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  1. Is that you in the vest?
  2. Does an '04 plate class as being old? Good fun to drive anyway.
  3. Bought the wife a new bag and a new belt, the hoover works perfectly now.
  4. What's that noise?....
  5. Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band, probably my favourite ever LP
  6. I'm in for a scolding as well but have always loved Rose Royce and this is Gwen at her very best.
  7. Caught Ethel & Ernest the other night. Animated story of Raymond Briggs (The Snowman) parents. Absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended - catch it on iplayer if you have 90 minutes free.
  8. My best. Never thought I'd ever get one. Next stop a Patek
  9. Mine too. Just loved to watch the top dancers on the floor to this as well.
  10. I have a long memory actually - went to my first game at Filbert Street in 1965!! Schlupp contributed in both the survival season and last seasons miraculous title win and for that I'll forever be grateful. I personally don't think he's good enough to make the starting line up - he does so much good work and then spoils it with his final pass/shot/decision making. As the guy who sits next to me says "he just runs out of brain" Anyway here's hoping for a quick pick up in form and a nice draw in the last 16 of the Champions League.
  11. Tonights Top Five: Hollis Dixon & The Keynotes - You Make Me Cry Flourescent Smogg - All My Life Sonya Spence - Let Love Flow On Gary Griffin & The Top Ten - Think Nothing About It Little Anthony & The Imperials - I'm Falling In Love With You
  12. That's the best place for him! It's Gray that needs to be starting and hopefully Mendy when fit will come in and give the team a better balance.