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  1. Millionaires has always been a £30 record for me but seen steep increase during last 5 years or so.
  2. This is reasonably comprehensive.. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/dec/28/brexit-customs-duties-to-apply-to-eu-goods-worth-more-than-390
  3. Slightly off topic but would anyone dare play this out on UK Epic demo? May be wrong but seem to recall Pete Smith saying should be considered a genuine British release even though issued as a promotion for something - can't recall details.. maybe a cd?
  4. Hearing people with good taste playing stuff they wouldn't normally play is what's clinched it for me. Not seen many kitchens thank goodness.. more like opulence itself - entire rooms given over to decks, mixers, records, posters etc. Would leave me looking like the poor relation if I did it
  5. First track on Quentin Tarantino's Once upon a time in Holywood. Hell of a dancer - RIP.
  6. A fair bit of this going on at the moment and seen reference made to it in one or two posts in other threads. Watched one or two "DJ's" and must admit to wondering whether they've ever ventured out into the real world to see how it's properly done, but in fairness they have been in the minority. Also, nobody in their 50's 60's should be inflicting 'Dad dancing' on their audience.. On the upside, I have really enjoyed those who have taken the opportunity to mix tempos and play some good quality slower tunes which would never get played at the sort of nights I enjoy, and being surprised by people I've known for years displaying a breadth to their collections that I never knew existed. I guess we've all got them, just never had a chance to play them.. PS I am aware of chill out sessions but have never been to one
  7. Read a little while ago about a Japanese? developer creating "cupboard size" offices in UK in light of of covid, comprising office with sink unit, toilet and drop down bed. Don't think the plan was for these to be leased on an individual basis, more along the lines of companies providing staff with individual pods rather than open plan accomodation.
  8. Was it just human error then? I guess it probably was - no computers/ spreadsheets - everything probably jotted down in ink on an A4 notebook..
  9. Does this often happen? Two records on same label - same label design and cat number - but different artists and titles. Billy Washington ‎– What Did You Do (To My Baby)? D'Oro Records ‎– 1303 Little Mason ‎– Long Loving Daddy D'Oro Records ‎– 1303 I'm aware that there are two D'oro labels, I own Little Mason and have seen scans of Billy Washington It would appear that only these two share the same label design as per Discogs. Have posted about this a number of years ago but without asking this question specifically.
  10. Thing with cd's you can copy them to laptop, transfer to usb flash drive., transfer to ipad and still have the 'hard copy' in case anything goes wrong, usually for less than the price of a download. I do that as a matter of course with anything new that I buy but haven't worked my way through the older stuff yet.
  11. Ok - been thinking recently whether my cd/dvd collection is taking up too much space - maybe need to get rid or box up and pack away.. Not listened to any of the cds for donkeys years so flicking through thought lets have a listen to this - UP ALL NIGHT - sleeve notes by Brian Rae (who I think was working for Charly at the time) Wow! the memories this brought back from the early nineties - some real favorites I haven't heard for a very long time - Not a bad track on there but standout faves for me Gene Chandler, Sam Dees, Maurice Williams, Lee Bates, Ann Sexton and Sam Fletcher - fantastic.. Felt it warranted a bit of a dance so big smile on my face now, set me up for the day
  12. I guess people can play what they like but at the end of the day if it's a boot there's no pride in ownership, no backstory to tracking it down, no heart racing when it drops through the letterbox. All a bit hollow really..

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