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Rock City Nottingham mid 80,s


This iconic Nottingham venue along with Stafford and the 100 club was at the for front of pushing the scene forward original dj's where Dave Raistrick. Gary Rushbrooke and Jim Wensoria. Other dj, s to join the team later where myself and Rob Marriott. That's was the 60's night alternate Fridays dj's where Dave Raistrick, Soul Sam, Arthur Fenn, Robin Salter, and guests. Guests on the 60's nights included Keb darge, ADY Crosdall, Guy Hennigan,. Both nights were well attended with many travellers from far and wide. What's your memories 


Steve p

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Jnr Walker ,  LIVE .   

   I went to a fair few of the nights you speak of,  but all a bit vague now.    i remember having difficulty in car parks and finding the stereo had been nicked ,  on two occasions ! 🤔

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First time I heard this there and loved it , still do , oh and not forgetting red stripe at 50p a can !!

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yes remember those nights, fuel for going forward, you cant beet it 

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