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100 Club Allnighter - London


  100 Oxford Street    Fitzrovia    London   W1D 1LL   GB

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100 Club Allnighter on

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With Ady having his second night off of the 6TS year the reigns for this month's guests have once again been handed over to resident promotion elf Matt Bolton.  With a dazzling lineup of residents, Butch, Keith Money and Tomas McGrath are joined for the duration by:  Steve 'Mr Fish' Clancy.  After a false start with illness last time, we can't wait to have the Fish finally join us. His mixes go viral and his ear and tenacity in finding the next big sounds is known throughout the lands. His sales lists are the envy of many and so we're thirsty to hear what's in his playbox.  Russell Paine.  The first time we saw Russ he dropped one of the most diverse mix of records we'd ever heard in a single set. From the soulful Latin sounds of Joe Bataan to big modern jewels, to Northern monsters and back again in a seamlessly soulful continuum. Renowned globally for his work digging up and transforming the likes of Willie Tee unreleases Russell's quest and dedication to sharing soulful sounds is never in question.  Join us for dancefloor fireworks.... 6TS has a reputation for being at the forefront of Northern Soul music, with an open-minded, knowledgeable clientele. Our music policy is the best of Northern rareties, recent discoveries, unissued acetates and master tapes, a bit of modern, the odd R&B track and a smattering of oldies. Please note that there is NO ADMISSION after 3am. Get there before, or no entry. PAY ON THE DOOR ON THE NIGHT (no tickets required) More information at http://www.6ts.info/

£12 on the door


100 Club, 100 Oxford St, London W1


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/6tsRhythmAndSoul

website: http://www.6ts.info/news/2016.html

Note: this is now a stripped down post-event display

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I'd imagine Matt Bolton is a happy man today. Last night's 100 Club allnighter was a great success. Only the second one that Matt has been in charge of but everything appeared to go very smoothly.

Butch was the first on the decks ensuring a decent number of people would turn up early to hear what he was playing. I walked down the stairs at about 11.05 to hear the Marvelettes' The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game. I think I heard this in an advert when I went to the cinema recently, great record. He continued with this tempo for a while but then speeded things up. I danced to Like A Rolling Stone but found the dance floor like an ice rink, if you had leather soled shoes on you had to be careful, still much better than being sticky.

Next up was guest Russell Paine. I didn't recognise the name but realised I'd seen him before, presumably at the 100 Club or some other soul night. He was making his DJ debut and for most of his set played Modern Soul, probably mostly late 70s early 80s, I must confess I didn't know any of them but towards the end of his set he played Running Back And Forth and When No One Cares so was back on territory that was more familiar to me.

100 Club regular DJ Keith Money was on next for his first set. Played a few I didn't recognise but got me out there for Just A Boy's Dream, She Doesn't Love Me, and Chick Chick.,

Steve “Mr Fish” Clancy came on after Keith, another DJ making his club debut, he'd been booked some time ago but couldn't attend due to illness. Among the records played were Is He Better Than Me, Never Had A Girl and Hanging' In, I'd normally dance to that but by now the dance area was really busy.

Time now for Butch's second set which he opened with Love Company's Love Tempo, following it with up-tempo tunes like Life Is A Miracle and It's All Over (Baby). Another he played was by the Soulful Strutters, Let Your Feelings Go. The floor was even fuller now so I watched from the sidelines.

Tomas McGrath, another regular DJ at the club took over from Butch and played a set that featured quite a few oldies, e.g. You' Gone and I Don't Know About You but went a bit more obscure towards the end, several I didn't know.

Russell again for his second set, and started off with the classic Sha La La, one of the most popular records of the last 10 years or so. Again he featured quite a few Modern Soul tracks that were unknown to me, a playlist would be useful.

Time now for Butch's third and last set, opening with Living Color's Gotta Strange Feeling. He played All My Life by Fluorescent Smogg, which he said he'd been trying to get for 30 years. Another one he featured was Sammy Lee's What Goes Round Comes Around, which I was told by a friend was a Wigan Casino play. Next up was Mr Lucky's I Was Born To Love You.

Others played included Where Are You and the Four Tops' (It Would Almost) Drive Me Out Of My Mind. The Mighty Lovers and the Chuck Jackson cover up were also featured.

Steve opened his final set with the Young Mods' Who You Gonna Run To, and continued with tracks that filled the dance floor.

At about 4.45 Keith took over from Steve and played a set that included some of his favourites, Job Opening, She'll Come Running Back, I'll Be On My Way, Something For My Baby,and ending with I'll Keep Holding On by Lee McKinley & The Magnetics.

The last half hour was Tomas on the decks, playing quite a different set from the ones that Ady normally does at that time, all danceable tunes, but ended up with the Four Tops' Baby I Need Your Loving.

The night was busy, the club full, dance floor often with little spare space. It did begin to clear out at about 4ish, no doubt the fact that some underground lines are running through the night made it easier for some to get home. Most of the usual crowd were present.

Well done to Matt, a successful night. Thanks to all concerned.

A quick thank you to John Kerr who reminded me of some of the records played.

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