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The 2017 Springfield Allnighter


USA Pete

The 2017 Springfield Allnighter Details


28th January 2017.

Rooms can be booked directory by calling the hotel on 01352780503 quote "Soul Allnighter".


KIR    Pete Hollander.

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Welcome to the The 2017 Springfield Allnighter Comments sectiom

This is the event comments section (the event reviews section will show after the event)

I put this up on the event page in straight away as the calendar gets filled quickly and I did not want to clash with anyone..

I will be sticking with the last Saturday in January now. So you can fill in your 5 year diary now.

As you can see I am doing a Tribute type of Allnighter dedicated to clubs/Venues back in late 80s and through the 90s that inspired me back then.

I will be doing this for the next 3 or 4 years. Could do so many so chose to pick the ones that inspired me so much to go on to promoting myself through the 90s and now here at The Springfield Hotel.

My 1st choice is  The Wilton Allnighters 90s era .. I am working with current Wilton (Soul Sessions) promoters Dave Box and John Greenwood (Boxy and Mouse) to get this night as perfect for you as possible.

Chris Pell was the main man back in the 90s and will be there on the night making sure I get it right...BUT he has decided to stay retired (from promoting) and enjoy the night on the dancefloor!! Kinda wish I could do that TBH.

The allnighter itself is split into two parts and with running for 12 hours it gives me that option.

The 8am finish is something I will watch and see how it goes before deciding on further ones.


So in the MAIN ROOM from 8pm to Midnight I am calling this Promoters Time...

For this  one I have picked 4 promoters to play music that is typical to their promotion(s) please see the scan of flyer on this page for details.

THEN from Midnight to 8am it is WILTON TIME ... 8 hours of original Wilton DJs playing all the best tunes from the 90s .. So many tunes played there are still popular records today which speaks volumes of what they acheived all those years ago.

Anyway as you can see I am pleased to tell you I have tempted Saus to come along and entertain us. 

He was the main reason I made The Wilton a must go to allnighter and no disrespect to any  of the many DJs who played there... Saus had his own style and bought that wow factor to the allnighter.

Again all information is on flyer above this.


ROOM TWO this year is simply Modern and with that I mean from the 70s right up to current releases.... BUT avoiding anything that would be likley to be played in the MAIN ROOM.

Similar to what I did in modern room at Winsford in the 90s.

Running this room from 9pm to 4am.


 Just under nine months to go!!! 

Must be getting used to this promoting lark ... the flyers are ready (as you can see) and are now being printed ready for me to litter everywhere I go (and some of the DJs).

A lot of new things happening for this as it is a learning curb even for me!!! 

As you can see they are bright!!! (sunglasses optional) I thought if I was paying for colour printing then I would get my moneys worth.

More information as and when I get it.

Pete Hollander



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Pete. Can't think of a better way than to celebrate my birthday at what is in my opinion the most looked forward to nighter of the year. Getting closer, only two months to go before we will be back at the Springfield Hotel. Can't believe how quickly it's coming round.



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Only once each year makes this event even more precious, the Springfield 'nighter, if one has to ask one will never know......


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God I'm getting excited about this nighter. Last year the Springfield nighter was in my opinion the best night of the year. Never been. What have you got to lose. Give it a try. 



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T'was rather good Steve.... Hoping to persuade Lynne to go again..... Fingers crossed :-) 



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