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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Boogaloo profile photo Boogaloo 25/10/19 great dealer! Ljblanken profile photo Ljblanken
Lambretta Gp 200 profile photo Lambretta Gp 200 25/10/19 Got this 45, packed well, arrived happy:-) Cheers mate Mal C profile photo Mal C
Louise profile photo Louise 24/10/19 really happy with record thank you very much plays and sounds great AdamSX200 profile photo AdamSX200
soullad profile photo soullad 24/10/19 Excellent to deal with no problems soulfulswifty profile photo soulfulswifty
Marco ItalianGuy profile photo Marco ItalianGuy 23/10/19 Excellent transaction thanks A+++++ Soulgalore profile photo Soulgalore
Soulie_girl_80 profile photo Soulie_girl_80 23/10/19 Excellent service thanks again Gordon wynter profile photo Gordon wynter
Gordon wynter profile photo Gordon wynter 23/10/19 again everything perfect!! thank you!! Soulie_girl_80 profile photo Soulie_girl_80
neckender profile photo neckender 22/10/19 100% perfect! Spc profile photo Spc
Phantom Janitor profile photo Phantom Janitor 22/10/19 Great purchase from Graham recently. 👍 Drew3 profile photo Drew3
Jim Ohara profile photo Jim Ohara 22/10/19 Very happy with a recent record from Jim. Record in greAt condition. Drew3 profile photo Drew3
Lambretta Gp 200 profile photo Lambretta Gp 200 22/10/19 Very happy with the records from Moz. Great seller. Drew3 profile photo Drew3
Soul Inc profile photo Soul Inc 22/10/19 Des keeps coming up with the goods and always good value. Drew3 profile photo Drew3
Kjw profile photo Kjw 22/10/19 Great purchases from Kev recently. 👍 Drew3 profile photo Drew3
Angus profile photo Angus 22/10/19 Recent buy from Angus. Top notch as always. Drew3 profile photo Drew3
neil olive profile photo neil olive 22/10/19 Two great records from Neil. Always as described if not better. Drew3 profile photo Drew3
Nick Hackett profile photo Nick Hackett 21/10/19 👍👍👍 scal profile photo scal
Soulfulsolutions profile photo Soulfulsolutions 21/10/19 An excellent transaction, record better than described and packed up really well (a bulldozer wouldn’t have broke it). Recommend to everyone. KayGee profile photo KayGee
Andybellwood profile photo Andybellwood 21/10/19 First class service thanks Andy for being helpful on price Soulfusion profile photo Soulfusion
Soulgalore profile photo Soulgalore 19/10/19 Excellent trader, the record has been shipped quickly and arrived in excellent conditions. Communication has been great. Definitely recommended. Marco ItalianGuy profile photo Marco ItalianGuy
Bryn profile photo Bryn 19/10/19 Excellent, super quick delivery, cheers Bryn.. Soulie80 profile photo Soulie80
Rob Moss profile photo Rob Moss 18/10/19 Thanks Rob for a quick & easy transaction kempy profile photo kempy
Bbrich profile photo Bbrich 18/10/19 An easy transaction; a credit to soul source. neckender profile photo neckender
Modernsoulsucks profile photo Modernsoulsucks 18/10/19 Record as described. Top notch seller. Thank you very much. Enrico Enricoacm1899 profile photo Enricoacm1899
neckender profile photo neckender 18/10/19 Top Seller, well packaged record, condition perfect as described, speedy delivery. ! Bbrich profile photo Bbrich
Steve Lane profile photo Steve Lane 18/10/19 Great guy to deal with quick payment and excellent communication. Cheers! Jnixon profile photo Jnixon

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