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  1. Just done this via the Post Office digital service. Called in at PO Monday afternoon with old passport - they complete all forms, take photograph and send it to Passport Office. Service costs £15. All very easy and took about 10 minutes. New passport arrived through my door this morning!
  2. ** DOWNBEATS - REQUEST OF A FOOL - US TAMLA WHITE DEMO ** EX+ Condition, red marker X on play side - £45 Payment via paypal please - friends family Postage (UK only) -- £2.00 1st class or £4.00 Recorded Delivery
  3. Landy McNeil - Move it Move On - Kapp (Ex+) -- £45 Payment via paypal please - friends family Postage (UK only) -- £2.00 1st class or £4.00 Recorded Delivery
  4. Great photo - Is that a young Dave Price in yellow?
  5. Think a lot of people have missed the point here. The idea was to watch it again 5 years on and see whether opinions have changed.
  6. Good call Mike - I'll watch it again. Spoiler below.... Have a hunch that the main argument might still be "people didn't" "yes they did"
  7. I have 'liked' both yours and PhilTs post even though they may appear at odds with one another, the reason being, as with property, it's all about 'location, location, location. Both approaches work in the right environment but I would guess they are unlikely to be the same environment. Good luck with the meteoric rise
  8. I read the book after seeing the film, and found myself astonished at what an accurate reflection of the book the film was, considering as you say, the level of detail involved.
  9. Yeah - realised what you meant after I posted Think there were radio DJs in there..
  10. Diversity in music as well. Remember Roger Banks clearing floors at some venues leaving 5 to 10 dancers (including myself) plenty of room to enjoy some great R&B. Some people just never came to terms with it hence the opening of R&B rooms at nighters and eventually separate venues. Modern rooms followed a similar path, although Sam I think continued to play to the main floor with some fantastic sounds at the time. Then of course there was Butch offering something more traditional but of the highest quality. Winsford had three rooms at one time - Main room, Modern room and another room {don't know what it was called} which was frequented by people in anoraks and wooly beanie hats??
  11. I had a car! People still travelling distances to events so if you turned up at a niter it was full of familiar faces. Two niters on during the same night was frowned upon so clashes were uncommon and if it did happen the word 'political' raised it's head. Early years at Wigan were exciting but during the nineties the music had matured and DJs more discerning about what they played. I didn't go to Stafford so loads of records that I had never heard before. Trying to identify, from references made, who it was getting slagged off in Manifesto magazine by Mr Potato Head. "Back to Bob's" - (will strike a chord with N Wales crowd) Great, great times - could ramble on for ages but this is enough to be getting on with..
  12. Rod & Line - Arthur Ransome Generation Kill - Evan Wright The Godfather - Mario Puzo David Rees - How to sharpen pencils Legionnaire - Simon Murray Catch 22 is a good book. Loved it whilst in school in my mid teens - flicked through a copy in a bookshop a few years ago but seemed like it had become hard work. Age I guess. Bought Men who stare at goats instead - that's a great read!
  13. Media reports resulting in coach loads of 'tourists' turning up to see what it was all about, Top of the pops featuring Wigan dancers, record companies cashing in, High waister trousers etc in High Street shops. Basically what was once an underground scene suddenly became available to the masses. First two years were great. I pulled out shortly before 3rd Anniversary so I can't speak for what happened after that, but many saw it through to the bitter end and would count those years as the best years of their lives.

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