100 Club Allnighter - London


  100 Oxford Street    Fitzrovia    London   W1D 1LL   GB

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100 Club Allnighter Details

The World's Longest Running Allnighter.

The 6T's allnighter, now in its 37th year!

Join Ady Croasdell, Butch and seasonal residents, Keith Money, Joel Maslin and Tomas McGrath as they forge the best in rare 60's and 70's northern, acetates and unissued soul, a smattering of R'n'B and modern.

11pm - 6am 


£12 on the door


100 Club, 100 Oxford St, London W1


facebook: https://www.facebook.com/6tsRhythmAndSoul

website: http://www.6ts.info/news/2016.html

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Welcome to the 100 Club Allnighter Event Review Section

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A cold night in London, just right to get out of the house and hear some good music with like minded people. And there were obviously many others of the same mind as myself because last night's 100 Club was a packer. It started a bit slowly but began to fill up until it resembled an anniversary night. And there were plenty of faces that I didn't recognise.

I met Suzy, Ann, Trevor and others round the Blue Post and we strolled around to Oxford Street to get in when the club opened. As usual Ady was on the decks. I always like to hear his opening set as he often plays records that I don't recognise, certainly some lesser known tracks but he did include some I knew including That Same Old Feeling and When The Boy That You Love which gently eased me into dancing mode, not too fast.

Next on were guests Carl and Maria Willingham, who I rate extremely highly. They were on at Soul Giant in London last Sunday; I went along assuming they'd be on later but arrived for the last three records they played so was pleased to see them last night. They opened with You're On Top Girl by the Empires, an old Stafford favourite. If you have a request they always try to include it, so thanks to them for playing I Only Have Eyes For You. It's an acetate that they purchased from Dave Flynn who used to play it at the Dome. It's a record that seems to work in the south of the country but not up north.

Butch followed them and opened his set with Man From Soul followed by Salvation. Among others he played were Surprise by the Tiaras, flip of Foolish Girl, Beware, don't know who that is by, and his Chuck Jackson cover up which is a fabulous record in my opinion, certainly sounds like Chuck.

Butch must be a very hard act for a DJ to follow and it fell to Sarah Jane, making her debut as a guest, to follow on. Opening with Dee Dee Sharp's What Kind Of Lady she did a solid Northern Soul set, most of which I didn't know, I do remember the Ambers' I Love You Baby, but perhaps she'd like to post up her playlist for us to peruse. An impressive debut.

100 Club regular DJ Joel Maslin followed and included quite a few classics in this set including I've Only Got Myself To Blame and the insturmental version of World Of Happiness.

By this time the dance floor was pretty busy to put it mildly. And people were still coming in, quite few from Walls Of Heartache in Leytonstone that had just finished.

Then it was Mr 100 Club, Ady himself. He had a couple of “new” tracks to play, a vocal to Hold On Help Is On Its Way by Art Neville and a version of Crazy Things by an unknown male vocalist. He also played some favourites including Voodoo Mademoiselle, Can't Shake It, I'm Not Afraid, What's With This Loneliness and I Wanna Be Good To You. The dance floor was even busier.

Time for Carl and Maria's second appearance, busy dance floor again with records like Love Finds A Way, Why Can't It Be Tonight and Wrapped Around Your Finger.

They were followed by Butch who opened this set with Life Is A Miracle by the Jax Transit Authority, a bit too fast for me at that moment; others he played included Ramona Collins' You've Been Cheating, the Four Tops' (It Would Almost) Drive Me Out Of My Mind, Fluorescent Smogg and Satan Won't You Let Me Sleep Tonight. In both his sets he included quite a few I didn't know; and the last one in his set was a record I've heard him play before but don't know who it's by or its title. By this time the crowd had thinned out a bit so was a bit more room on the dance floor.

Kenny Smith's Lord What's Happening To Our People was the opener for Joel's return and although he included well known records like the Carstairs and Sir Henry Ivy he played quite a few that I didn't know.

The penultimate set fell to Sarah Jane, and I must admit I didn't know any of the ones she played so I reiterate, a playlist please.

For the final half hour Ady was the man, opening with some stompers but gradually slowed things down with Charlie Rich's Don't Tear Me Down. Soon it was nearly the end of the night, he played Just One Look by Doris Troy followed by club anthem I'll Never Stop Loving You by Carla Thomas. Then he said there was just time for two more, Walter Jackson's It's An Uphill Climb To The Bottom and finally Baby I Need Your Loving by the Four Tops. Lights on, That's What Mama Say being played as we gathered our coats and bags and said farewell to our friends.

Last month quite a ,bit of Modern Soul was played but this month it was back to Northern Soul with a bang. No one could have any complaints; all the DJs kept the music moving and the dance floor busy. The crowd thinned out gradually but there were still the usual die hards at the end. Where would we be without them? I thoroughly enjoyed the night but didn't dance as much due to pains in my legs recently, thought it better to take it easy. You can enjoy the music without dancing, not easy at times though.

Thanks to Ady and the other DJs, you all did a sterling job. And of course to the staff of the club.


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Welcome to the 100 Club Allnighter Comments sectiom

This event is now over. Look up now to read the latest reviews of this soul event

Unfortunately i can't make this date and local Norfolk Spinner Sarah Jane is on ! Typical.

Have a great time Sarah J and enjoy the nighter , i'm sure some of the Norwich crowd will be there in support.

all the best Frank


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Looking forward to getting back down the hallowed stairs tomorrow night - been too long!


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It's very quiet on here. Isn't this the one that incorporates the pre-Christmas London shopping trip with the wife for all those north of Watford? No shopping for me but I'm still trying to decide if I should visit the Tamla Motown Appreciation Society exhibition in Bloomsbury first. Then I shall be esconced in the Blue Posts - lonely, or in a crowd.

:hatsoff2:- Kev


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Really great night at 100 Club last night, busy ,busy, busy, great atmosphere, great people, all the DJ's played excellent spots, highlights for me inc Butch spinning Sammy Lee on Promco, and the 4 Tops on ABC (still available on Discogs for $6 ??!!), also nice to hear out mega-cheapie ' It's alright ' JJ Jackson. Keep up the good work !!


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Thanks Geoff,that's a great write-up, very appreciated. Yep put my order in for the 4 Tops in case I ain't got one at home!

I thought it was a super nighter, thanks to dancers, DJs and strokers.


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I thought it wasn't a bad night but never the same when designated driver BOOOO!

I liked the Four Tops Number sounded great and Sarah did play a few I liked but didn't know


Edited by James Hill

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Thoroughly enjoyed the night, great to meet up with a few friends there this time around. It felt a privilege to be there. Ady's two new exclusives... if you weren't there, you have to hear them ASAP.

Sarah Jane left me astonished, I thought about the records I did recognise, as I made my journey home. To have both got to know and to have acquired the records she played (see below for some of the artists) - whilst still so very young - and even throw in a cover up(!) is a stunning achievement. 

There's a full playlist just been posted on her Facebook page, but here's a few artists I remember hearing her play:

Junior McCants, Stacy Johnson, Endeavours , Salem Travellers, Butlers, Forris Woods, Para-Monts, Re-Vels, Voice Masters, Checkmates

Edited by Will

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Hi Will , caught a set by SJ earlier in the year at Billy Wizz's Norwich Alldayer - enjoyed it . Good personal choice from her . Not on Facebook so could you  post her 100 Cub set on here please . 


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Hi Andy, I've messaged Sarah Jane to check if she'd be happy for me to do so...

Edited by Will

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Instant response from Sarah Jane... she's happy for me to post, so here it is, in her own words:

Set list from 100 club 3rd December 2017 
Dee Dee Sharp - What Kind of Lady (Gamble Demo) 
Lee Moses - Bad Girl (part 2) (Musicor)
Eddie Holland - But it's Alright (Talent Attraction)
Nancy Lee - No Words For Love (modo)
Ambers - I Love You Baby (Verve - for Tom) 
Revells - I Want A New Love (Trent Town) 
Short Kuts - Loosen Up (Pepper) 
The Sweet - Broken Heart Attack (Smash demo) 
Para-monts - Come Go With Me Now (Ole Records) 
Voice Masters - You've Hurt Me Baby (Bamboo) 
Checkmates - Run Nigger Run (Rustic Records) 
Junior Mccants - The Boy Needs A Girl (King Demo) 
Stacy Johnson - Remove My Doubts (Sony demo - for Matthew X xx) 
Honey and the Bees - Almost Eighteen (Pentagon) 
Buddy Ace - Screaming Please (Duke) 
Endeavours - I Know You Don't Want Me (Stop)
Salem Travellers - Tell it Like it is (Checker) 
Dee Clark - She's My Baby (Constellation)

Revells - Do I Love You? (Trent Town) 
Endeavours - Shattered Dreams (Stop) 
Butlers - She Tried to Kiss Me (Liberty Bell Demo) 
Little Joe c/u
United Four - She's Putting You On (Harthon) 
Little Ben and the Cheers - Baby You're Mine (Rush) 
Shirley and Jessie - You Can't Fight Love (Wand)
Renaldo Domino - Don't Go Away (Blue Rock)
Forris Woods - Stoned on Love (Abbott Demo) 
Kings Go Forth - One Day (Mr C's) 
Shirley Brown - Yes Sir Brother (Truth) 
Leon Austin - Two Sided Love (King)
Loveables - You Can't Dress Up a Broken Heart (Toot)



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I've wondered about this, is Butch playing the Four Tops cheapie or some kind of rare version? Certainly sounded like the normal version at the anniversary the other month but seems out of place in a Butch set. Great tune whatever.

Kings Go Forth from Sarah Jane a blinder for a recent release, love the drum break


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