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  1. Really sorry to hear this, had many good laughs with Dave both at soul nights and in the old SSLAAS thread in free basing. RIP top bloke QoFxx
  2. I have found a copy that matches your description exactly but.............................it has the crinkly label on b side as casper says, always assumed it was a boot so it has never left my "naughty box". QoFxx
  3. I have not checked with the SKank in the Park lot for next year as that does not have a major effect. However, it isn't just two or three local promoters I would have to ring as the support for this event is not predeminantley local although it has had good local support in the past. I have friends and regular DJs who travel from the Midlands, the South Coast, Essex, London, Hertfordshire etc..... Anyway, I think this has now run it's course let's move on. Just to re-iterate my date for next year is 1st September ...................and as I said earlier. Thank You And Good Night. QoFxx
  4. Danny May I say that I do not see my self as a promoter or DJ never have done. Just do one charity gig a year and dust off the vinyl for a bit of fun every now and again and when I am asked to. I do one event a year and have changed the dates previously so as not to clash with Wellingborough and Filthy Soul. So I took the next available date and circulated it 13 months in advance. What more could I do. There are many on here that will tell you that I do everything I can to attend and promote as many events as possible in the local/London/Herts area, unfortunately due to finacial situation I do not visit as many as I would like but still plug them and make sure they are publicised amongst our own travelling band of soulies. QoFxx
  5. This was set up for local promoters to avoid clashes and NOT as a calendar of events for the UK and is a rolling 12 months. It helped promoters plan their events up to 12 months in advance on a rolling 12 month basis. If you bother to read Warren's comments on the Calling London Promoters, link an earlier post you will see that many local promoters have found it usefull. It has been running for about 6 years after we had had a lot of clashes and bollotix in our area and we have not had any major porblems until now. QoFxx
  6. There are other events on there that people from our area travel to and would be likely to affect numbers in our own area. There are discontinued events on there because the calendars posted on this thread are over 12 months old. QoFxx
  7. As I said I had a number of options but the date was always fixed. I had run 2 of these events before in 2008 and 2009 and wanted to get the date booked to coincide with my birthday and Tony's birthday so that is why I booked the date before I decided on which venue I was going to use. QoFxx
  8. Ididn't book the venue as I had a number of options but I had booked the date. QoFxx
  9. I did not change my date, The date pottsy refers to is for 2010. The 2011 date was set back in August last year and published as such. If you look at the calendar Pottsy attached this clearly says 29 August 2010 and the said file is names as "Dates 2010". The calendar I attached is named "Dates 2010 11" and clearly says Sept 3rd 2011. QoFxx
  10. It is a rolling 12 month calendar that is updated monthly to reflect the up and coming 12 months not just a particular year., events get added on going. If you look at the one I sent out in August is titled 2010 11 QoFxx
  11. At that point the 2010 event was going ahead and that was the date for 2010. QoFxx
  12. If you look at the calendar you have posted you will see that this is for the 2010 date not 2011 date which was a bank holiday sunday, which in the end did not go ahead as my ex husband died last year and I really could not get my head around it. QoFxx
  13. Yes it is a calendar but not for promoting events but to give promoters information to avoid clashes. QoFxx

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