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  1. Lamont Dozier UK Tour 2018

    Thanks for the ‘word of warning’, I’ve bought a couple of tickets for one of the concerts so what I’ll probably do instead is stay in with a pot noodle and have a hand shandy over an old soul fanzine while listening to some decidedly non-hit soul vinyls ...
  2. I’m Still Waiting by The Impressions

    Which is not the same thing as being the same song at all lol
  3. I’m Still Waiting by The Impressions

    Completely different songs?
  4. id track please

    Unique Blend on Eastbound?
  5. this is exceptionally shite
  6. Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Seen it all now, $25 opening bid for a Jimmy Tarbuck bootleg^^^
  7. J Manship Auction Results 25/10/2017

    Definitely Alton Ellis on the b-side. Pretty farcical if such a tenth-rate reggae double sider takes preference over the hundreds of superior JA vocal 45’s that could have been picked, I love both those artists but wouldn’t bother even picking that up for a f...
  8. Is it me, but?

    I love the sales where the seller asks way above any reasonable price they’re going to get and makes the point that if no-one pays the price ‘THEY’RE GOING BACK IN THE BOX’! Here’s a bit of advice, don’t bother taking them out of ‘THE BOX’ lol Not sure ...
  9. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    "Top side is of course, just killer Northern Soul, flip it over for a fusion tortured Deep Soul smoothed with a delicate crochet of male harmonies" a what? Lol
  10. The album is a longer intro than the 7 Paul
  11. https://www.discogs.com/artist/2101017-Malone-amp-Barnes-And-Spontaneous-Simplicity the title track is a fusion instrumental subtitled 'tribute to Paul Robeson' but not aware of any 45? cheers Sutty
  12. Leroy Hutson - Positive Force

    I assume everyone knows 'positive forces' is the other side to Tavares 'never had a love like this before', they're both great versions
  13. Wounded record. Tee cut solution?

    I know someone who t-cut his sales. They looked great but sounded like total sh*t and I got a full refund. Ok if you're pulling a one way sales scam but not if you want to actually listen to them, cheers Sutty
  14. It's not Little Jimmy Scott, he was a jazz singer

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