Diggin' Deep - New Release - Crossover & Deep Soul From Quinvy

Diggin' Deep - New Release - Crossover & Deep Soul From Quinvy magazine cover



Can You Dig It?

DD 003A Tony Borders ‘Promise To Myself’
DD 003B Bill Brandon ‘Rainbow Road’


Our newest 45 is a double sider that Diggin’ Deep are extremely proud to be able to bring to you.

Two stunning sides, each with a very different flavour, though both are classic ‘Muscle Shoals’ soul tracks, emanating from Quin Ivy’s famous Quinvy Sound Studio in Sheffield, Alabama, USA.

The topside is a unique, midtempo, crossover Soul gem from Tony Borders, long revered by collectors of Northern, Crossover and Southern Soul alike!

“Promise To Myself” is a side which has received huge appreciation for many years, at the most discerning soul music venues, worldwide. Copies are in the hands of the very few, and there simply aren’t enough to go around. This exclusive Diggin’ Deep issue is its first release in almost 40 years and should go some small way to meeting the demand for this indispensible dance floor gem. Out now for a very limited time on vinyl 45.

The flipside is an epic tale, long regarded as a true Deep Soul masterpiece.

Diggin’ Deep are honoured to be able to bring you Bill Brandon’s absolutely colossal ‘Rainbow Road’ as the latest addition to our catalogue. It’s an anthemic tale of poverty, fame, and tragedy, penned by Donnie Fritts and Dan Penn and understood to have been written for Arthur Alexander - although Brandon’s is the original released version, recorded in 1968, some three years earlier than Arthur’s Warner Brothers LP track.

Take a few minutes to listen to the promo video. Soul music simply doesn’t get much better than this. An entire life story in just three minutes. A record that every Deep Soul fan needs to have in their collection.

We are sure this double sider will be a welcome issue for lovers of the deeper side of soul – and be seen as a fitting tribute to the legendary Sheffield studio, Quinvy.

Both sides are now available on a beautifully mastered 45 for the first time in over 40 years.

DD003 collector’s release is a limited pressing @ just £12 each plus postage and packing.

Avoid Disappointment. Pre-order ON WEBSITE ONLY now, while stocks last: www.diggin-deep.com

Note: Only one copy per person. First come, first served.

Diggin’ Deep Records - Making available a series of excellent Soul recordings from the 60’s and 70’s, most of which will be released as a limited edition 45 for the very first time, and the occasional, carefully selected, re-issue. Dozens of titles are already lined up for future release. Keep informed by collecting the vinyl, joining the mailing list, visiting the website and social media pages regularly and ensure you’re among the first to know!

Avoid Disappointment. Pre-order now, while stocks last.



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Zanetti profile photo


And Again - Like Both Before


  • Up vote 1
Sean Hampsey profile photo


Thank you. Very much appreciated. 👍



Soulman58 profile photo


Rainbow Road - def top 20 tune.  One of my best buys was the Quinvy 5 LP set for £10.

  • Up vote 2
jamesh profile photo


Ordered and looking forward to it dropping through the letterbox 

  • Up vote 1
Petedillon profile photo


Yup. Ordered yesterday 

  • Up vote 1
Dave Girdwood profile photo


Do you know when these are shipping?

  • Up vote 1
Harrogatesoul profile photo


Would assume on release date of 23/11 or sometime shortly after. As many others can't wait for the next installment to land on the doormat. 

  • Up vote 2
Sean Hampsey profile photo


Thanks all, yes, we are still in the Pre-Release period (Thanks Rich) and the actual release date is 23rd November 2018.

They will be packed and shippedover the weekend / early next week.

Sales have been brisk and we have pre-orders for most of the available limited edition copies.

If you have not yet placed an order for this superb Quinvy double sider you need to do so now.

Tomorrow may be too late!

Visit www.diggin-deep.com to place an order.

Strictly limited to one copy per person.

Can you dig it?




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John Siret profile photo


Just been playing my copy which arrived today. 

Best release for me to date - Thanks! 

Steve L profile photo



Soulfusion profile photo


Just placed my order; the clip sounds great.


Seano profile photo


Mine arrived in the week but I'd been away so picked it up from the sorting office today. Thanks Sean, excellent 45, both sides.

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