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Northern Soul At The BBC Proms 2023


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9 minutes ago, Phil The Fluter said:

Just a heads up to everyone however if your already aware please don't let me offend you. Not entirely familiar with how to negotiate this forum !

BBC Proms on Saturday evening 15/07/23 are covering Northern Soul tunes


not sure how you missed this, but given your recent posts maybe best if you take some time to get familar how to  'negotiate this forum'  before posting any more new topics



our source help guide can be read here


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On 10/07/2023 at 11:35, Amsterdam Russ said:

Here's a link to the broadcast scheduling. However... at the moment the link to the northern soul prom on Saturday is not working. Should be worth checking back later.


According to the Royal Albert Hall...

But that doesn't say if Saturday is being broadcast on telly or not!


<Added> Just checked the Saturday iPlayer schedules for BBC 1, 2, 3 & 4 and there are no proms that I can see. Will have to wait for that broken link to be fixed!





I've just tried the link as, like others, I can't see anything on any BBC TV station for this evening. It shows the 'Prom 2 Northern Soul' as one of the listed proms within the TV guide, but clicking it takes you nowhere. As a test I clicked the link for tomorrow's prom (Vivaldi, The Four Seasons). That works and tells you it will be on BBC4. 

So I'm guessing that you can listen live to the Northern Soul one tonight, but it won't be on TV yet.


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As we can only listen Via Radio Three live from 20:00 hrs ( and it does clearly say to be broadcast shortly after ) check out the link that both Russ and I have posted and check the Radio Three schedule for all info .

Shall all interested parties meet up here later with a glass or two and nibbles , for a chinwag with an open mind , just an idea if you're not already busy ? 

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Strangely, although I was disappointed that it wasn't live on TV, I'm enjoying it more just listening via a decent speaker with some good bass (playing from the iPhone onto HomePod). It's kind of more like being there!

The quality of music, singing and arrangement is really excellent, can't see it falling off here on in.

Just now, Happy Feet said:

If Carlsberg did Northern Soul , would it be this good 


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6 minutes ago, Seano said:

Anyone know if the backing singers are the ones not headlining for the song but listed as the singers for the event, or another bunch altogether? Either way, they're good!

Each backing singer is also taking the lead on some songs. Six singers in total. 

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