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    Love soul music and do drawings on a computer for a living.

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  1. Head and shoulders the best track on the LP as far as I'm concerned: Cheers Roger
  2. Best wishes me old mate, fight it and fight it hard and get well soon xxx
  3. Soul CD's have little resale value, save for the odd few that are in demand, believe me - I spent nearly 30 years amassing a very hefty collection of new releases, many rare indie ones which can be seen for crazy money from chancers on the likes of Amazon or Discogs or wherever, but honestly, nobody wants them. I sold mine because of both storage space (not having a garage in the new house to put them) and never actually playing or looking at them any more. I put a load of discogs, tried to get hefty prices on a few I thought I could and failed miserably on most of them, I sold them eventually in a couple of jobs lots, at a fraction of what they cost me. I've also been doing CD cover designs for 20 years now and have seen it all decline to the point where I rarely do a cover for an artist album, and even the compilation/reissues are struggling miserably with sales these days unfortunately, though the resurgence of vinyl has seen a bit of an upturn in fortunes, though no to the extent people are going to get rich off it. Sadly I think the end of the CD, as much as I've tried to kid myself for years now, is definitely in sight and if you're hanging onto a CD collection in the hope of making a good few quid, honestly, think again! Cheers Roger
  4. Anyone have this they'd be willing to sell me please? Thanks a lot Roger
  5. Great stuff, really nice, cheers for posting!
  6. Great post. For years I've enjoyed the convenience of non-original media (CDR, mp3) for listening to privately, and (shock horror!) for playing out at 'modden' venues where none of the NS/rare values were ever a concern to anyone, but when it comes to buying for the collection then it would always have to be original where possible, but recently I've started to gain a huge amount of pleasure from spending time with a few drinks and friends in the record room, digging out the real deal vinyl records and playing them and looking at and listening to them for what they are - just fantastic pieces of classic art and great memories which have been the soundtrack to most of my adult life. As I said, excellent post Mick, I'm sure most can relate to what you're saying. Cheers Roger
  7. Me too, played it this weekend at the North Lancs Soul Festival, killer version. Cheers Roger
  8. Not sure it was ever released on vinyl to be honest, Andy. Cheers Roger
  9. If any of you lot moaning about it were selling it and somebody bid a couple of ton on it, I somehow suspect you wouldn't be quite so outraged.
  10. One of the greatest of the all time greats, may he rest in peace.
  11. And this week's show https://soulsorts.podomatic.com/entry/2016-01-31T13_52_09-08_00 EDDY EDMONDSON SOULTIME SOLAR RADIO SUNDAY 31 JAN 2016 PLAYLIST: Chicago Gangsters - I Choose You [LP: I Choose You] 1975 Sharon Paige - New To You [45 ABC Records] 1978 Rosie Grier - Beautiful People [45 A&M Records] 1973 Ron Keith - Gotta Go By What You Tell Me [45 A&M Records] 1975 Leroy Hutson - Can't Say Enough About Mom [LP: The Man!] 1974 L.T.D. - (Won't Cha) Stay With Me [LP: Something to Love] 1977 Newban - Why Did You Desert Me? [LP: Newban] 1977 9th Creation - Sexy Girl [LP: Falling in Love] 1976 Courtial - Time To Explain [LP: Don't You Think It's Time] 1976 Cheyenne Fowler - Groovin' With You [LP: Cheyenne's Comin'] 1976 Caesar Frazier - Another Life [LP: Another Life] 1978 Esther Williams - Would It Matter [LP: Bustin' Out] 1978 Esther Williams - Searching For Somebody Else [LP: Let Me Show You] 1976 Charme - Do It For Love [LP: Let It In] 1979 Lou Courtney - Beware [45 Epic Records] 1973 Lou Courtney - Why [CD reissue bonus track: I’m In Need Of Love (1974)] 2008 Kocky - Share Love [LP: Post No Bills] 1979 Charnissa - When Can We Do This Again [LP: Charnissa] 1978 Opus 7 - The Way You Move Me [LP: Thoughts] 1979 General Lee and the Space Army Band - We Did It Baby [45 Lost Weekend] 1979 New York City Band - Together [CD: New York City Band] 1979 The Lovelites - Love's So Strong [45 Lovelite Records] 1973 Freddie Hughes & The Chevelles - I Just Found Out [45 Janus Records] 1972 Jimmy Delphs - Do You Know What I Mean [45 DSSI Records] 1977 Carl Davis & Chi Sound Orchestra - Windy City Theme [45 ChiSound] 1976 Clifton Dyson/Gwen Matthews - I'm Giving Up [45 QS Records] 1980 Cynthia Sheeler - Yes We Do [45 Skyra Records] Enchantment - Thank You Girl For Loving Me [LP: Enchantment] 1976 Barbara Pennington - All Time Loser [LP: Midnight Ride] 1977 Cheers! Roger
  12. Have been back on Solar Radio over the past couple of weeks filling in for me old mate Eddy Edmondson - the usual array of my favourite 70s stuff, always a pleasure never a chore and all that https://soulsorts.podomatic.com/entry/2016-01-24T12_47_10-08_00 EDDY EDMONDSON SOULTIME SOLAR RADIO SUNDAY 24 JAN 2016 PLAYLIST: Diana Ross - Medley: Brown Baby/Save the Children [Touch Me in the Morning] 1973 Supremes - High Energy [High Energy] 1971 Tom Brock - I Love You More And More [I Love You More And More] 1974 Norman Feels - Movie [Where Or When] 1974 Notations - There I Go [The Notations] 1975 Impressions - If You Have To Ask [Loving Power] 1976 J. R. Bailey - Just Me 'N You [Just Me 'N You] 1974 Ace Spectrum - Sweet Music, Soft Lights And You [Just Like In The Movies] 1976 Cecil Shaw - This I've Gotta See [45] Little Dooley - (It's Got To Be) Now Or Never [45] Pure Pleasure - By My Side [45] John Edwards - Cold Hearted Woman [Careful Man] previously unissued 1996 John Edwards - How Can I Make It Without You [Careful Man] previously unissued 1996 Tommy Tate - If You Got To Love Somebody (Why Not Take A Chance On Me) [Soul Revelations] 1997 Barbara Jean English - I'm Living A Lie [So Many Ways…] 1972 Erma Franklin - Whispers (Gettin' Louder) [45] Jackie Wilson - Just Call My Name [LP: Nobody But You] 1975 Dana Valery - You Babe [Not The Flower But The Root] 1972 Joe Simon - In My Baby's Arms [Get Down] 1974 Winfield Parker - I Want To Be With You [45] Mystique - Spoiled Like A Baby [Mystique previously unissued] 1977 Truth - Touch Me [Truth] 1980 T.N.J.'s - Don't Forget About Me [45] Willie Tee - Bring On The Heartaches [I'm Only A Man] 1970 Little Beaver - I Really Love You Babe [When Was The Last Time] 1976 Reverend T. L. Barratt - Said It Long Time Ago [45] Garland Green - Come Through Me [Soul Of Spring] 1997 Sandy Mercer - True Or False [LP: Hey Love, Come And Get It!] 1978 7th Wonder - Living My Life Just For You [Climbing Higher] 1979 YBS - I Could Love But One Boy [YBS] 1979 Cheers! Roger
  13. Best statement I've read on here in a long time, especially the first part.
  14. https://en.mediamass.net/people/ben-e-king/deathhoax.html Always google these things these days.

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