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  1. I know exactly what you mean. Sounds like a Chicago production.
  2. They are the same release. I have requested an merge on Discogs
  3. Ellie Hope is the singer on the UK 45
  4. Has the label been coloured with green felt tip pen?
  5. I have had a few removed - all were 12" releases. I think they will start to appear again as official reissues
  6. There is one here https://www.discogs.com/label/163857-Shotgun
  7. There are a few copies of Eddie Spencer on popsike with a push out centre and no large "A"
  8. Soul / Disco / Boogie 12" singles from 1970's & early 1980's wanted I am only looking for Job lots and collections rather than the odd one or 2 Please State total price wanted I will be happy to come and pick them up Send me details of what you have and what sort of price you are looking for message me here or text /phone 07904109816 Thank you Ian
  9. Simon Sousan released a vocal and instrumental version on a gold Mirwood label done from the master tapes so maybe one version is that one - I no longer have it to check but someone else on here will
  10. Chris, why are you trying to make the facts fit your memory of how it was? it says on the label "Baby Hit And Run & it's Growing (P) 1974" I along with others on here remember things differently and it's no coincidence the facts support this
  11. Released as a 45 in France, Germany (promo and regular issue) , Netherlands, & Japan - not sure about Spain
  12. Val Palmer's Back In My Arms Again is featured on the album "Tamla Hits by Dianne and The New Worlds" on Stereo Gold Records - however the version of "Uptight" on the album is not the Ritchie Brown version http://www.discogs.com/Dianne-And-The-New-Worlds-Tamla-Hits/master/358548
  13. The provable facts are the 45 was released 8th Feb 1974 the LP sometime in 1974 and the sleeve notes refer to the 45 having already been released EARLIER in 1974

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