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John Manship Auction Results 3-6-2015

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Tobbi Bowe I Can Feel Him Slipping Away / Groovy Feeling

Label art at its most-conspicuous, the little orange-man pushing the “Patheway” logo forward - a huge improvement on Billy Elders or The Servicemen plain orange label releases. This label today is as impressive as any 60s eye-catcher you care to mention and so is the music..Girly Northern Soul awaits..

This is the 2nd impressive Robert Susser composition that has been taken into the hearts of the Northern Soul congregation, the first being 2 years early when he wrote Florence DeVore’s - Don’t Kiss Me Now; 1967 Bobby is at it again crafting girly-perfection for Northern Soul gonna-be’s.

“I Can Feel Him Slipping Away” also recorded and adored b y Mamie Lee on MGM both of these versions are 1967 born, not completely sure which lady was the initial choice of artist - both are fabulous takes with this release, obviously being absolutely the rarest of the two; with copious amounts of Mamie Lee living in all the establish Northern Soul collections worldwide.

So on to the “Tobbi Take” benefiting from a Roy Norman full orchestra production and Roy’s penchant for working with the “Soul” artists of California, the two Artie Fullilove’s on Marlu jump to mind.

Tobbi’s take is hugely impressive, much-brisker than Mamie’s, propelled by zippy string-section, endowed by a burping Terry-esque Sax prompting the rhythm, as Tobbi’s vocal bursts in and belts the hell out of the lyric-sheet; a hen-night of ladies back it all up on the chorus, shrill as hell.

Killer tune you most probably haven’t heard in the clubs because so few own a copy - but one thing is for sure - the DJ ahead of you will not be playing it first. Damn hard to acquire and such a brilliantly refreshing change from Mamie Lee.

If that’s not enough, to have you scurrying for the click button..check out the splendid flipside “Groovy Feeling” which has been the recognised NS Play side for decades now..again very few can boast of having in the their DJ box..

Two rare California uplifters on one disc..

Some light surface marks, as you can hear it plays a sturdy, clean Excellent.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 441.00

Patrick Allen Groovy Feeling Vocal / Instrumental

K&B Records is not a British label vista you ever see, you may not even have known it existed.

This 45 gives up not only sensational Modern Soul dancer but also one of the RAREST UK 45s, as it is seemingly near impossible to acquire. From it’s migration from a tiny USA indie label, “Persist” this 1977 creation mysteriously is given British citizenship on an equally independent Reggae label from an artist name adjustment from Patrick Alley to Patrick Allen.

So what’s in the grooves, click and set-free a joyous ingot of 70s Soulful dance. A fusion of tricky plectrum picking and controlled horns allow the stirring vocal to glide on the uplifting arrangement.

A fabulous easy-going 70s dance project created by a Wesley Brooks & Patrick Alley collaboration.. in by far its rarest form, the “Big Foot” of 70s UK release 45s..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 122.00

Little Johnnie Adams Girls Are Cold / No In Between


This weeks RARE R&B offering is a seriously impossible Los Angeles grinding slab of deliciously primitive street crafted R&B backed up by an equally archaic Deep Sou experience with both recording enhanced by the sweetly delivered vocal of Joan Redditt, plus a freestyle Sax break that takes some beating

Records like this are so very hard to find, “Ghetto” recordings pressed in such low quantities and only promoted locally and never found in anything but badly-scared condition. So pleasing to have a clean copy to play you.

This 45 emerged a few years back from the world’s greatest ever 45 collection and was lovingly stored away. One light turntable retrieving mark, otherwise Mint -… If I live to be 100 I doubt I’ll hold a neater copy than this..

Check the soundfile, you’ll find yourself buried deep in Los Angeles neighborhood culture of the early 60s… basically fabulous!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 146.00

Second Re$surrection You Done Let The Daylight Catch You / Smoke In The Disco

Hidden away on the flipside of a Funk infused “Disco” dance session, is a masterpiece of West Coast vocal-group Rare-Soul. Hugely sought-after “upfront” harmony-session from L.A. that just glides its way through 3 mins + of modern Northern Soul bliss.

Currently exclusively in the hands of Europe’s most-progressive Rare Soul Jocks. and it’s been that way for most of this century…

Solid, tight group harmonies surf a carpet of subtle horns, under-laid by perpetual rhythmic guitar licks with a lead vocal at ease with the lyrics, as his strolls through the lyrics. With his buddies enriching the session with increasingly enthusiastic choruses as the session swells into the most convincing example of it’s genre…

Horns, vocal harmonies and an effortless lead vocal merge into one spectacular cavalcade of SOUL!

The lead side is very worthy Wah-wah, chanting, squealing excursion into 70s Funk/Soul/Disco but paling in comparison to stand-out flip..

This copy has two perfect labels, vinyl has some insignificant mild hairline surface blemishes, as you can hear both sides play totally flawless.


Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 2,314.00

An Evening With Motown Sound An Evening With Motown Sound


You are viewing “Motown Collectors Trophy-piece” … as far as “Motown-Memorabillia” is concerned..

A 1967 Promo booklet with the foreword suprisingly supllied by Radio Luxenburg DJ Tony Hall.

The contents could hardly be more complete. Giving up fully 50 black n’ white artist pics & bio’s “Everybody” is featured - the pictures are (as you can see) stunning. Here’s a tiny sample of it’s contents… to drool over.

This near 50 year old artifact is in fabulous condition, a very ligt water stain te the “white” background of Tony Halls introduction. Not tears, writing lose pages or any missing.


Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 64.00

Inspirations Toch Me, Hold Me, Kiss Me / What Am I Gonna Do With You?


Dog-Rare and in immaculate condition!

Offering up two top-flight East Coast Motown-esque Northern Soul dancers.

Topside is an inspiring Girl-Group Northern Soul dancer that has pleasured the faithful for decades; But almost 100% played from its USA counterpart on Black Pearl Records. The intro kicking off with a dance-triggering bass-guitar rhythm before searing girl-voices weld together in a solid wall-of-sound. This style always keeping “The Floor” happy.

Robert Wyld & Arthur Polhemus “kitchen-sink” production, matched by, dare we say, Kitchen-sink girls who throw everything into the arrangement. Harmonies are tight, fluid and potent; strengthened by a male-group choruses. We repeat, this is “INSPIRING” Northern Soul.

Flip it over and again New York writers provide the fuel for another huge production. Carole King & Russ Teittleman words are woven into a Brill Building paced Beat-Ballad rippling with class, as the atmosphere builds to breaking point with those guys again idling away in the background.

Having crowed about how fabulous the two recordings are we have to finish with THIS COPY IS FLAWLESS we defy anyone to find a cleaner copy. Mirror finish vinyl and like new labels…

Totally RARE and in just, dream condition.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 277.00

Youngblood Smith You Can Split / Mr. Bright Times

Our “File Only” over-the-pond vinyl-hoarder comes up trumps again.

In 2015 what are the real chances of locating a Northern Soul timeless classic in previously unplayed condition.. we think pretty much zero, especially as this 1966 PROMO comes with two untarnished bright-sky-blue labels and distributors sleeve

First discovered circa 1973 at the height Simon Soussan blitz of the USA record outlets and the subsequent exporting of newly discovered Northern Soul stompers. He was apparently so knocked-out by “You Can Split” it instantly bootlegged as “Walk On Baby” credit as being produced by the revered producer James Carmichael, on the convincing Los Angeles indie label “Soul World” (see scan provided) and sent to England for an overnight euphoric response… instantly sparking off huge dancefloor appreciation.

Now sitting alongside Rubin, Sunlovers, Frank Wilson, Checkerboard Squares etc. all arriving in the UK bootlegged & given new identities before the 45s real titles/labels were known.

This vinyl-subterfuge work perfectly both feeding the burgeoning Northern Soul scene with stand-out music, at the same time being able to supply the dealers and shops with a quantity to sell, when the demand peaked.

1972 to 1975 the streets of USA were paved with NS vinyl nobody wanted, Mr. Soussan exploited the vinyl-Gold-rush so cleverly, with business acumen very few of British youngsters possessed.

Now firmly chiseled in stone, is the “Soussan” era in Northern Soul history that could never be repeated. A time of totally exciting music, marketed in an enterprising way, contributing hugely to the ever expanding popularity of this music in Britain.

Click the soundfile and imagine what your amphetamine-fuel reaction would have been, having this tornado of a tune dropped on you at midnight. But this example has never been dropped on everyone ever, filed, cocooned, untouched in a collection for close to 50 years. Hoping one day to meet up with a fastidious Soul Collector seeking perfection..

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 310.00

Dee Clark That's My Girl

This weeks WHITE PROMO tempter has not an imperfection to be seen ANYWHERE.

Well that’s why this timeless piece of Northern Soul is on these pages - finding a “perfect” copy that’s not been though the DJ mill, sparked off fully two decades or more ago by NS Scotland’s very own “cheeky-chappy” Colin Law who traveled far and wide championing this infectious dancer, that at the time broke brand new ground with his turntable choices, giving Northern Soul an extra dimension.

Today of course many of Colin Law’s inspired turntable “picks” are floor-fillers, none more so than this totally off-the-wall flute riddled Classic. Later kidnapped by many a Sassanack DJ’s as it went on to become a nationwide must-play..

Check out those impeccable white labels - they just scream wait till I emerge from the sleeve - my vinyl is every trace as clean..

You know as well as we do - encountering this title in this state - is rare!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 165.00

Anthony & The Aqua Lads I Remember / The Heart That's True

We feel this very elusive New Yorker has slept on the subs-bench for too long…

Why this 45 is not held aloft, right up there amongst the most expensive vocal-group Northern Soul rarities is something of an enigma. It has everything required to carry the Big Ticket appraisal.

Lead vocal is right on the money, just enough cracking on the chords to set it apart from the norm, then those high notes; Anthony just painlessly belts them out , with harmony backing of the highest calibre and relentless honking horn section this truly is a right-good tune.

Condition is flawless, PROMO labels are totally unblemished. All this 45 requires now is a tiny reactivation.. then see it fly. Dead-right for today’s DJ sets and a flip side tat will goose-pimple the Soul-vocal-harmony diehards.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 283.00

Al Brown ( Can You Do ) The Whip Part 1 & 2

Stone-cold Memphis D. I. Y. FUNKER..

Welding ratcheting guitar work onto a relentless Hammond rhythm.. tough, hard hitting street-level groove that catches your ear on the very first note and keeping your mind throughout..

Rattling good instrumental written, arranged & produced by Al Brown who wrote it especially for the dance-group “The Exotics” ..and how we all wish we’d have witnessed that performance..

Give Al Brown you ear .. a experience FUNK from the heart of the man, in utterly flawless condition throughout!

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 95.00

Metros Since I Found My Baby / No Baby

A double-helping of “Pied Piper” in it’s least seen most desirable attire.

1967 Black label - silver text German RCA Victor complete with the coveted Picture Cover.

A record of this reputation requires no extra observations from us, certainly no need say ownership of this beauty would enrich most every Soul collection.

Looks utterly beautiful, vinyl and labels are totally clean. Tiny, tiny fray at the top opening of the Picture Sleeve is it’s only minuscule flaw.

Click away for a delicious buffet of “Pied Piper” Magic..as your eyes feast of the group-shot picture sleeve.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 266.00

Chi Chi If You're Gonna Love Me / Love Is

For the second time this week we shall be musing over the production talents of Arthur Polhemus & Robert Wyld - two New Yorkers who have left out of Northern Soul dispatches in the war against mediocre music.

Again the pair write a truly great song of the 60s, a Brill Building styled Beater adored by everybody who ever hears it. Carrying the same magical ingredients that make you repeatedly drop the needle, as the all enveloping atmosphere builds, to demands yet another listen.

Chi Chi MaCauley started her career on the world renowned Red Bird label, leaving you wondering why this mighty Sister-Vocal never recorded more.. a profoundly impressive voice..

A sleeper that’s been slowly stirring and stretching her talent into all the darkened corners of Early-doors choice, Sunday Pub sessions and Rare and Underplayed evening - the embryonic springboard for many a great tune.. and this is GREAT!

A-side is Mint - flip side is EX + with a spillage flaw in the deadwax run-off NOT affecting play..

Time for this to reach a packed Niter gathering - could easily reach the heights of “You’re Gonna Love My Baby”

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 211.00

Olympics The Same Old Thing / I'll Do A Little Bit More

Currently Mirwood’s most wanted, as both sides hard on the comeback trail!

But how about the seldom seen UK DEMO on the highly collectable Jay Boy label. I must admit our 15 year + old sales data revealed this 45’s surprising elusiveness.

It’s been 11 years since our last DEMO copy of Jay Boy # 74 and don’t those tanned label backgrounds look so cool, adorned with that hefty rich-Red “A”

The two recordings speak for themselves, both currently reliable rival spins. Both causing the jostle for space dancfloor-sardine effect..ultimately pushing up the values of the relatively common, original Mirwood press.

Two for the price of one, presented on a now iconic label.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 58.00

Ronnie Forte That Was Whiskey Talkin' / Nervous Breakdown

Starting life in the UK as a Cleethorpes Pier cover-up. (I happened to be lucky enough to be the first DJ to play this 45, having discovered it at Al Pavlow’s treasure-trove-of-vinyl in Rhode Island). It went countrywide when I sold a spare copy to friend & venerated Wigan Casino DJ (and Cleethorpes devotee) Alan Rhodes. With Alan’s DJing mastery, it exploded into a Casino-Colossus also…A truly huge tune during 1977 in England as the two most-important All-Niters of the time, simultaneously drop the needle on this supremely potent dancer.

…but it’s life should not end there. As this galloping-ingot of full-throttle R&B is more suited to today’s Northern Soul tastes, than it perhaps was back in 1977 mingling with the likes of “Paris Blues” & “Arin Demain” within my Gleggy sets..

Don’t get me wrong - it was a Dancefloor-Demon back then, suffering from a ludicrously primitive bootlegging as a consequence. A dubious honor for the effect it had on the dancefloor… the point I’m making is, this galloping-Godzilla I think would be even bigger with the dancers today.. and seeing as the poor quality “BAN” label bootleg could never be played “out”. The door is wide open for a Ronnie Forte “New-Dawn”

This copy is a darn flawless MINT - most likely unplayed before we lifted the soundfile.. our Mint-Man from Mysteryville comes up trumps again…

Listen and imagine this baby, booming out to a full house Weekender.. doesn’t bare thinking about ..does it?

PS Another bonus is that horrid “BAN” label bootleg does not carry the equally esteemed stomper “Nervous Breakdown” on the flip. One reason this double-helping of riotous R&B is quickly rising in value & demand…

Many thanks to Alan Rhodes for ringing me and confirming he himself first heard it at Mary Chapman’s Cleethorpes, underlining that on more than one occasion Cleethorpes discovered a few tunes of their own… just a few.

Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 362.00

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chi chi went for about £90 including postage in april on ebay

I know - I was the seller and I thought I got a good price!

To be honest, I've always felt it to be undervalued anyway, it's a fantastic record. Thankfully, I still have another copy   :)

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Presumably this one which sold for $272 (£170) is not an original (unless there were two label runs) as the name Resurrection is spelt without the '$' sign in front of the 's'.


So is this a (very expensive) bootleg, rather than a bargain?

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Presumably this one which sold for $272 (£170) is not an original (unless there were two label runs) as the name Resurrection is spelt without the '$' sign in front of the 's'.


So is this a (very expensive) bootleg, rather than a bargain?

Although it doesn't say it on Popsike page, that copy was VG-


I think there may have been some sort of label printing error as all the one's I've seen; the "$S" in their name is on the "Smoke In The Disco" side and spelt with an "S" or a $S on the "Daylight" side.

Edited by John Reed

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An Evening With Motown Sound An Evening With Motown Sound


You are viewing “Motown Collectors Trophy-piece” … as far as “Motown-Memorabillia” is concerned..

A 1967 ....blah blah blah...


Sorry, this item has already been won!
The winning bid was £ 64.00



Bit shocked to see what this went for as well.

I was going to comment at the time of the results, but thought I would wait.........I knew I had one of these somewhere........

Just spent the day "tidying" in the garage.

Found one ! ... along with some promo photos (Yvonne Fair, Chuck Jackson, Blinky and Marv Johnson), some post cards (from Cadet and Hot Wax), Fan club cards (Martha and Vandellas & Marvelettes) and some Innocenti promo photos and dealer information sheets.....in amongst all the other stuff I have accumulated....

Probably off topic and old news, but just thought I would say.......

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