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  2. A bit of a rainbow in the farmers water spreader this evening
  3. Poets - I've Got Two Hearts (Symbol) Please PM condition & price Many thanks
  4. Gloria Hill "be somebody" deep great mid tempo dancer I played it covered up as Rose batiste in 1979 _1980 vey lo fi production compared to the other releases on the label, the moments and sunny Carrington.
  5. Just watched Driven. Loved the soundtrack and story. Some devious folks out there if it's TRUE... Ed
  6. there's a topic already running here Nigel...
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  8. Thanks for all advice on setting up the Facebook Page as Public. It is now up: https://www.facebook.com/groups/therecordcollectorsBBC/ Cheers
  9. Hi all! Here is the June edition of the podcast - hope you enjoy! DJ MELISMO SOUL MIX 151 CANDY McKENZIE - Thinking Of You (1981) Intro DIAMOND STREET RHYTHM MACHINE - Living In Harmony (2017) VEDA - You Can Love Again (1978) WOMAN - I Want To Get Back (1970) KINGDOM - Don't Be Afraid (1987) OUR LADIES OF SOUL - Don't Make It Impossible (1969) CANDY McKENZIE - Remind Me (1983) LADY SOUL - Can You Find A Place In Your Heart (1992) M.V.P. - She Is Naive (1986) JIMMY DUKES - A Way With Women (1988) CHAPTER ONE - Let Me Down Easy (Have It Your Way) (1976) OLLIE MOORE - Good Man (2020) P. RANEY COALITION - Don't Stop Caring (2003) SLAY - All I Need Is You (2020) SOUND OF SUPERBAD - I Want 'Cha (2020) ALLON SAMS - You Remain The Same (2006) GAIL ANDERSON - Just A Little Ugly (1981) DEGREE OF FREEDOM - Please Tell Me Why (1976) GREENFLOW - No Other Life Without You (1977) MAURICE STARR - In My Life (1980) MIDWEST FRANCHISE - I'll Be Around (1976) CRYSTAL WINDS - So Sad (1982) RARE FUNCTION - Love (1980) 7 SONS OF SOUL - How Long (2004) KENNY SMITH - If There Is No You (1998) J. LITTLE - The Way We Used To Roll (1994) HEATHER PARK - Baby I (2005) MR. ZAY - How Would You Like It Tonight (2002) MOE SOUL - Can't Seem To Find Me (2019) DOKY BROTHERS - Waiting In Vain (1997) MARK JOHNSON - Daydream (1995) RONNIE MILLER - I Owe You Love (1974) SOFT TOUCH - Look Up, Look Down (1976) THREE SHADES OF SOUL - Being In Love (1972) THE LIMITATIONS - My Baby (1972) THE GROUP - Spinning Around (1973) THE BARONS OF SOUL - You Need Love (Rec. 196x, rel. 2005) THE WOMACK SISTERS - Darling (2017) KING ELLIS - I Love You More Than You Will Ever Know (2009) KIRK WHALUM - We're Still Friends (2010) L. SPENSER SMITH - Hooked (2020) RON WARD JR. - You Were Meant For Me (2018) TWICE - My Yesterday (1997) SECRET NIGHT GANG - Wanna Be With You (2020) SHARISSA - I'm Through (2005) Audio here: https://www75.zippyshare.com/v/OolYMC4T/file.html or via: https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/melismo Wishing you all the best M
  10. Mrs. I know you can multi task but please explain to just a simple male of the species ( me ) how you can take a picture with one hand holding your best yard brush in the other whilst wearing a storm trooper helmet from return of the jedi with a veil
  11. I bought some spray...this morning from Sainsbury's.....but it's like a nerve gas....and wasps are just....you know....they don't know about the anti socialness of nests in sheds, and we need to look after our insects....so it's had a stay of execution...I just can't bear to annihilate them, or it. It'd make a lovely lampshade. It's a beautiful little thing. But.... it'll have to go....but I can't kill the wasps. . It might even be empty? I think I might open the window, stick my brush through, wallop the nest, drop it and leg it...as suggested. Or, I could just bulldoze the whole shed with a yellow JCB thing. Whatever, Project Wasp Nest will be addressed tomorrow. This isn't really a Show Us Your Great Photos topic but there might be one of me tomorrow armed, and extremely dangerous with my best yard brush, bee Keeper helmet and veil...
  12. It is 2020 And the Question is Still... Why Can't We Live Together...
  13. I always thought ALBH sounded like: Same driving beat... Ed
  14. A friend of mine did a fantastic job listing all the artists, songs, records,etc..from Louisianna. Not exhaustive of course but a goldmine for every New Orleans music collector. It's written in French but there are more pictures and listings than texts. Here it is : http://monola.net/ One of the pages : http://monola.net/labc0035.htm Of course any addition is welcomed !
  15. The Last 7 days Ebay Results Soul Source Newsletter Latest Ebay Results Highlights The latest sales information direct from ebay. Highlights of the last 7 days ebay auctions. Results sorted by highest value ending bid Soul Record Auctions - Recent Completed Soul Auctions [sorted by value] Essence Of Love - Yes It S You - K-city Original Modern Soul Monster Sound .. $1066.09 ended 29 May The Voltaires On Bacone Near Mint My My My Baby Movin On $967.89 ended 30 May Soul The Malibus On Unity My Love Frustration Vg $930.00 ended 01 Jun Sonny Parker On Hitts 404 - Mr Romance $810.00 ended 01 Jun Mega Soul Funk Gospel - Spirit - Put Your Hands Together Lp $741.43 ended 03 Jun Dale Cunningham Too Young Rockin Blues Soul Cash Listen $731.00 ended 02 Jun Beatles Rubber Soul Test Pressing Lp 1985 Mfsl Half-speed Mobile Fidelity $699.99 ended 27 May Jay Traynor Up And Over Abc 10845 Promo Orig 66 45 $676.00 ended 29 May Nos Original 1974 Magnum Fully Loaded Vinyl 12 Lp Funk Soul Super 33 $530.00 ended 03 Jun Mega Soul Funk Gospel - Spirit - Put Your Hands Together Lp $526.41 ended 01 Jun 93 Singles-all Listed- All Nr Ex Mint $514.84 ended 02 Jun Gloria Relations Sweet Soul 45rpm Hook Line Sinker B W Date With My Man.. $465.00 ended 28 May Sheila B Devotion I Don T Need A Doctor 1978 Mexico 7 Unique Ps Funk Soul $431.00 ended 01 Jun Peter Tosh Rita Marley Making Love Soul Brothers Voodoo Moon 7 $397.00 ended 01 Jun Hear Dean Courtney Betcha Can T Change My Mind Mgm K13776 Dj Promo $394.00 ended 01 Jun Mickey Them Hey Brother Man Gc Killer Texas Chicano Funk Latin Soul Hear $393.88 ended 30 May Choice Of Colours Your Love Apt Ex $376.50 ended 28 May Lee Williams Cymbal S I M Just A Teenager 1972 Rapda $351.99 ended 01 Jun Lily Fields - Pas 6082 Lp - Paramount - Unreleased 70s Soul Vg Test Press Mp3 $338.35 ended 31 May Kenny Shepard What Difference Does It Make 7 Maxx Promo 45 $315.00 ended 31 May Alabama Garage Psych Sunshine Soul Funk Breaks Rpm Easy Groovin Along $305.00 ended 01 Jun Dwight Sykes Jahari - You That I Need Lp - Vamp Private Modern Soul Synth.. $301.00 ended 31 May Small Society 7 If You Stand By Me Just Loving You Cadde Crossover Soul $300.00 ended 02 Jun The Next In Line - Hoagy Lands - Laurie Original Demo Classic $287.56 ended 29 May The Shaparells Come Back Knock On Wood Bennett 1968 Funk Soul 45 $287.00 ended 01 Jun Original Records The Adorables Ooh Boy Golden World Gw-25 $276.25 ended 02 Jun Gratitude Loving You We Are Here To Party Modern Soul Boogie 45 $276.00 ended 02 Jun Bob Marley The Wailers Thank You Lord Mellow Mood 7 Reggae Wail N Soul M $275.19 ended 02 Jun Big Don S Rebellion-rare Funk -ethon 101 Promo M-e-3033 $271.00 ended 01 Jun Young Jessie You Were Meant For Me Soul Mercury Listen $271.00 ended 02 Jun Grand Funk Railroad E Pluribus Funk Sealed Hard Rock Hype Sticker $270.00 ended 29 May Soul Vendors Fat Fish 7 1960 S Pop Reggae Marcia Griffiths $259.93 ended 27 May La Puima - The Inner Soul Tiny Toe Records 67 Promo One Sided Garage Rock $258.53 ended 30 May Brief Encounter - We Want To Play Lp - Music Town - Modern Soul $255.00 ended 31 May Musi O Tunya Wings Of Africa Lp M O T Records Zambia 1975 Ex Hi-life Funk $220.58 ended 28 May Blenders No Soul 45rpm The New Dance B W Cause I Love You Listen $209.16 ended 28 May Hear Chi-lites Never No More She S Mine Blue Rock B-4037 Wlp Promo $202.50 ended 01 Jun Sealed Malcolm X College African American Jazz Ensemble Lp Record Vinyl Funk $202.49 ended 01 Jun Charlie Mccoy Escorts Northern Monument 975 Near Mint My Baby S Back Again $201.50 ended 30 May Mega Rpm Gospel Modern Soul Funk Boogie Preston Wiggins The Angels $200.00 ended 01 Jun Rock Candy - Alone With No Love - Dontee Vg $195.89 ended 31 May The Soul Twins Quick Change Artist Karen Soul Promo G Vg $195.00 ended 01 Jun Trevor Sampson Never Too Late Ultra Disco Modern Soul Lp Boogie Gospel Hear $192.50 ended 27 May Demon Fuzz-afreaka 1970 Original Us Pressing Janus Records Jazz-funk $192.50 ended 01 Jun Mike Kirkland Doin It Right Orig Bryan Lp Soul Funk Vinyl $187.50 ended 27 May 84 Soul Funk R B Blues Vinyl Records Lot Titles Obscure Dance Lp 7 $185.00 ended 28 May Bobby Goldsboro Fast Vers Too Many People Nm Italian With Cover $182.08 ended 30 May De La Soul 3 Feet High And Rising Rhino Records R1 81019 Japan Pink Yello.. $180.50 ended 31 May Mega Atlanta Georgia Modern Soul Funk Boogie Electronic Rpm Continentals $180.28 ended 01 Jun Tony Gregory Uk Doctor Bird Reggae Soul $169.52 ended 30 May Telstars - Orbiting - Island Funk Soul Lp Barbados Making A Living Wirl $168.50 ended 02 Jun Garage Psych Funk Playthings I Need You Sherwood Hear $167.06 ended 31 May Jackson Sisters I Believe In Miracles 1974 Promo Black Gospel Soul Funk $164.50 ended 01 Jun Jerry Jackson Kapp 496 Promo Near Mint Wide Awake In A Dream $163.33 ended 30 May Los Juniors De Santa Tecla - La Tepelcuba Latin Funk El Salvador Lp $159.50 ended 02 Jun Prince - 1999 How Come You Don T Call Me Anymore Ja Pressed Funk Psynch 45 $157.50 ended 30 May Kenny Lawrence - You Thrill Me You And Me Island Soul Trinidad Private $156.50 ended 02 Jun V A - Future Shock Lp - Omnimusic - Library Electro Funk Synth Vg Mp3 $155.27 ended 01 Jun Peppermint Harris Wait Until It Happens To You Jewel 1965 Blues Soul Ex $154.50 ended 31 May 200 Records Lot - Soul Garage R B Pop Rock Doo Wop - Huge Collection $154.49 ended 31 May Clive Zanda Is Here Again Island Cosmic Soul Spiritual Jazz Very Rare $153.50 ended 02 Jun De La Soul - 3 Feet High And Rising Vmp Lp 2 X Psychedelic Splatter Discs Mint $153.20 ended 30 May Earl Grant Hide Nor Hair Ex- Nice Cover Original 45 $153.20 ended 31 May Len Woods I M In Love Do It Funky 1969 Revue 11071 Mint- Soul Funk 45 $152.73 ended 30 May Bruce Channel - Indian Summer Lp - Zeus - Obscure Modern Soul Aor Vg Shrin.. $152.50 ended 31 May Willie Hutch - Soul Portrait Lp - Rca Victor Sealed $152.50 ended 01 Jun The Beatles Lp Vinyl Records Lot Sgt Peppers Revolver Abbey Road Rubber Sou.. $151.50 ended 29 May South Side Soul John Wright Trio Lp 1960 Prestige 7190 Mono Rvg 1st Press Vg $151.00 ended 02 Jun Keidi Awadu New Love Obsession Ultra Modern Soul 12 Disco Boogie Listen $150.00 ended 27 May Modern Soul Otis Gayle Risco Connections Sexy Eyes Cobra Canadian Mint $150.00 ended 27 May The Casualeers-dance Dance Dance Roulette 4277 D J Promo $150.00 ended 30 May Soul Coughing-ruby Vroom Vinyl Lp New Sealed $150.00 ended 03 Jun The Funkees Acid Rock My First Date Nigerian Funk Very Hmv Hns 1198 $149.00 ended 31 May Frank Wilson Do I Love You 7 Demo 1979 Tamla Ex $143.15 ended 29 May Pungent Stench - For God Your Soul Splatter Vinyl 1991 Nuclear Blast $135.00 ended 28 May Nm Org Funk Darrell Banks Just Because Your Love Is Gone $133.50 ended 01 Jun Bob Marley Jungle Fever Soul Shake Up Party On Dub Plate $131.57 ended 28 May Psych Fuzz Stoner Funk Rock Front Office Wow Mijji Hear $131.50 ended 31 May The Beatles 10 Lp Lot Sgt Pepper S Yellow Submarine 2nd Album Rubber Soul $131.50 ended 01 Jun De La Soul 3 Feet High And Rising Colored Lp Record Vinyl Me Please $131.00 ended 03 Jun Shades Of Black - Mystery Of Black - Julmar - Ny Funk Original Vg $130.44 ended 02 Jun Broadways You Just Don T Know On Mgm Near Mint $130.00 ended 28 May Barrington Saddler Soul Power Rub It Down Clandisc Cla204 1969 Vinyl Ex $128.95 ended 01 Jun Funk Little Ron Johnson I Keep Telling You Hard Times Mp3 $127.50 ended 31 May La Sinfonica De J B Reencuentro Latin Synth Moog Soul Disco El Salvador Pri.. $127.37 ended 02 Jun The Eyes Of Blue Northern Psyche Crossover Up And Down $126.83 ended 02 Jun Lou Donaldson Lp Swing Soul Original Blue Note Mono W 63rd Rvg D G Ear Vg $126.39 ended 03 Jun All Gardner - Sweet Baby Googa-mooga Ex $125.58 ended 31 May Peggy March Promo If You Loved Me Very Uk Cover 45 $125.57 ended 31 May Finished Touch - Say I M In Love 12 Acetate 1979 Soul Disco $125.50 ended 03 Jun Kiss Import 2 Lp Live Vinyl Masters Of Your Soul Vinyl Signed By Peter Cr.. $125.00 ended 30 May The Mods Blue Eyed Promo Dry My Eyes Rosalie On Fona Vg $125.00 ended 31 May Motown Promo The Temptations White Gordy Nm 7049 Dj Soul Get Ready $124.50 ended 30 May Kke Pas Tout Nm Private Unknown Afro Disco Funk Lp 1982 Afrobeat Boogie Dancer $124.31 ended 02 Jun Rca Jb10558 - Weldon Irvine - I Love You What S Goin On - 45rpm $122.50 ended 28 May Henry Strogin I Wanna Love Soul Ball Listen $122.50 ended 02 Jun Soul Coughing-ruby Vroom Vinyl Lp New Sealed $120.00 ended 31 May Marcus Reid Poor Man Cry Marcus All Stars Soul On Fire 7 $119.50 ended 01 Jun Dav Kipp Yea My Baby Loves Me Soul Coral Listen $115.07 ended 02 Jun Mike James Kirkland Hang On In There Orig Bryan Soul Funk Vinyl $114.49 ended 27 May Subscribe to our newsletter now for the latest eBay results highlights sent directly to your email inbox. Sign up via https://www.soul-source.co.uk/newsletters/ The Last 7 days Ebay Results Soul Source Newsletter https://www.soul-source.co.uk/newsletters/issue/1415-last-7-days-ebay-auction-results/
  16. I thought we were supposed to leave up the prices of sold items. Helps others to assist with pricing in the future. - Kev Oops!! Sorry should have read the post properly and/or minded my own business!!
  17. The same riff is also on Captain Beefheart's Dropout Boogie, released the same year. The first time I heard Julien Covey I was amazed someone was playing a Captain Beefheart album track! I always figured CB nicked it off You Really Got Me. Also read that Ray Davies was trying to emulate The Train And The River, I am a massive Jimmy Giuffre fan but could never see the resemblance myself.
  18. It's a great historic thread. There must have been some real money for labels lucky enough to get a national hit. Interesting to know a label owner could hire a competitors studio. Anything to keep overheads down I guess. So Sad very few hit the jackpot. Ed
  19. How many clubs and venues will be forced to close due to Covid19. Sad but a victim of the virus.
  20. Bought the CD at the time after hearing the tracks. Still play it now.
  21. The Skyliners - Everything Is Fine - Jubilee wdj - £20.00 Condition - NM Oscar Irving - If It Ain't One Thing It's Another - Boblo wdj - £15.00 Condition - VG (A decent VG) A rarer issue than the SS International release Witches and The Warlock - I Don't Want To Live My Life Alone - Sew City - £15.00 Condition - VG++ James Brown & The Famous Flames - Money Won't Change You - King wdj - £15.00 Condition - VG A slightly scruffy VG but plays well and a hard WLP to find
  22. Louise, I have had a couple of these starter nests in my shed, there may be only one wasp in it, if any. The wasps make the nest out of wood pulp which they chew and spit out to create a miniature feat of engineering. My technique to get rid of them was...open the door slightly, knock the nest off with a yard brush, drop brush and close the door, there may be one or two pissed off wasps but they soon calm down. Ste.
  23. shirley vaughn watch out mr lonely double rr vg++ 10 melba moore magic touch/honey bees never in a million years fabulus records ex 20 HOLD the wall of sound hang on tower re issue/boot ex 10 HOLD herman grifin are you for me or aganest me magic touch vg++ (class tune) 10 ernie andrews fine young girl capital vg+ so only 10 does around 35 plays fine jimmy james a man like me stateside vg++ 15 judy street what strider boot vg++ 10 marlina mars head and shoulders mgm demo vg but plays VG++ so only 20 joan moody we must be doing something right sylvia vg++ 20 tommy tate if you got to love somebody kent ex 7 the emperors my baby likes to boogaloo mala demo ex (great version) mod classic coke escovedo i wouldent chang a thing unique vg++ 20 carie cleveland love will set you free one sided pre issue type thing not many about on 7 ex 30 HOLD post £1.95 first class £2.95 if you want reg post f and f
  24. until

    It gets better by the week,some fantastic choices,well done people!!
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