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  1. Wakefield Unity Hall - New Beginnings From Old Stock

    Soul Articles · HARRY CROSBY · ·   17

    Things are looking healthy for this old lady of northern soul in Yorkshire.

  2. A Detroit Christmas Story

    Soul Articles · turntableterra · ·   7

    The story is purely hypothetical but based on various letters, weather reports, old maps, till receipts, hand written Christmas cards and lists I have in my possession and so…

  3. How To Sing Your Way Out Of Jail: The Charles L. Blakely Story

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   12

    How To Sing Your Way Out Of Jail: The Charles L. Blakely Story.<br /><br />In 1969, a 20 year old Charles Lorenzo Blakely along with fellow members of the street gang he hung…

  4. The Mystery of Junior McCants - Cincinnati Library Panel

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   14

    An article shows up online via the website, not just looking at the story behind Junior McCants

  5. The Marvin Smith Story - Interview and Nov 2014 UK Concert Info

    Soul Articles · Boxy · ·   17

    An informative interview with Marvin Smith tieing in with his upcoming UK live show at the Wilton Nov 15th 2014

  6. The Johnny Terry Acetate Collection

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·   2

    Winford 'Johnny' Terry's career in the music business began in the 1950s when...<br />...acetates in the collection will be sold as a 'Job lot' in a 'Sealed bid' auction...

  7. At The Foot Of The Stairs Theres Darkness - 100 Club at 35

    Soul Articles · Dave Thorley · ·   14

    Saturday night in Old London Town made me realise just how special this small 4,000 sqft odd of the capitol city really is.

  8. The Four Perfections - The Story by Dave Moore

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·   36

    The story of The Four Perfections - “I’ll Hold On b/w I’m Not Strong Enough” — Party Time 1001 is a tale littered with Philly musical gliterazziin the basement of the girl’s …

  9. The Trey J's Story

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   4

    The Trey J’s were a vocal duo which featured James Binford and Joseph Smith...

  10. Elliot Macauley Interview at UK Vibe

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    The Soul Junction people have just passed on word of an interview on the UK Vibe website that may be of interest to some of you out there

  11. Wirrina Reunion 2014 - Letter of thanks

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    A letter of thanks after a donation of funds raised via the just gone Wirrina Reunion 2014

  12. £25.00 and Under - The Challenge

    Soul Articles · TailorMade Gaz B · ·

    Talking to a friend recently about soul music and the topic of ‘upfront nights’ came into play. After a few moments...

  13. 33 Rpm Stereo Little Lps - The Whys and Wherefores

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·

    Most record diggers will have at least a few of what became known over the years as simply ‘Little LPs’. The traditional soul fraternity are fortunate enough to have had a nu…

  14. Sugar Pie DeSanto - Documentary kickstarter

    Soul Articles · pikeys dog · ·

    came across this interesting kickstarter on Indiegogo for a documentary about an explosive talent that is fortunately very much still with us...

  15. The Richard Brooks Story

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·

    The story of Richard Brooke, featured on Soul Junctions latest 45 double header release I’ll do Anything To Make You Happy and With All My Heart

  16. Bob Abrahamian - Raw and Unedited

    Soul Articles · soul source · ·

    However the audio clip below is the full interview from Bobs bedroom, unedited and covers 1 hour and 20 mins of Bob answering q's from Kristina and talking about...

  17. The 2014 Cleethorpes Debrief

    Soul Articles · ady croasdell · ·

    The 2014 Cleethorpes Debrief

  18. The Soul Source Favourite Motown Song Result

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Here on Soul Source it seemed a good idea to sound out members on their own favourite motown song by having our own informal poll to find out

  19. Dore L.A. Soul Sides - Kent CD Review

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   2

    The compilation kicks of with the vocal group The Whispers. Gordy Harmon a few months prior to this release had left The Superbs and he was joined by Nicholas Caldwell...

  20. The Complete Fame Singles. Vol 1 - 1964-1967 - New Ace

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·

    Three words synonymous with Southern Soul are Muscle Shoals and Fame. Florence Alabama Music Enterprises or simply FAME to all its fans...

  21. Bunny Sigler - Hanging With a Legend - Video Interview

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    A 18 minute video interview, background info, video and more...

  22. Rugby Soul Club - Rugby UK - Club Feature

    Soul Articles · Rugby Soul Club · ·

    The second in our hoped to be regular feature - A lets have a look at members clubs... Rugby Soul Club

  23. A Personal History Of Northern Soul by Ady Croasdell

    Soul Articles · ady croasdell · ·

    I first went to a rare soul all nighter in early 1969. It was in a solitary disused railway station about half a mile from the hamlet of Kelmarsh in north Northamptonshire

  24. A Review of Tears In My Eyes - Kenny Hamber and John Smith

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·

    From those early discussions the pair decided that Kenny’s long and diverse career was worthy of documenting properly and here, three and a half years later is the final proj…

  25. Solid Hit Soul Club - London - Club Feature

    Soul Articles · SOUL INC · ·

    Welcome to the first of a new feature.<br />A lets have a look at members clubs.

  26. One In A Million - The Songs Of Sam Dees - Review

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·

    Sam Dees is held in the highest regard by producers and fellow-artists alike. Here are a selection of 22 of his best songs from 1970 to the early 80

  27. Extra Rich In Soul Cd Review - Soul Junction New Release

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·

    Dave Moore steers his ears at Soul Junctions latest Cd Release ..

  28. Prestayn Weekender 2014 - A Lookback by Dave Thorley

    Soul Articles · Dave Thorley · ·

    Dave Thorley passes on his take of the just gone weekender

  29. Jessica Records Article on SKM - Preview

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Dave Rimmer passed on word of an article that he has posted on his SKM website after an interview with Curtis Smith.<br />A few preview clips follow below, for the full meat…

  30. George Clinton Interview on Factmag

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Factmag features an interesting current London based interview with Mr Clinton.<br />A quick preview ...

  31. Melvin Davis In Vogue Magazine Feature

    Soul Articles · Rob Wigley · ·

    The Shinola project on Vogue

  32. The Guardian Does Popcorn

    Soul Articles · soul source · ·

    An article on the 'Popcorn Scene' could be read in the Guardian yesterday

  33. Cool Article On Wilton Crump

    Soul Articles · boba · ·

    Here is a cool article my friend wrote on singer/songwriter Wilton Crump

  34. The Last Twelve Months At Soulfusion!

    Soul Articles · neil self · ·

    Soulfusion yearly review<br />Well what a rollercoaster year its been at soulfusion...<br />

  35. Patrinell Pat Staten Wright - An Essay

    Soul Articles · soul source · ·

    While the story of the artist behind 'little love affair' has been documented a fair few times already, this 'essay' written by Peter Blecha, may still be worth a read/visit …

  36. Teakwood - New Unreleased Tracks Found

    Soul Articles · Dave Thorley · ·

    Meet up with two of the guys from this very talented group Fred Forsh & Gordon T Danniels, a few weeks ago in the U.S. Sadly the 45 below was all that ever made it to the str…

  37. Bunny Sigler - Philly Soul Played Manchester

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·

    I wrote a feature prior to the New Century Soul 10th Anniversary Allnighter which related the story of the build up to the gig and thought it might be fun to relate a kinda P…

  38. Northern Soul Cover Versions? Love Or Hate ?

    Soul Articles · perux · ·

    Northern Soul Cover Versions?

  39. Northern Soul Video Girl - Interview with Levanna Mclean

    Soul Articles · soul source · ·

    Looks like the story with this series of vids just keeps on growing..<br />May have seen them mentioned in various threads on here, the first just only 3 months ago

  40. A Quick Soul Train Cruise Lookback - San Diego Oct 2013

    Soul Articles · JazzyBrit · ·   15

    This was the 2nd annual Soul Train Cruise to set sail, this time from San Diego.

  41. Soul Legend Bunny Sigler En Route to Manchester Allnighter 30th Nov 2013

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·   29

    A full detailed look at the upcoming appearance of Soul legend Bunny Sigler at the New Century Soul Club Allnighter 20th Nov 2013 by Dave Moore<br />

  42. The Ivy Jo Hunter Story by Rob Moss

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·   22

    The Story of the man who wrote some of Motown’s most beautiful and important songs and become one of the most successful song writers in the world

  43. Edwin Starr News Article (BBC Nottingham)

    Soul Articles · Chris Turnbull · ·   17

    Link to news article about Edwin Starr from today's BBC website about how he came to live in Nottingham, etc

  44. Levi Stubbs - 5 Years On

    Soul Articles · kevin jones · ·   57

    October 17th sees the fifth anniversary of the passing of Levi Stubbs. Not an anniversary to celebrate but just to make one think...<br /> read more...

  45. Debbie Taylor Story - Story Plus UK Concert Details

    Soul Articles · Boxy · ·   46

    Debbie Taylor Article - Her story plus a look forward to the UK Concert in Yorkshire on 9th Nov 2013

  46. Seven Days Of Loving You Author Article

    Soul Articles · soul source · ·   23

    The website Daily Bulletin features an article by David Allen titled 'Northern Soul fans dig Southern California song'<br />Which concerns itself with words from past song w…

  47. Are Re-Edits And Mash Ups Killing Soul Music?

    Soul Articles · Andy Jackson · ·   144

    The amount of re edits/re workings/remixes/mash ups being played on the Modern Soul scene...

  48. Jimmy James Interview on Record Collector

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Had a quick pass on about a interview with Jimmy James in the new issue of Record Collector, told its about Jimmy James talking about his career and upcoming Uk tour with his…

  49. The Real Pied Piper Story? by Rob Moss

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·

    A look at the Pied Piper setup via interviews and more from Rob Moss

  50. Allanton/Shotts Session @ True Soul Weekender Aug 2013

    Soul Articles · tfk · ·

    An afternoon of music and mayhem in tribute to One of the Scotland’s and the UK’s finest Rare Soul Clubs

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