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Pointless full time Northern Soul clubber


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11 minutes ago, mike said:

have to smile




pointless - is nothing scared any more? 


a sunday morning good humoured post!

Oh dear!


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Hiya, luckily my coal powered device can't get to see the clip but peters comment above told me all I need to know,  cheers

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Guest Polyvelts

Good answer with Georgia though ! nice 7 points, unlucky to go out first round ! 

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1 hour ago, linda4me said:

Cringeworthy :yes:

bit harsh ?

can and have seen a lot worse than this in recent times

clip just come over (to me at least) as funny in a good humoured sort of sunday morning way

if you wanna beat her up about it then maybe best way be to post on the daily express site (imo)


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I,m so busy with work at the moment) that I very rarely get out at all , how lucky she is to be in a position where she can jack it all in and enjoy the scene she could be doing a lot worse things with her time .  Good on her 

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