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  1. Have you tried putting ‘empty seats’ into google maps
  2. I got done in December for customs on a declared $19.99 package, which was under the £15 limit. You have to pay before the p.o. will release the package, the charge was £12 in my case, £4 customs and £8 p.o. fee. The p.o then directed me over the phone to the hmrc website to jump through hoops to get the customs money back. Looked like the £8 was going to be kept by the p.o. for collecting so I didn’t bother. Basically, what they did was illegal as they stole from me, but what can you really do when they behave like scum? better than when they tried charging me a ridiculous amount on a jap package that was 750 yen (£5) and they valued it as £750. The discussion at the p.o. was pointless and I refused the package!
  3. Thanks, I would grab it but I suspect I already have it as Curtis was never singing on it as he’d left, unless proven otherwise
  4. Can anyone confirm then, who owns a copy, that Curtis is on this version as he left the impressions a year before to be replaced by Leroy Hutson on the album this came from. Love to hear a clip of it, and if it is the case if anyone wants to sell me a copy drop me a message! cheers Sutty
  5. There is no original Biosis Now 45, the album offered above is the original, and there is a recent shorter re-edit on 7 easily available on the web. However, it’s not a 1-track album by any means... cheers Sutty
  6. The Prisoner album mix is only on a cd single all the 12s are housed up remixes and probably not what you’re looking for I’d guess, cheers Sutty
  7. I was in LA Saturday and was gutted to be told on Sunday morning about a soul event I’d just missed, at least I now know I didn’t miss it LOL
  8. No shipping outside the USA
  9. It did, I have it on 7 as part of box set of the album which is not too expensive cheers Sutty [edit already answered...]
  10. It was a bootleg as was the Tammi Terrell
  11. The one one eBay came out quite a few years back now, I bought it for a fiver or something as I love the track, and they’d had my money years before that when I bought the cd box set. The sound quality on the 7 is excellent, they did Tammi Terrell ‘all I do’ in a 7 around the same time, cheers Sutty
  12. It’s up to the person/company ordering the test pressings, usuallly it’s a small amount before the promo run is ordered to make sure the pressings ok, but you can order as many or as little as you want, so there is no real answer to the question on a release unless you find out from the company or pressings plant, cheers Sutty

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