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  1. What were some of the other decent soul venues in Lancs in the mid to late 60's. Obviously this place was. Then there was the T Wheel in Blackpool & the main un in Manc -- but I know if you missed the midnight (1am?) deadline to get into the Wheel and had to find an alternate venue, there were a couple of other Manc niter venues on around 67/ 68 (was one in Salford ?). But there were also places like Wigan Casino, Bolton Casino & the Imperial Ballroom in Nelson (all these booked live visiting US soul acts). In Liverpool there was the Sink Club, the Cavern (they held soul niters with US acts on live), the Peppermint Lounge & the Locarno Ballroom. But there must have been loads of others. I don't mean the little local clubs that just had a DJ who kept up with the latest UK soul releases but places that would book live acts and / or had DJ's who were spinning import 45's that hadn't also been released in the UK.
  2. Well if Lou's appearance wasn't advertised, I must have dreamt the ad shown below . . . The deal to have Lou on @ Queens Hall was done some weeks before the show, I should know as I organised & ran that tour (which ran to about 8 shows in all). I have quite a few old photos (prints not digi copies) from that night somewhere around here.
  3. Bur very few bootlegs have the deadwax details stamped in.
  4. More info on Rio Records & their sub-label Siamese ... they even launched this label in the US, putting out tracks by UK outfit the Funk Masters (who's vocalist was Julie Roberts) ....
  5. Found this piece on the label . . . . it dates from summer 1980 when the outfit had just been set up. The A side of your 45 is "Startin Again" and this also escaped on a Rio 12", though the number of that was DJR-1206 and it has the later label design. The 12" release seems to have only escaped with "Starting Again" on both sides (but I could be wrong on that). The A side track was also released on Profile in the US but with a different B side to Canada. The label mainly put out 12" releases in its early months, loads of them, so they were obviously going for the disco DJ market. Their numbering system seems all over the place as they put out a Rah Band track (also licensed from UK DJM) as DJR-1201 (12") and DJR- 702 (7"). So the DJR-12xx prefix was obviously for 12" releases and the DJR-7xx for 7" rekkids. There isn't a Grace Kennedy 7" with the number RIO 706 (to go along with her 12" #1206) as RIO 706 features cuts by Cream & Sugar. I'd guess that for the label's early releases, their 12" releases were pressed up in bulk and the 7's were a more limited release.
  6. I like the new Calvin Richardson (available as a free download at the moment) -- TREAT HER RIGHT it's got an vintage Bobby W feel to it (IMO). ALSO like the new Walter Williams (O'Jays) track, not a dancer either but a classy ballad.
  7. The early releases on Rio were numbered DJR 701, 702 etc no doubt standing for DJ(M) Rio = DJR From around # 704 or 705 they changed to be numbered RIO 704, Rio 705, etc ... not a major amendment.
  8. That 45 is on a real Canadian record company and the design of that 45 label was used right thru 1980 and till September 81. From the 435 number, it seems to have been the 1st 45 issued on the label and would date (guessing) from 1980. That's a bit strange as the track didn't escape in the UK (on the LP) till 81. The date shown on the 45's label is 81 but that doesn't tie in with it being the 1st release on the label. What's the A side of the 45 ?? Rio did however release another Grace Kennedy record + stuff by the Gibson Bros & Ronnie Jones, so I'd say it's most likely kosha. She was signed to DJM in 79 and could well have recorded the cut that early with it remaining in DJM's vault in this country till 81.
  9. Bought the recent Stone Foundation 45 just recently. The band are doing a great job, especially when they collaborate with old soul singers.
  10. Sad times .....
  11. As there is still lots of interest in record digging tales, 45 pricing via old sales lists and the like . . . thought I'd start this thread as there must be loads of great NY related stories (many UK soulies entering the US via one of the NY area airports). My son lived outside New York from 1998 for about 5/6 years but although I visited a few record label offices (existing + old & long gone), met with some old soul artists, went to a big record fair (thanx to neighbor Greg Tormo),went to J & R's a lot to buy new stuff & for their artist showcases plus was taken on rekkid shop visits to a few locations by Kim . . . I never really spent time visiting many old known record stores in the city (thinkin they'd long since been cleared out). Here's a piece from Billboard to get us started .... So, please, lets have your old stories . . . .
  12. B&S 45 prices -- early 70's ....
  13. One US report . . . Cuba Gooding Sr., a popular soul singer in the 1970s and father of Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr., died Thursday, reports TMZ. He was 72. Gooding Sr. was found slumped over in his silver Jaguar, which was parked on a street in Woodland Hills, CA, according to the report. TMZ says the fire department responded to the scene and attempted CPR, but could not resuscitate him. Cuba & the group . . .
  14. Soul Tracks says he has died . . . . But not many other US news sources are reporting it yet. As his son is the famous actor as well, I would think all the celeb outlets would be straight on this story.
  15. A 2nd trailer for the movie shows more scenes with the Dramatics (screen version of group) ....