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  1. Bully Boy

  2. Happy Birthday Gilly

    Happy Birthday Mate ... Hope that you had a Great Day
  3. "Just Soul Summer Sizzler"

    " JUST SOUL SUMMER SIZZLER" This Saturday 22nd June at Ye Old Bell, Retford, Notts , DN22 8QS 4:00 P.M. through till 2:00 A.M. Sean Hampsey, Andy "Tats" Taylor, Kev Briscoe. Bully With Guest D.J.s Mike Charlton, Mike Lofthouse, Shaun McPhail. John Benson
  4. Disilusioned With The Xover Scene

    As Bunny Sigler said Mate ................ "Follow Your Heart " Bully
  5. Micky Cruise Rip

    I can just see him up there now with his old sidekick and sparring partner Mr Lawson ..... only one word can describe this ! HAVOC .... ! Micky Cruise RIP
  6. News: The Moods Of Millie Jackson

    The Biz ...... Millie is a such an underated talent and her two concept albums "Caught Up" & "Still Caught Up" are Masterpieces ......! But looking at the tracklist, this is gonna be up there with em ...! Thanks Sean !
  7. 100 Club all nighter

    Early Bird catches the Worm Tony ! ;-)
  8. 100 Club all nighter

    And Mushy Peas & Gravy !
  9. 100 Club all nighter

    You Forgot Mothers Ady ............!
  10. 100 Club all nighter

    100 Club...............Here I Come!
  11. Lawmann Solomon 45 Unknown Modern/x-Over Offers

    Adam, Tats Taylor found a copy of this in the States and he did play it on Soul People a while back.
  12. Gary Welsh R.i.p

    We are totally shellshocked by this Sad News, and my memory of Gary will be of him nursing a pint sat at the bar at Thorne, as he used to early doors. Without Gary Welsh No Thorne ! RIP Gary Our best wishes and thoughts go to Piddy at this such...
  13. Big Beat Ballads

    Arthur Alexander .......................!
  14. Record Centre Chesterfield

    The Record Shop changed it's name to "Some Kinda Mushroom" and was run by Stuart Smith who now runs the men's fashion shop Zebra, this is located on the same road as the Winding Wheel.
  15. Cleethorpes 6TS weekender 20th Special


    Ady, as an hardened veteran of 18 of the 20 weekenders . ! For the people in our party and me....quite possibly the best of them all! Friday was a little bit of a blur, but I enjoyed it......Thanks for the £100 back Jock.......(Totally Forgot...LOL) Saturday Dinner, is always one of my fave sessions, but this year the Norfolk Village special was just that .... as for others on stage, the five you mentioned and Tats where the only ones spinning discs ..... and there were some good un's spun! Saturday Night, same again William Bell and Just Soul and then Tef's debacle and Sunday dinner and night Just the same again.....TOP STUFF !!! REAL SOUL MUSIC!! Highlight for me was watching Tats dance to Eddie Parker - I Love You Baby ........... knowing that Monday morning his back was gonna be out......GREAT!!! Roll On Cleethorpes 21 ...................... Bettye Swann!!!! Congratluations Ady....! Bully!