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    Madly in love with any underground dance music including Northern, Motown, House and Disco, have been since the age of 14 and always will be.

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    Northern soul, Old skool Funk and disco, Old skool House and Garage.
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    The Younghearts - A Little togetherness (Still makes me tingle)
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  1. Thank you for your excellent and very supportive comments. As you know the Central is very close to my heart as it is with many, and the fact that we can relive the days of the 60s and 70s is an absolute Godsend. As mentioned above, the atmosphere, the Centralites, the music, the DJs and the venue, all come together as one at the alldayers, and folk travel from literally thousands of miles just to be there to experience a truly unique atmosphere. And no exaggeration when I say thousands of miles either, at the last 2 before this one, we have had folks tailoring their annual vacations from Australia around being able to get to the Central alldayers. Now that is Love and dedication. Thank you all so so much XXX Steve Luigi
  2. FREE Northern Soul night at the Miners Arms in Morley Steve Luigi (Leeds Central) with Guest Mick Elsworth, will be spinning an array of Northern Soul Classics, Tamla Motown, and a few forgotten ones thrown into the mix. From 8pm til 1am Great sound system, Dancefloor and Pub prices. Literally up a flight of steps from Morley Train Station Free admission all night
  3. Just gone on eBay. Not original, repress on pink 'Charay' (C-103), but still pretty hard to come by these days. Robert Thomas - Salvation
  4. Thanks Pete :-)
  5. Ends in an hour The Younghearts - A little togetherness - Canterbury Repress
  6. Younghearts - A little togetherness - Canterbury Repress/70s boot Ronnie Walker - You're the one - US Philips Edwin Starr - Time - Spanish Tamla Motown
  7. LOL, I could have used worse language, but I think another name for a pregnant fish is very borderline foul language, in fact, not Fowl at all, more Piscis :-)
  8. The person in question has since withdrawn his full catalogue.
  9. That's fine
  10. Because I'm a nice chappie and I thought it the right thing to let people know, excuse me! is'nt that what forums are all about? caring and sharing?
  11. Black with Gold Badge with white badge
  12. Just a heads up, think it's only fair, forewarned is forearmed 'n' all that There's a seller on Discogs selling the carvers with the scanned labels, and listing them as 'unofficial releases' I ordered one and cancelled as soon as I read the release notes that state 'Bootleg' 'Scanned labels'. Not that many folk would know to do this. Fair dinkum the seller did refund me in full, but they shouldn't be up for sale anyway is the way I see it. The Pox is spreading from eBay into other sites. Seller name?? PM me, I'm not that much of a twat.
  13. Do we 1000% know that the 7" was a boot? It was never released on a single yes, but was an album track on 2 albums. Anyway this is the reply that I have put on Discogs. Let me know what you think (I'm sure you will) :-) " Not necessarily unofficial. If the guy or his family are still alive, and decided to put out the single, that they own copyright for, that makes it official. Also look at the label name and the name of the album? 'LEE'WAY'? as in 'Lee' as in his name Pervis Lee. No one really knows by the looks of things, but I have seen many releases like this where the actual artist or Kin, has decided to release a track or an album themselves and using their own name or similar, for the Label. I will understand if you know the artist or his family and they have told you that it is Definitely unofficial, but without that it's all guess work. Another couple of points. Look at the money that the 'Leeway' album is going for on the same label? hardly likely to be a boot for that money. And the original album that the track appeared on in 1970 'Himself'? No label??? HIGHLY likely that that was 'HIimself' that released it on a limited Promo press just to raise some cash maybe or to get his name out there. Stuff happens"
  14. Have a brill' time everyone, would go but working on that night. All the very best for 2017 - XXX
  15. After another year of stunning alldayers at this little powerhouse of soul Music, it is now time to celebrate the 6th anniversary of the reunion events. This will bring the total of years since the 'Leeds Central Soul Club' was born, to 45 years, making it the longest running Basement Soul event in the UK taking place in the same venue, with the same DJs playing the same stunning music as it did when it was first spawned by a group of Soul music lovers way back in 1971.EVERYONE who attends religiously will tell you how magical this place is, and that every event, is better than the last, from walking down the legendary steps, hearing the classics pounding out under your feet, to stepping into the Heaven Underground and feeling the electric atmosphere that has been there since the days of the Mods and Soulboys 45 years ago, and only comes out for the 'Leeds Central' alldayers. The motto for the 'Leeds Central' is "No heirs and graces, just good music and happy faces" and as long as the dancefloor is buzzing, the DJs are happy. Well! isn't that what it's all about? The event will be a Resident DJs affair with 7 original jocks from back in the day playing a plethora of golden classics to make you dance and smile. 1pm-8pm at the Hifi Club 2 Central Road Leeds LS16DE Admission on the door is £7, Over 18s only. CYA There Centralites