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  1. Comedy Sale Of The Day....

    at least the descriptions honest
  2. sure is martyn , bought a few bits by him lately , all good in my book 
  3. bobby bland / i cant stop singing duke records , not everyones cuppa     
  4. thanks martyn , will keep my ear to the ground this time as well  
  5. feck me martyn , missed that one  , whens the next one any idea , 
  6. Anything goes.....or should it?

    depends how far back you go peter , think the good far outweighs the bad for me , got a feeling your on about wigan , some great stuff played there but some proper shite as well 
  7. johnny sayles / the concentration , chi town records      
  8. bobby bland / good time charlie , duke records    
  9. hi kev , i think its the b side  , heres the a side full on soulful ballad sam hutchins / i'm tired of pretending  
  10. horse and groom , sunday chill out in doncaster , don,t get as often as i should but when i do always a great day , and some great music to boot 
  11. happy new year to you all , and nice to see dave back sam hutchins / dang me , agp records  
  12. Dance Scene Or Soul Scene?

    kinell whats your house like