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  1. Sounds like plenty still ignoring lockdown - just talking to the coalman who's been delivering in Betws y Coed area this morning and been told of huge influx of people over the weekend. Anglesey badly hit as well. Dread to think what might be in store for Bank Holiday. Have a feeling Government will impose stricter conditions this week.
  2. Very sad news. Condolences to Pat and family. Rest in peace.
  3. Many thanks for such a comprehensive reply - answers a great many questions.
  4. I like to collect dvds/blurays and can't help but notice when a film on tv has an improved picture quality compared to how it looked on previous showings. On checking it usually transpires that the picture has been upgraded and is available via a new transfer to blu ray. So how does this work - are tv stations notified when upgraded movies become available? If so I'm guessing they make choices as to what they want, as some films continue to be shown with original/lesser picture quality. Not all Blu rays are an improvement of course so this offers a useful heads up re which ones to avoid.
  5. It's dancing Jim, but not as we know it
  6. Danny Overbea - I'm tired of being tossed around - Federal (Ex) Plays perfect, clean labels - £45 Payment via paypal please - friends family Postage (UK only) -- £2.00 1st class or £4.00 Recorded Delivery
  7. So, depending on your personal circumstances, a possibility of watching up to four consecutive matches..
  8. Not sure that would entice me to buy the product but it did make me think about bulbs for the garden next year
  9. That's fixed it Lars - unselecting all except UK will hopefully prevent future issues. Thanks
  10. Will try this Mick - as you say 'item not available' is the crux.
  11. Thanks - have just read it through. I guess the pertinent part to me is "What needs to be included in the Seller Terms"? - "Any regions the seller refuses to ship to" So in saying I will post to UK addresses only I have assumed that buyers will realise I won't ship elsewhere. The guy who wanted to buy it lives in Spain. He is ok with situation but I am unable to relist.
  12. Thanks for that but postage rates aren't the issue. I stated in my sellers terms that I only post to uk addresses ie I don't post abroad.
  13. Anyone know how to do this? Had an email to say a record I had listed had sold. Problem was the buyer lives in Spain and under my sellers terms I had stated postage to UK addresses only. I messaged him and whilst he was disappointed he did acknowledge he hadn't read my terms. In order to relist I had to complete appropriate reason in drop down box. Only three options available so closest option was item unavailable. Duly clicked this only to find that doing this prevents relisting. First time I have listed/sold on Discogs so unsure what to do next..
  14. Just done this via the Post Office digital service. Called in at PO Monday afternoon with old passport - they complete all forms, take photograph and send it to Passport Office. Service costs £15. All very easy and took about 10 minutes. New passport arrived through my door this morning!

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