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  1. Thing with cd's you can copy them to laptop, transfer to usb flash drive., transfer to ipad and still have the 'hard copy' in case anything goes wrong, usually for less than the price of a download. I do that as a matter of course with anything new that I buy but haven't worked my way through the older stuff yet.
  2. Ok - been thinking recently whether my cd/dvd collection is taking up too much space - maybe need to get rid or box up and pack away.. Not listened to any of the cds for donkeys years so flicking through thought lets have a listen to this - UP ALL NIGHT - sleeve notes by Brian Rae (who I think was working for Charly at the time) Wow! the memories this brought back from the early nineties - some real favorites I haven't heard for a very long time - Not a bad track on there but standout faves for me Gene Chandler, Sam Dees, Maurice Williams, Lee Bates, Ann Sexton and Sam Fletcher - fantastic.. Felt it warranted a bit of a dance so big smile on my face now, set me up for the day
  3. No flack from me - Good post!
  4. Never used them Mike but reviews seem mixed. I use and like Logitech -plenty of bang for your buck and consistently good ratings on am#zon.
  5. Wonder if this is why I've rec'd two emails in the last three days from Amazon headed "AMAZON SECURITY ALERT: Sign-In detected" - "If this was you, you can disregard this message." Think I've received these before when abroad on holiday.
  6. I guess people can play what they like but at the end of the day if it's a boot there's no pride in ownership, no backstory to tracking it down, no heart racing when it drops through the letterbox. All a bit hollow really..
  7. Big record early days of WC - always used to have a cassette recorder in my bag on the stage and this appeared on a lot of tapes! Style pretty much defined Northern Soul for me during those times.
  8. Definitely, and for those of us returning loads of sounds that we'd never heard before which made it even more exciting. As you say 'hidden years' - not something you could just chance upon and still unlicenced for alcohol, so almost all about the music
  9. Generally only one or two niters a month as well early 90s which meant you pretty much knew everyone wherever you went.
  10. Remember that well during same period - some couples had taken to jiving and a lot of budding referees blowing whistles! It was a continually evolving scene in those days and I enjoyed that. Happy to travel from Wigan to Ritz and enjoy both on their own merits without getting into the 'which camp' thing. The way I dressed in '78 bore no resemblance whatsoever to the way I was dressed in '74..
  11. Most of my fishing these days is lure fishing for bass - bit early in the season now but conditions over last few weeks would have been perfect. Also rejoined an old coarse fishing club this year that I'm looking forward to having a crack at.
  12. Think I'll probably venture out for a bit of fishing along the shoreline but avoid anywhere crowded for a while. Would be interesting to see what a poll might indicate.
  13. Was having a think this morning about what will happen when lockdown lifted - I guess a significant number of population will be straight back out there. Others will be more cautious and allow others to test the water, in effect continuing with a 'self imposed' lockdown until the situation becomes more certain. Think I'm probably in the latter camp.

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