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  1. For sale all in Ex condition condition , £25 each (All now SOLD) Postage £4.50 signed for U.K Pm or email kalama64@hotmail.co.uk
  2. 3 Canadian 45s, all in Ex condition Jimmy Delphs - Almost - Atco £30 The Holidays - I,ll love you forever - Quality £30 Little Anthony - Better use your head - United artists £40 SOLD Postage £4.50 signed for U.K Pm or email kalama64@hotmail.co.uk
  3. 21 originals all priced at £50 each, all play well Postage £4.50 signed for U.K only Little Ray - come swim with me - Faro ex- SOLD Virgil murray - I still care - Kool kat demo ex Al pinkston jr Your not there Tra mo Ex Cody Michaels Seven days fifty two weeks Merben vg++ Teardrops Every step I take Max ex Carstairs He who picks a rose Okeh vg+ Tempo,s Sad Sad memories Soultown ex SOLD Chandlers Your love keeps drawing Bleu rose vg+ SOLD Bronzettes Beggin Double soul ex Four pro,s everybodys got some soul Carla ex- Foxy ,7 Hounds mirror mirror Wise world Ex- Carl douglas marble and iron Buddah ex- Bogis Chimes I think you,ll find - Champ vg+ Linda cumbo yesterday today and tomorrow - Select demo vg+ Five jays hey hey girl Chant ex Calleen anderegg - Fools paradise - Rbe Ex Gino Morese - lived a good life - Smoke vg+ Marie Knight To be loved by you - Addit vg+ Lenny Howard keep the faith baby - Real George ex Eddie Garrigan I wish I was Fontana ex- Linda glass - Before love beats me going - Vibration vg++ SOLD Please pm or email kalama64@hotmail.co.uk
  4. Charlie Gracie - He,ll never love you like I do - Diamond demo bell sound stamped original Plays well, visual condition strong vg+ £120 Payment via PayPal prefered, postage Special delivery U.K £9 Pm or email kalama64@hotmail.co.uk
  5. Sandra Phillips - I wish I had known - okeh In at least Ex condition, I've seen the ones on discogs. Happy to pay 200 for a good copy. Please pm or email kalama64@hotmail.co.uk
  6. The Uptights - Shy guy - Columbia Please pm or email kalama64@hotmail.co.uk With price and condition
  7. Bargain sales, all play well Mad dog & the Pups - Why did you leave me girl - Magic city Ex+ £25 Sold Geraldine Jones - I,m cracking up - Sonar vg+ £20 The Whispers - Remember - Soul Clock Ex £35 Patti & The lovelites - Love Bandit - Cotillion vg+ £15 Sold Lucky Laws - Who is she - One-derful vg+ (Label wear on flip side) £12 J.J.Barnes - Please let me in - Ric tics Ex £25 Sold Barbara lynn - Take your love and run - Jet stream EX £20 Sold Tim - I need your love - Celtex Ex £15 Sold Bobby Patterson - What a wonderful night for love - Jetstar Ex £20 Sold Black nasty - Cut your motor off - Big hit Ex £30 Lou Johnson - Unsatisfied - Big top vg++ £20 Sold The Young Folk - Lonely girl - Mar-V- Lus Ex £15 Please pm or email kalama64@hotmail.co.uk Postage signed for U.K only £4.50
  8. £50 + £4.50 Signed for postage U.K Condition Ex Pm or email kalama64@hotmail.co.uk
  9. Some previously listed now reduced all in Ex condition The Volcanos - The laws of love - Arctic ( one sided demo) £125 SOLD Detroit Executives - Cool off - Pameline £80 Velvelettes - Lonely lonely girl am I - V.I.P £85 SOLD The Debonaires - How's your new love - Golden World 44 £65 Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr - Your love keeps drawing me closer - Capsoul £45 SOLD Magic night - If you and I had never met - Roulette £85 The Carstairs - It really hurts me girl - Red Coach £70 Marvin Holmes and Justice - You better keep her - Brown door ( styrene) £50 O,Jays - No time for you - Imperial demo £65 Mark putney - Today's man - Ovide £45 SOLD Pm or email kalama64@hotmail.co.uk Postage within U.K £4.60 signed for or £9 special delivery fully insured on orders over £50
  10. 3 nice 70s All SOLD Jeff perry Ex+ £20 Josie Jo Armstead Ex £25 East Coast connection Ex- £20 Postage £4.50 signed for U.K only Payment via PayPal Pm or email kalama64@hotmail.co.uk
  11. Reduced from previous listing. Lee fields - Take me back / Tyra,s song - Angle 3
  12. Set sale. All play well. Visual £4.50 signed for £50 or under £9 Special delivery on all orders over £50
  13. The Cheers - Mighty mighty lover - Penny Please pm or email kalama64@hotmail.co.uk with price and condition
  14. Last saw him about 10 years ago , he was working in Halfords in York. Still lives in York as far as I know , I will ask Ron pedley or Chris Holmes as I,m seeing them on Sunday

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