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  1. I was in LA Saturday and was gutted to be told on Sunday morning about a soul event I’d just missed, at least I now know I didn’t miss it LOL
  2. No shipping outside the USA
  3. PM’d ya
  4. It did, I have it on 7 as part of box set of the album which is not too expensive cheers Sutty [edit already answered...]
  5. It was a bootleg as was the Tammi Terrell
  6. The one one eBay came out quite a few years back now, I bought it for a fiver or something as I love the track, and they’d had my money years before that when I bought the cd box set. The sound quality on the 7 is excellent, they did Tammi Terrell ‘all I do’ in a 7 around the same time, cheers Sutty
  7. It’s up to the person/company ordering the test pressings, usuallly it’s a small amount before the promo run is ordered to make sure the pressings ok, but you can order as many or as little as you want, so there is no real answer to the question on a release unless you find out from the company or pressings plant, cheers Sutty
  8. It was also bootlegged on a 12 which is an extended version https://www.discogs.com/master/view/1253561 I have the 7 and 12 and they both sound good, the 12 should be pretty cheap to pick up - but the other side of the 7 is also really good https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jajLTEwKICU&time_continue=76 cheers Sutty
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  9. Keep you hair on, I was just pointing out that there is no original material on the album, I used to have the the LP after picking it up in a batch of albums and thought it was odd that someone had just taken a load of stang recordings and released it as their own album with their own pic in the cover. Or it was just a tax dodge? I do apologise for any offence and for actually discussing the music lol
  10. This is the just moments on stang with some reverb on it and no original tracks just some muttering and heavy breathing over the top, strange record, more of a personal vanity project made by someone from someone else’s tracks. Very odd. cheers Sutty p.s. the moments original mixes are better, just in case anyone is not aware... you probably are I guess, quite why anyone wants to buy it is a mystery to me but each to his own!
  11. Am I dreaming or did I read somewhere in the past that a band member (maybe Robert Tanner) said that the name in debate was made up by someone else as a name to release the album under and they had no say in it and never sanctioned the release, and never got paid a penny - it wasn’t the actual name of the band or they didn’t even have one at the time? That it was a bunch of guys recording someones songs (RT?) and they never actually played as a group, and somehow Sylvia Robinson heard the tapes and they got released. I might not have his quite right but it really rings a bell somewhere... cheers Sutty
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  12. for me the golden period of this was from the 90’s into early 2000’s. Towards the end of that period there was a move towards a more organic sound with more real instruments which was great, but a lot of the time the beats became generic and haven’t really moved on and it all started to sound a bit stars-on-45, and most of it still does. Much more of a fan of Theo Parrish and Moodymann type stuff since then who don’t generally fit into the soul idiom, but for me they’ve made some of the most amazing house music if the last 20 years when they get it spot on, which isn’t always, but when they do... cheers Sutty
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  13. one more for the road... this one always make me smile as I was really excited by it and had it in a promo and was dying to play it out at a soul do, so on the next slot up I did. Not only did it clear the dancefloor, it cleared the room. Everyone left. Everyone. haha good times
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  14. i’d forgotten about most of these records, I’ll stop for now or I’ll be here all night
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  15. Kenny Bobien’s finest moment IMO
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