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    Born a small white child by the banks of the River Eden in 1960. Developed a love of soul music in my early teens. Joined the Royal Navy in 1977, left in 1999. Contracting in the Defence Industry ever since, went self employed in 2008. Still live in my home town of Penrith.

    Frequented the Casino from '78 until it closed, train up from Portsmouth, stopping off at Wigan for the night, train up to Penrith in the morning. Never left the scene, attended what venues I could in between sailing around the world and raising a family.

    Currently working from home (first time I've been home every night for 35 years), so now have the time to contribute to the various forums on Soul Source.

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  1. I certainly needed a pint after that journey.
  2. Anybody here registered for the Flat Rate VAT Scheme? I was, but have just deregistered after receiving a letter from HMRC explaining the changes, meant to tackle abuse of the system. A new term, Limited Cost Traders, applies to those who have low overheads, and applies to many of the self employed who primarily provide labour. Can't help thinking it's a bit of an own goal by the tax man, as I can see many small businesses deregistering if their turnover is less than the current threshold of £81k. For example, a contractor charging a company 80k for their services would add VAT at 20%. Depending on their trade sector, they pay a flat rate percentage of the total invoice (Inc VAT), and the difference between the VAT charged and flat rate VAT paid to HMRC is profit, liable for Corporation Tax at 20%. Prior to April 2017, 80k would incur VAT of £16k, the flat rate paid to HMRC would be £12k if the flat rate percentage was 12.5% for their sector. The difference would be £4k, or £3,200 after corporation tax. Under the new changes, a Limited Cost Trader must use a flat rate of 16.5%, so the VAT paid to HMRC is £15,840, leaving the trader £160, or £128 after corporation tax. I can't see any small business with a turnover of £80k or less wanting to collect VAT for HMRC and file quarterly VAT returns for £128 a year. I can see a big increase in deregistration for VAT, as it is voluntary if your turnover is below £81, and fewer new traders will register. Big business will benefit as less of their subcontractors will be charging them VAT, and the tax man will subsequently be receiving fewer VAT payments from small business, and less in corporation tax. As I said earlier, a big own goal for the tax man. I expect the accountants on here will have a better handle on this, but I can't see any benefit in changing the current scheme.
  3. Got the job done for £40, which included £10 worth of petrol. My daughter got her own car back and the courtesy car was returned with the body repair shop none the wiser. The tow to the garage was certainly a thrill ride and something I don't want to repeat anytime soon. Luckily I knew the road so knew what to expect, but still quite hairy in the wet weather, and not being able to see ahead of the towing vehicle, and like you said, no power assist for the brakes or steering.
  4. Or if you're thinking of putting the old dear in a rest home......
  5. I found "Hand Of Stone", a biopic about Roberto Duran, quite entertaining. Robert De Niro plays his trainer, Ray Arcel.
  6. San Diego skyline from the flight deck of the USS Midway....
  7. Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.....
  8. It sounds like "I've lost that right", but I've got noise induced hearing loss.
  9. "Who do you think you are, the Queen of Sheba?" Certainly wouldn't have had to worry what your last slave died of if you were.
  10. Taken from the upper deck of the Queen Mary, a wedding reception was going on at the time of our visit...
  11. Dolphins off the coast at Long Beach...
  12. You look with your eyes and not with your hands. Your eyes are greedier than your belly.
  13. I assume this was filmed on a Wednesday or Thursday.
  14. Californian sunset taken on my tablet.....
  15. No talc on the dance floor. No sleep till breakfast. Nobody But Me. No regrets.