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Bill Spoon Passed Away Today

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Bill Spoon Passed Away Today magazine cover

Sadly Bill Spoon the former lead singer of the Soul Notes passed away today.


He had been ill for awhile with Kidney and Diabetes problems, but he suffered a massive stroke last wednesday. Bill was probably one of the most humble guys you could ever meet a true gentleman.


R.I.P Bill


Dave & John


Soul Junction




Bill Spoon and the Soul Notes by JR Smith




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You shouldn't be featuring articles by J R Smith; he's a nutter (or was that J R Hartley)  :yes:

R I P Bill.

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RIP Bill Spoon, one of the more unique voices in soul. Thankfully he was able to see some of his classic work revived by Soul Junction. He was an immense talent.

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That's sad news, his recordings on the soul note are all favorites, and the tracks in the LP you guys did we're brilliant, great singer,

Rest in peace bill spoon

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-----------------Bill Spoon, RIP ---------------------------

Got the sad news last night that Bill Spoon aka William Bell of Cleveland had passed away.

He grew up in Cleveland where he joined The Soulnotes and with them recorded several sides for the city's Way Out label. After the group split up he continued recording with his old friend Lou Ragland, releasing the ever green 'Love is on it's way'. During this time he also spent some time at Stax auditioning and writing more songs, but at the time nothing happened with these. In the 70's Bill moved to the west coast for a new job opportunity. In the process he met up with Hense Powell, who he recorded a number of new songs with.

After retiring Bill moved down to Georgia, where I meet him. He played me a bunch of the tracks that recorded as part of his time working with Stax, I was instantly sold on them. So as soon as I got back hooked him up with the Soul Junction label, which resulted in the fabulous 'A spoonful of soul' LP.

My thoughts are with the family at this time. Bill left us with some great soul sides to remember him by............

Here is a track that still remains unissued from those Stax sessions

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Sad new indeed, have spent many a sweat drenched euphoric hour out on the floor dancing to his many great sides, especially the unissued stuff that came out in the late 80's. RIP Bill, thanks for the good times

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For me this is the track I will always think of when remembering Bill, an old Canal Tavern Thorne spin for Rod Dearlove if i remember rightly (one of many he was responsible for going straight to my wants list) Roll back the carpet and let's do it one more time for Bill - RIP brother


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Invisible Soul posted this old Soul Notes club ad up on Facebook .............

........ I thought it deserved an airing here as well ................



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It may be of interest to some that Bill Spoon also co-wrote the Jesse Fisher classic "Your Not Loving a Beginner" along with John Washington and Riki Dannison. The song was originally composed for the Soul Notes to be released under it's original title of "I've Been Waiting For Your Love" b/w I Got Everything You Need (Way Out 106). But Lester Johnson pulled "I've Been Waiting For Your Love" and re-released  "How Long Will It Last" instead. "I've Been Waiting For Your Love" with additional lyric's added by James Calloway was used but under the new title of "Your Not Loving A Beginner" which was recorded by Jesse Fisher the younger brother of Richard Fisher of The Jive Five

Richard Fisher and Bill Spoon had been life long friends since their high school days in Bessemer ,Georgia.

If you flip your copy of Jesse Fisher you'll find that the B-side a instrumental version of "Your Not Loving A Beginner" is credited as just "Waiting"


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The Memorial for William Franklin Bell
Saturday, November 23, 2013       Time:     11:00 AM
Where:  Advantage Funeral & Cremation Services, Horis A. Ward Chapel, 1999 GA Hwy. 138 SE, Conyers, GA 30013
................   Online Memory Book: www.mem.com ;
In upper right hand corner, do search by his name - William Franklin Bell
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Another old Cleveland show ad, this one's from 1968. Bill Spoon & the Soul Notes were once again on the bill ..........

............ and again this was posted up by Invisible Soul on Facebook ...........


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Jennifer Holliday "It's in there" (Arista)
David Lee Andrews "Love music" (DLA)
Big G "We can't stay together" (Stone River)
Kenny Lattimore “You have a heart” (SincereSoul)
Al Chestnut "Touch me in a special way” (Ae Music)
Jennifer Holliday “Touch” (Promo)
Floyd Taylor "Misunderstanding" (Artia)
Marc Staggers “Key to my heart” (MarReg Music)
Harvey Scales "We got to stop meeting like this" (Earthtone) 12’
Cristyle Renae "Poison" (Cg Sound)
Horizon "You went away" (Shine) 7'
Marc Staggers “Lady in my life” (MarReg Music)
Mc Iver “Look in the eyes of love” (Vanton) 7’
Dreemtime “We’ve so lucky” (Promo)


Special Guests: 
John Wilson (Sly Slick & Wicked) and Dave Welding (Soul Junction) paid tribute to Bill Spoon
Bill Spoon “The one who really loves you” (Soul Junction) 7’
Bill Spoon “I can’t wait (until the weekend” (Soul Junction) LP
The Soul Notes "Don't make me beg" (Way Out) 7’
The Soul Notes “How long will it last” (Way Out) 7’
Jesse Fisher "You're not loving a beginner" (Way Out) 7’
Bill Spoon “Thank you baby” (Soul Junction) LP
Bill Spoon “After all we’ve been through” (Soul Junction) LP
The Coalitions “Colour me blue” (Soul Junction) LP
J.B. Bingham “People on an ego trip” (Soul Junction) 7’
J.B. Bingham “She’s On Strike” (Soul Junction) 7’
Bill Spoon “Love is on the way” (Highland) 7’
Bill Spoon “I can’t wait (until the weekend” (Soul Junction) LP

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Here is a track that still remains unissued from those Stax sessions

attachicon.gifBill Spoon - Soul Notes.jpg


Sad news as it always is when these great singers pass.....RIP...x

Dave....thanx for posting that tune......the best one i;ve heard in a week or so.....nice 1 and it would make my playbox....X





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