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  1. Please let me know how you get on. I used to like Cumberland Rum Butter on toast when I went to my Great Gran's for tea after school. Don't know if substituting rum butter for the peanut butter would work though. It's very sweet.
  2. Will this work with brown sauce?
  3. Favourite recipe from my childhood... Toast two slices of white bread. Butter and cut up into soldiers. Crumble one beef Oxo cube into a mug and add boiling water. Stir well. Dip soldiers into Oxo. Enjoy.
  4. Mashed potato sandwiches are nice too.
  5. Very haute cuisine. I'm afraid I haven't graduated beyond Shippam's bloater paste as far as seafood on toast goes.
  6. Used to like leftover mashed potato on toast.
  7. Is that on toast or in toast, i.e. a toastie? Definitely sounds like it would benefit from a cover up.
  8. Not to be confused with Toast Toppers, which are Tailor Mades, this thread is for Original Toppings Only. What's your topping of choice? How rare do you like your toast? Do you prefer the oldies, like cheese, or beans? Maybe something modern like smoked salmon and cream cheese? Don't forget that infamous cover up, Welsh Rarebit. Or how about crossover, like Nutella?
  9. Your welcome. Peter99 mentioned a great topping for toast in his recent thread, and that's the humble banana. In fact I might just have that for my breakfast. Good luck with your quest. I did hear Poundland were selling Toast Toppers off at 2 for £1.
  10. The penultimate episode of Line of Duty has set things up nicely for the season finale.
  11. Are you talking about the LP or the stripey pyjamas?
  12. Toast Toppers are up there with Sandwich Spread. I'd rather just have butter.
  13. They must grow on trees.
  14. Been with Bulb now for about month, and just had an email saying that they're dropping their prices by 7.5% because of the lower wholesale price of gas and electric. Because I'm on a variable tariff I'll be saving straight away. So far I have no complaints. Smooth switch over from nPower, plenty of communication telling me what is happening, and now a price drop when all the other suppliers are increasing their prices.
  15. Stan Lee's Lucky Man is enjoyable nonsense.