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    Love soul music and do drawings on a computer for a living.

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    Quality soul music
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    Stevie Wonder - My Cherie Amour

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  1. Head and shoulders the best track on the LP as far as I'm concerned: Cheers Roger
  2. I thought the latest series is actually even better than the first two.
  3. Best wishes me old mate, fight it and fight it hard and get well soon xxx
  4. Soul CD's have little resale value, save for the odd few that are in demand, believe me - I spent nearly 30 years amassing a very hefty collection of new releases, many rare indie ones which can be seen for crazy money from chancers on the likes of Amazon or Discogs or wherever, but honestly, nobody wants them. I sold mine because of both storage space (not having a garage in the new house to put them) and never actually playing or looking at them any more. I put a load of discogs, tried to get hefty prices on a few I thought I could and failed miserably on most of them, I sold them even
  5. Anyone have this they'd be willing to sell me please? Thanks a lot Roger
  6. Great stuff, really nice, cheers for posting!
  7. Great post. For years I've enjoyed the convenience of non-original media (CDR, mp3) for listening to privately, and (shock horror!) for playing out at 'modden' venues where none of the NS/rare values were ever a concern to anyone, but when it comes to buying for the collection then it would always have to be original where possible, but recently I've started to gain a huge amount of pleasure from spending time with a few drinks and friends in the record room, digging out the real deal vinyl records and playing them and looking at and listening to them for what they are - just fantastic pi
  8. Me too, played it this weekend at the North Lancs Soul Festival, killer version. Cheers Roger
  9. Not sure it was ever released on vinyl to be honest, Andy. Cheers Roger
  10. If any of you lot moaning about it were selling it and somebody bid a couple of ton on it, I somehow suspect you wouldn't be quite so outraged.
  11. One of the greatest of the all time greats, may he rest in peace.
  12. And this week's show http://soulsorts.podomatic.com/entry/2016-01-31T13_52_09-08_00 EDDY EDMONDSON SOULTIME SOLAR RADIO SUNDAY 31 JAN 2016 PLAYLIST: Chicago Gangsters - I Choose You [LP: I Choose You] 1975 Sharon Paige - New To You [45 ABC Records] 1978 Rosie Grier - Beautiful People [45 A&M Records] 1973 Ron Keith - Gotta Go By What You Tell Me [45 A&M Records] 1975 Leroy Hutson - Can't Say Enough About Mom [LP: The Man!] 1974 L.T.D. - (Won't Cha) Stay With Me [LP: Something to Love] 1977 Newban - Why Did You Desert Me? [LP: Newban] 1977 9th Creation - S
  13. Have been back on Solar Radio over the past couple of weeks filling in for me old mate Eddy Edmondson - the usual array of my favourite 70s stuff, always a pleasure never a chore and all that http://soulsorts.podomatic.com/entry/2016-01-24T12_47_10-08_00 EDDY EDMONDSON SOULTIME SOLAR RADIO SUNDAY 24 JAN 2016 PLAYLIST: Diana Ross - Medley: Brown Baby/Save the Children [Touch Me in the Morning] 1973 Supremes - High Energy [High Energy] 1971 Tom Brock - I Love You More And More [I Love You More And More] 1974 Norman Feels - Movie [Where Or When] 1974 Notations - There I
  14. Best statement I've read on here in a long time, especially the first part.

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