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  1. I was DJing in a modern room in the north west over 20:years ago, in the warmup session someone played a Drifters 78, then in the northern room people were line dancing to what sounded like Rawhide to me. I’d never heard or seen anything like this before at any soul do, it felt like another planet, very odd! So it’s taken off now then?
  2. That’s an acetate not a test pressing, done at the time of the cut to check quality, usually a one-off. If the UK press was cut at EMI its prob genuine
  3. Laura - Eli and the 13th confession is amazing, a desert island disc for me The LP of covers with Labelle ‘Gonna Take a Miracle’ absolutely essential Carolyn Peyton Karen Dalton as above amazing voice Carole King of course… cheers Sutty
  4. It definitely was, it was a regular play on acetate in Ady’s sets, everyone guessed the anniversary single would be the unreleased Ben E King and I was really chuffed when it was the unreleased TKO’s
  5. I was just listening to Promise Me by LA Connection from 82 and found that the singer Roger Harris was also in Mantra in 81. The same “LA Connection” recording of Promise Me is also on the Mantra LP, yet the group line-ups are completely different apart from Roger, so it seems that it’s not even by LA Connection…
  6. Indeed! We saw them last year I think it was and they were still amazing. Never had a love like this before, Wonderful, Bad times, Positive Forces, all the Sam Dees tunes, anyone who thinks Tavares are just a ‘pop group’ needs to have a word with themselves!
  7. Was it him, I can’t remember, it was at the 100 club and it was a celebrity radio guest who was playing off CD and selected the wrong track and did indeed play ‘grease is the word” instead of the night… great hilarity ensued… it was def not intentional as he apologised over the mic (whoever it was)
  8. Err.. the water will be way too hot and could cause warping, the cleaning liquid too abrasive, and the labels will come off, but apart from that you could be onto a winner! lol
  9. I have a pro-ject cleaning machine and it does the opposite of making a record dull, it can turn a dirty old record with years of caked in dust to a shiny surface. Use 90% distilled water and 10% isopropyl alcohol. Turns crackly records into perfect players way beyond anything I’ve ever managed by hand. I’ve thought of upgrading a record and then cleaned it and realised there’s nothing wrong with it, just needed to get years of gunk out that you can’t even see. It does sound like yours have been skimmed. I knew a guy that used to T-Cut records and sell them, looked great but sounded terrible, bought off him once and got my money back pronto.
  10. It’s from an aerobics LP, had it for years and played it out once or twice. There are several versions, some have aerobics instructions, some have vocals, some have instrumentals as well I believe. There are 3 otherwise unreleased Leon Ware tracks on the vocal one. The 12 is an edit of the original version by Jo Ann Harris. I have this version which is all the vocals https://www.discogs.com/release/6796844-Shiva-Aerobicise-The-California-Exercise-Craze the link you posted has aerobics instructions and no vocals so don’t buy it! the original extended version of the track only came out on laserdisc evidently! cheers Sutty
  11. Bud Harper b-side is just getting big evidently. I haven’t been to a 100 club all-nighter for over 20 years and it was big then (just kidding, John is a top guy)
  12. The label would usually get a double sided test pressing(s) for approval. If there was a problem with the b-side they could have made a new metal stamper just for that side and pressed for approval, then dumped the original metal stamper for that side. The etchings would be the same as they are etched in at the cutting stage, which is what the metal stampers are made from. The metal stamper has its own stamp which is the stamp of the pressing plant. Both the etching and the stamper end up on the run out, so you can identify the cut and the plant.

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