, added to that some allnighters these days are nowhere near a railway station & even if they area you have to face a long wait for the first train home...
  14. Whatever Happened To............................?

    Johnny 7 & The Man From Uncle set, both classics!!!! Anyone remember Wards Grand Prix shoes?
  15. Whatever Happened To............................?

    Bazooka Joe bubbly gum and acid drops (they were a bit like spangles but tasted sour & not sweet).

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