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  1. "The Trip To Spain" with Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan is a good half hours entertainment every Thursday.
  2. Looks like Morgan won't be fit, so will probably continue to go with Benalouane. Come on you Blues.
  3. Wow. Just wow. Supported Leicester for 52years and that was the best atmosphere I have ever experienced. Every player 10/10 (Albrighton & Fuchs 11).
  4. "Get back in the bathroom and wash your face properly, I can see the tide mark!!!"
  5. Graham Cross - The Tank. What a great player and club servant he was. Legend has it he decked Allan Clarke for not trying after we lost at Man Utd and were relegated (1969)
  6. Brian's last ever Radio 2 show today. Been a great listen over the years.
  7. Is that you in the vest?
  8. Does an '04 plate class as being old? Good fun to drive anyway.
  9. Bought the wife a new bag and a new belt, the hoover works perfectly now.
  10. What's that noise?....
  11. Dr. Buzzards Original Savannah Band, probably my favourite ever LP
  12. I'm in for a scolding as well but have always loved Rose Royce and this is Gwen at her very best.
  13. Caught Ethel & Ernest the other night. Animated story of Raymond Briggs (The Snowman) parents. Absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended - catch it on iplayer if you have 90 minutes free.