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  1. nice to hear it s getting a play , black label here martyn
  2. another from gwen owens / i lost a good thing , can anyone keep up with this there days
  3. little milton / don't leave her , checker records , one of those great crossover tunes
  4. nice funkyish inst , ace cannon / soul for sale , hi records
  5. i hate it when they use a song i really like in an advert , espesially the cheesy ones or the songs got nothing to do with what there selling , latest one with shirley ellis / nitty gritty , i have to turn away from the telly , maybe i'm just a sad so and so
  6. just saw this om JMs friday auction , reminded me what a decent tune it is . might be to sweet and motown sounding for some , better than aquirius , which also has a great b side , the 5th dimension / to poor to die
  7. keep em coming patto
  8. heres one i know martyn likes , rufus thomas / memphis train , stax records, nice to see this thread moving along again also
  9. barnsley just sacked tommy wright , tip of the iceburg maybe ?
  10. nice one martyn , love martha reeves made some great music , also prefer this to jimmy ruffin although i dont mind his version , think this one packs more of a punch
  11. saw some martha reeves and the vandellas on here last week , just been getting a few uk motown tunes , sorry if this was posted but can't see it martha reeves and the vandellas / i gotta let you go , tamla motown label
  13. link to some nice soul stuff http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/articles/e46b6ded-713e-4d77-8417-d36c1c1840a6