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  1. Hi I'm looking for Ken Williams or KW - come back (Okeh) demo or issue In mint-/ex (ss standard) condition. If anyone has one they want to sell please pm me. Thanks Neil
  2. She recorded Hoochi-Koochi on Premere - which is great; well I think it is Neil
  3. Hi Shaun Fabulous. Are you going to post a track listing?- its frustrating not knowing the names of so many great records. Neil
  4. Hi Sean Is there a track listing available for it ? ; great selection by the way ATB Neil
  5. Its not a con. In your limited time on this earth you have to enjoy whatever your passion is -if that's collecting northern soul records on original labels then so be it - just something about it - the mystique of the artist/record etc/the effort that went into the sound and the artwork on 45s and most of which went unappreciated at the time ;as I've got older I've realised nothing interests me more or gives me more more pleasure (wife,children, holidays in the sun excepted just in case they read this). Doesn't mean i want to overspend, but if others do if they are after something so wh
  6. I picked a mint- issue copy up fairly recently for around £50. Not many other bidders on it. Neil
  7. Youngblood Smith (verve) Eddie Carlton - it will be done (swan) Anyone ever seen issues of these?
  8. No I never suggested that you measure rarity by those 3 sources alone, I was just making the point the record is rare and there were a number of bidders after it.
  9. As the winner of the Velours stock copy auction, I can't see why the record isn't worth what it sold for. Its rare and I've been after it for years without a sniff. JM not had a copy for at least 14 years, 1 copy noted on popspike in the last 11 years, PB not had a copy .There were 4 people who were bidding for it and turntableterra, if he hadn't been asleep, would have paid £900.
  10. Hi On the back of the Carol and Gerri issue question, I'm after the following MGM issues 1. Carol and Gerri - how can I ever find the way/on you heartaches etc 2. Velours - I can't change 3. Dean Courtney - love you just can't walk away 4. Wayne Fontana - something keeps calling me back 5. Otis Blackwell - kiss away In ex+ to mint condition. Good prices paid. If you have any and are selling please let me know. Regards Neil B
  11. Milt Grayson - wayfaring stranger/your old standby is on the label The wayfaring stranger side is truly superb. Neil
  12. The Milt Grayson - wayfaring stranger
  13. The Pageants exists - I've had one but let it go, which I've regretted ever since
  14. I've got both King George's on RCA black issues. So Long Johnny and I'm gonna be somebody someday. You see the IGBSS issues occasionally , but so Long Johnny is very hard I think; Tim Brown also collected the black issues and told me he'd never seen one before. The Pageants - are you ever coming home and the Insiders- I'm only a man are difficult to get hold of. Neil
  15. Hudson's in Chesterfield has closed down- about 4 months ago.

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