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  1. More to the point why do we need another pressing of it...Three copies (I know they are originals)? There are thousands about in various pressing, legal and not so. If any one wants one they are not hard to get hold of. I wonder if anyone has bought every label variant? I know I've got three UK legit copies and Eddie Foster pressing bought from the record bar at the Casino. It baffles me why its been pressed so many time, everyone who wants one must have one by now. Even Chris Evens plays his copy on radio 2 every now and then.
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  2. This on a 7, UK single, i've got one and i've played it out..
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  3. Nocker

    Old No7 Soul Stop

    7:30 - Late 3:50 otd Stalybridge Cricket Cludb Stalybridge DJs Baz W, Phil, Vern and John Nock
  4. Old No 7 Soul Stop. Jan 21 2007 Not Rare Just Well Done, Northern, across the board R&B, Modern, and R&B with a little traditional soul favs thrown in!!! DJ Baz W, Phil and John Nock, with Guest TBA This event is at the new Venue, please not details...Stalybridge Cricket Club Gorse Hall Rd SK16 5HN 3 quid on the door, 7:30 till late.
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  5. Guys most people attending a local Northern Soul gig nowadays are well into their 50s...60s and go for the nostalgia and just to hear records they know, most and this is a fact, don't care if its a boot or not, they want what they know and like. Very few of them have the same mind set as they had when they got into the scene, apart from die hard collectors and OVO DJs. At a local do you cant break a new record/new OVO discovery like you could 40 years ago..oh and by the way here's another fact, in the 70s hey day EMidisc's of the top tracks we're distributed around the to build up demand and were played out by top DJs of the day!!! are they not boots? Playing boots at Northern Soul gigs weather people admit it or not has gone on since the year dot, go to a local do next time you see one advertised, clock the age group and i bet i could name the play list, and almost guarantee they are playing boots, Who do you think is is buying all the outa site etc stuff not OVO collectors but people putting on Norther Social Evenings for the over 50ts....
  6. Nocker

    Dave Stubbs @ The Rat Pit

    Shold be a great nightwith Les Hare as guest...
  7. Christmas Eve 7:30 till late £3.50 advance ticket..fiver on the door. "Not Rare just well done" Northern, R&B, Modern/Crossover and Classic Soul DJs: Baz W, Phil and John Nock + Guest TBC
  8. Saturday 26 November 7:30 till Late. 3 quid on the door.. Newly refurbished venue Not rare just well done..............DJs Baz W and John Nock. Guest TBC Don't forget the Christmas Eve do, more details to follow
  9. Nocker

    Dave Stubbs @ The Rat Pit

    Couldn't agree more, Top night last night and great to see some returning faces...back on the up??
  10. Nocker

    Old No7 SOUL STOP

    Don't forget, if its warm outside we have air-con!!!! To keep you cool on the dance floor...
  11. Nocker

    Old No7 SOUL STOP

    Club Northern Soul, Modern Soul, Upbeat Motown, Crossover and R&B "Not Rare Just Well Done" DJs Baz W - John Nock, and Phil doing the early doors spot Guest - TBA 8pm - til 12pm £3 on the door.....facebook; old no7 soul stop night
  12. Nocker

    Old N07 Soul Stop

    Nice one Chas are you coming?
  13. Nocker

    Old N07 Soul Stop

    Not Rare Just Well Done August 12th - 7:00 till 12:00 pm £3 OTD, Drinks promotion
  14. Nocker

    Old No7 Soul Stop

    Not Rare, Just Well Done 7:00-1200 pm 8th July 12 August DJs John Nock (Rat Pit Bredbury) and Baz W (Facebook: No7 soul stop soul night) Drinks promotion...
  15. Nocker

    Old No7 Soul Stop

    Not Rare, Just Well Done!!! 10 June 2016 7-00 till 12:00 Club Soul, Northern Soul, Upbeat Motown and R&B DJ Baz W and John Nock (Rat Pit Bredbury) The first was a cracker, come and make it even better...

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