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  1. Captain Scarlet's Special Pursuit Vehicle shunted my P1800 over a cliff.
  2. Ivanhoe, Simon Templar, Brett Sinclair and James Bond. All part of growing up in the 60s and 70s. RIP Sir Roger.
  3. HMS Hurworth, Hunt Class Mine Countermeasures Vessel. I served on her sister ships Cattistock and Bicester.
  4. I can only echo what has already been said. Shocked and saddened by last night's events. My thoughts are with all those affected.
  5. Why do thick people enter TV quiz shows?
  6. Agreed. It's good to hear what the DJ has to say (most of the time), whether it's announcing the record, acknowledging the previous DJ's efforts, or calling out the raffle.
  7. Just watching the last few episodes of "Hell On Wheels". Amazon were a bit naughty having included seasons 1 to 4 and half of season 5 with their Prime membership, only to release the second half of season 5 as Pay On Demand. Luckily it's available free from alternative sources. American Gods just keeps getting darker and darker.
  8. Lord, what's happening to your people?
  9. I'd never heard of "Sir Henry" so I had a quick look on YouTube. Probably need to be in the right frame of mind to watch it, plus reruns of Mutiny on the Bounty would never be the same.
  10. Godfather II Saving Private Ryan Harvey Shawshank Redemption Cool Hand Luke
  11. Like you say, lots of variables, and they all seem to be stacked in favour of the life companies. That's why not having to buy an annuity is a tempting proposition. I'll be interested to hear how you get on.
  12. I was thinking of taking 25% of a small company pension as a tax free lump sum last year, as annuities are pretty poor. I stopped contributing over ten years ago, but the pension fund is actually performing very well at the moment, and I would be hard pushed to get a similar return if I cashed in. I know a lot depends on your personal situation, but I would look at how your fund is currently performing before committing to taking a lump sum, buying an annuity, or both. It's a big decision to make and once you sign on the dotted line there's no going back. If are recommended by Pension Wise, I'd be tempted to give them a go. I see from their website they match you up with an IFA in your area, and some advisors offer a free initial meeting. You should be able to get a feeling whether or not the advisor would offer decent value for money, and there's no obligation. Alternatively, there's plenty of free information available on the internet. Steve S 60 is not regulated by the FCA.
  13. Try this Pete.....
  14. Which version? Sash windows are no longer supported.
  15. Just had an Asian gentleman called Edward, who works for Microsoft, on the phone. Rather worryingly they've received reports from my computer over the last couple of weeks. "Oh dear, which computer is it Edward?" "The computer operating Windows". "They're all Windows computers, Edward." "Yes, the Windows computer." "Which one Edward? There's six Windows computers in the house." "The one with Windows 8." "They're all Windows 10, Edward. Are you sure you've got the right house?" "Yes, Windows 10." "Make your mind up Edward. Is it 8 or 10?" "Windows 10." "Are you sure?" "Yes, Windows 10." "OK, so which one of the six Windows 10 computers is sending you reports?" "All of them." "Edward." "Yes?" "F*#k off."