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  1. Stevie

    Talc - yes or no?

    Think you're probably right Steve. Different times then - enjoyed many a good night without really knowing where the hell I was..
  2. Stevie

    Room 101 What would you put in it and why?

    People who offer records for sale using subjective descriptions to describe condition. Nice copy, beautiful copy etc, just GRADE the bleddy things..
  3. Stevie

    Talc - yes or no?

    Many years ago I attended a niter in Blackburn/Wigan in what I remember to be a building in the middle of a housing estate, possibly the Cricketers?? There must have been a no talc rule and the guy behind the bar made sure he enforced it - straight onto the floor with mop and bucket, dancers flying everywhere, he mopped every bit of it up each and every time it went down. It was like a scene from a POW war film in the end where the prisoners are spreading tunneled soil on the ground from bags hidden in their trousers legs, except this was little groups of dancers trying to spread talc whilst friends gathered around to try and block his view. Can't remember who was victorious in the end but highly amusing at the time. Don't have strong views on talc myself but do have lots of photos where it looks like it's snowing!
  4. Stevie

    BBC IPlayer - Reggae Fever: David Rodigan

    I watched and enjoyed this. Never heard of David Rodigan previously - came across as a very ordinary and unassuming man, but with an enormous passion for the music. I guess at that time there must have been some very scary moments when he first began his ventures into that world. Don't know if the programme mentioned it as I missed the beginning. Made me laugh out loud when Trevor Nelson spoke of the Islands taxi drivers saying simply "Rodigan?" Great programme and definitely a kindred spirit.
  5. Stevie

    Sweet Sammy J, Bobby Brown

    Sweet Sammy J - Baby' just you and me - Hi Q - (M-) £70 Beautiful copy Bobby Brown - Seven Lonely Days - Eight Ball - (E+) £100 Payment by paypal f&f please. UK Postage £7.50 (Special Delivery).
  6. Stevie

    RnB Room type stuff

    BUTANES SOLD - Thanks!
  7. Stevie

    RnB Room type stuff

    Please note - None of the clips attached are the actual records for sale and are for reference only. Please pay special attention to Drifters - item for sale is a reissue. Billy Barnes - Road of love - Tahoe (White DJ) £30 - Label just a little grubby Butanes - Don't forget that I love you - Enrica £10 Baby Washington - Work Out - Neptune £20 Bobby Davis - Damper Down - M-Pac (White DJ) £15 Big Slim - I got to find my Baby - Savoy £20 Drifters - Drip drop - Atlantic Oldies series (reissue ) £10 Not as shown on clip below. Baby Lloyd - I refuse to cry - Wolfie (White label) £20 - Black marker straight line on each side - assume to erase promo not for sale? Burt Jackson - Mr Everything - Jamie £20 Label just a little grubby    All records are in at least Ex condition. Thanks for looking. Payment by paypal gift please. Postage to UK, and USA only. Registered postage within mainland UK is £2.50
  8. Stevie

    All about booze?? Or the music??

    That's how it always used to be... felt it was a change for the worse when things altered, but understand pressure on promoters when trying to find new venues.
  9. Stevie

    Little Mason Long Lovin Daddy

    This is a very rare record. I have the copy that belonged to Tim Brown which was used for the CD RnB meets Northern Soul vol 2 May be open to offers, but it would have to be a good one
  10. Sonny Boy Williamson - Bring it on home - UK Chess CRS 8030 Have this one on Checker so UK only please in Ex or better condition. Message by PM appreciated, Thanks.
  11. Stevie

    Interviews/Questions for Women and Northern Soul

    In terms of numbers I think you may well be correct and may have been a direct result of the commercialisation that was taking place around this time. Clothes that had been made to measure only were now available off the shelf in High Street shops, Top of the Pops, Wigans Chosen Few, coach loads of people arriving at Wigan Casino eager to satisfy their curiosity, TV cameras etc. The effect of this was to disaffect many individuals who had previously been part of an 'underground' scene to the extent that they stopped going. In their eyes the 'scene' had lost it's integrity. It may have had more attendees in 76 but it was a different 'scene', a 'scene' which many felt had lost it's way. This feeling wasn't new. My understanding was that many who had attended the Wheel, Torch and Mecca never set foot in Wigan Casino for similar reasons. The music and the patrons were constantly evolving and have continued to do so right up until today.
  12. Sonny Boy Williamson - Bring it on home - UK Chess ‎– CRS.8030 Already have this on Checker so UK only please in Ex or better condition. Message by PM appreciated, Thanks.
  13. Stevie

    iPad help needed

    Do you have a laptop? If so download iTunes on to it, connect ipad to laptop using charging cable and sync the two together. This will allow you to transfer all your images to the laptop for storage and back again if required. Have a look in ibooks. Usually the full ipad manual in book form is available in there which you can download free of charge and will probably contain the answers to your questions.


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