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  1. J Manship Auction Results 09/08/2017

    "Top side is of course, just killer Northern Soul, flip it over for a fusion tortured Deep Soul smoothed with a delicate crochet of male harmonies" a what? Lol
  2. The album is a longer intro than the 7 Paul
  3. https://www.discogs.com/artist/2101017-Malone-amp-Barnes-And-Spontaneous-Simplicity the title track is a fusion instrumental subtitled 'tribute to Paul Robeson' but not aware of any 45? cheers Sutty
  4. Leroy Hutson - Positive Force

    I assume everyone knows 'positive forces' is the other side to Tavares 'never had a love like this before', they're both great versions
  5. Wounded record. Tee cut solution?

    I know someone who t-cut his sales. They looked great but sounded like total sh*t and I got a full refund. Ok if you're pulling a one way sales scam but not if you want to actually listen to them, cheers Sutty
  6. It's not Little Jimmy Scott, he was a jazz singer
  7. Unusual Places You Found Imported 45s

    Started work in a 2nd hand/junk shop, first morning went through about 50-100 lp's under the window, all Val Doonican, Jim Reeves, top of the pops, usual charity shop stuff and in the middle, J.R. Bailey LP on MAM. Worked there for about 2 years, never had an...
  8. "McGee would revisit the composition later in the decade, dressing the tune with drum machines and synthesizers for a run of 12” singles. However, this 45-only version from 1976 captures the progressive soul stepper at its most organic." this original ve...
  9. main ingredient

    That pic in YouTube is clearly a fake, this doesn't exist on 7" unless someone finds one from Thailand or Outer Mongolia... the only way to get it as a non-lp track is on the b-side of an Old Gold 12" cheers Sutty
  10. That's directly from the PayPal website
  11. I wasn't quite there, it's actually A currency conversion fee may also apply. Sending or receiving money between friends and family within the UK (in GBP) : Free when funded by the sender's PayPalbalance, bank account or debit card. If you use a credit ...
  12. If you have the money in your PayPal account it's no charge - otherwise you get charged. Setup an online transfer from your current account to your PayPal and transfer the money, then make the PayPal payment cheers Sutty
  13. Arnold blair finally made it home

    I may be way off the mark here but there was a post I read on a blog and can't now find where someone stated they knew Arnold and he had been killed in 1996, which led me to this article. Check the back of LeRoy Hutsons 'Feel The Spirit' Album where Arnold is...