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    Born a small white child by the banks of the River Eden in 1960. Developed a love of soul music in my early teens. Joined the Royal Navy in 1977, left in 1999. Contracting in the Defence Industry ever since, went self employed in 2008. Still live in my home town of Penrith.

    Frequented the Casino from '78 until it closed, train up from Portsmouth, stopping off at Wigan for the night, train up to Penrith in the morning. Never left the scene, attended what venues I could in between sailing around the world and raising a family.

    Currently working from home (first time I've been home every night for 35 years), so now have the time to contribute to the various forums on Soul Source.

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  1. Local garage has just quoted £30 to drain it, so I think I'll go with that option. The father-in-law has offered to tow it there. PS Just been dropped off back home after being towed 5 miles to the garage by a Camper Van. All I can say is I'm glad that's over.
  2. I don't think any diesel has gone through the engine yet, so I hope to keep it that way. If it was an older car I'd chance it, but modern cars with all their various sensors and engine management systems maybe a bit problematic.
  3. Got RAC family membership. Phoned up last night and they quoted me £200, or £199.99 to be exact, so it doesn't sound as bad. I think the AA are slightly cheaper.
  4. I have withdrawn my patronage of the Ritz Hotel in protest, and signed the petition.
  5. My daughter, bless her, has just put 4 litres of diesel (£5 worth) into a courtesy car, which is, you guessed it, petrol. It's a 2016 Corsa. She drove about a mile from the service station to home, and reckons it drove OK, no misfiring etc. I phoned the RAC and they charge £200 to drain the tank and flush out the fuel system. Other options I'm looking at are siphoning the tank, which could involve removing the fuel pump to gain access to the tank, as I believe the car is fitted with an anti siphon filler cap, and then filling with petrol, or just filling the tank completely with petrol to dilute what's in there. It's a 45 litre tank, so it'll have a 10 to 1 mix of petrol and diesel if I go for the second option, but I'd get her to fill it up again when she's used a bit of fuel, to further dilute it. Any suggestions?
  6. Do you manage to fill all those venues, Kev? Need to update my setup.....
  7. Like the look of "The Team" from the trailer. Believe it starts tonight at 9pm on More4.
  8. The wife's auntie has just sadly passed away, and her cousin asked if I wanted some records that he had come across during the house clearance, as I'm probably the only one in the family with a vinyl collection, and more importantly, something to play them on. I sorted through what I wanted and put the rest in the car boot, destined for a charity shop. Save The Children would only take the albums, didn't want any singles. The Salvation Army didn't take vinyl at all. The Red Cross took the singles but asked if I would like to Gift Aid them, to which I politely replied that I was a non taxpayer. Seems like the vinyl revival hasn't caught on with the charity shops yet.
  9. Can it be converted to unleaded, and how many tracks to the gallon?
  10. Was she keel hauled?
  11. They've exceeded their kickstarter funding target tenfold, so come October this year, it'll hit the market. It's just the simplicity and convenience that appeals to me. Put the base down on your coffee table, place record on base, put the player on top of the record and connect to hifi / bluetooth speaker or headphones and away you go. The initial pricing on kickstarter isn't too bad if you lived in the States. A poor exchange rate, shipping costs and possible import duty will put off any potential UK buyers, but like any new technology, give it a year or so and it'll be affordable.
  12. Many Happy Returns Peter. Have a good one.
  13. I can see the appeal of this. I can imagine Darth Vader playing his techno collection with this. It's extremely portable, takes up a small amount of space, no equipment matching problems, no leads, minimal set up once you've paired the bluetooth. I would love to see one in the flesh, and more importantly hear one through a decent system. Being able to select tracks on an LP via an app is a bonus, as is the claim that there is no wear on the grooves. To dismiss this as pointless, well, that's just missing the point, and if it encourages the streaming generation to get into vinyl, then that can't be a bad thing.
  14. Came across this on Pinterest, currently a Kickstarter project.....
  15. Last night's episode of Black Sails made for disturbing viewing. The graphic depiction of a keel hauling was pretty horrific. Into the final season now, and it's been thoroughly entertaining from the start.