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Comments On Record Sleeves In Sales Boxes

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Some of the comments written on sleeves in sales boxes are like mini novels but I cant help reading them even if I know the record.

Have you bought a record you may have passed over on the strength of the sleeve sales pitch?

Seen a record bigged up that you know is crap? The first few bars confirm this when played!!

Or the tounge in cheek comments like an all time classic described as "Not bad" (I'm gone, boot, seen recently)

Blake :thumbsup:

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Most active in this topic

Anyone who knew "Cockney Mick" Webb might remember his scribblings on record covers which matched the way he talked........."Is this brill or WHAT?"........."If you dont like this, you need your ears cleaned out"..............mate of mine took to collecting Mick Webb covers for a while. He'd borrow a few bits to tape and they'd come back with different covers because he'd taken the ones Mick had written. Quite a collection in the end. Better than the 45s if I recall.

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Guest Dr Pickles

I had a stamp made up, and I stamp all my sleeves with it..

"Warning Buying Northern Soul Records Can Seriously Damage Your Wealth - Mischief"

I Know, I had it all over The Dells - Your Song.

Raised a titter.


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Saw a comment on a sleeve at a do a few years ago, in a small box of records whose ownership I'm unable to recall. It was on a real piece of cack Lucious Broome's "Getting Ready For The Heart Ache" and it read "The ideal present for any wankers you know..."

...which it is :thumbsup:

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Guest Richard Bergman

I remember seeing a copy of Betty Green "he's down on me" on Clara ......with a playful ditty about a certain sexual act.

Edited by Richard Bergman
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"100 Cash / 150 Trades" :thumbsup:

am I missing something here this does seem logical to me ? is this an in-joke for somebody you know......

trades have got to be worth less as the records you can trade up for the 150 will probably have cost you less than 100.

just depends if both people are happy with what they are getting.

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