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  1. New Century Soul Club 15th Anniversary

    New Century Soul Club, one of the country's leading all-nighters celebrates 15 years of events this November.
      1   Mark Bicknell |
  2. 6TS Weekenders Under New Management

    A recent announcement of changes to the long running weekender, a brief grab below from the 6Ts Rhythm and Soul Society Website follows...
      8   Tomangoes |
  3. Rudy Love at the 100 Club - 29th Sept 2018

    Los Angeles soul man Rudy Love (and his Love Family) has a fascinating story going back to the early 60s and incorporating many great producers and acts along the way. An independent film on his colourful musical life will be shown at the Raindance Music D
      1   Mike |
  4. The Last Ever CO72 - Oct 20th 2018

    A couple of things to report from the CO72 'bunker'. Firstly it is with trepidation and a touch of sadness , we have to announce that this....the 10th anniversary 20th Oct 2018 will be the FINAL CO72....
      8   Jez Jones |
  5. Our Stoke Northern Soul Charity All Dayer Event and the BBC One Show

    We advertise our Northern Soul Nights every month on Soul Source and have built up a good crowd of follower's.We always work our events around others locally to be fair and considerate on the Soul Scene. KTF....
      2   Mark S |
  6. Sheffield's Darnall Horti’ Closed

    Demise of a quality soul night.
      17   Back Street Blue |
  7. Northern Soul Amsterdam Mini Weekender: December 2018

    Enjoy a Lost Weekend in Amsterdam! Following on from the sell-out success of the first Northern Soul Amsterdam mini weekender last December, we’re doing the whole thing all over again this year!
      2   Amsterdam Russ |
  8. New Manchester All Nighter Won-derful Soul Club

    News of a new Manchester All Nighter via the Won-derful Soul Club
  9. Dan Penn and The Masqueraders Live! Soul 4 Real #25

    Dan Penn and The Masqueraders Live! Soul 4 Real #25
      1   Ladymidnight |
  10. 100 Club dates for 2019

    2019 all-nighter dates
  11. Ann Sexton - Live London - 13th June 2018

    Ann Sexton upcoming... ANN SEXTON + DJ's Noble & Heath  Wednesday 13th June 2018 
      3   Musicure |
  12. Greg Belson European Club & Radio Dj Tour 2018 Details

    Here are the dates for my European DJ Club & Radio Tour 2018....check 'em out!
  13. Manchester Soul Weekender News 6-8th July 2018

    News on upcoming 'Manchester Soul Weekender' (6th July – 8th July) is now under two months away
      1   Girdwoodinc |
  14. Bridlington Weekender - Something New To Do #12 Update

    Latest update on our 12th Bridlington Weekender
  15. Allnighter Planner For April 2018 Via Soul Source Events

    For the organised types. Latest list of upcoming allnighters in APRIL 2018 from the Soul Source Event Guide. The list below is how things stand at 11th March. Check out the link below for the latest most up to date Allnighter list for APRIL 2018.
      1   Mike |
  16. Cleethorpes 2018 Weekender Confirmation

    Current score announcement on the Cleethorpes 2018 Weekender
  17. Arthur Miles to perform at 12th North Lancs Soul Festival

    More than 30 top Soul DJ's and radio presenters in 3 rooms over 3 days PLUS the legendary Arthur Miles for Early Bird Tickets of just £15 (with NO BOOKING FEE) while stocks last!
      2   Algsoul |
  18. Lee Field & Expressions Tour Dates - UK/Euro Inc Lady Wray Additions

    Lee Field & Expressions Tour Dates - UK/Euro Inc Lady Wray Additions
      1   Mattbolton |
  19. Detroit Free Press - Detroit a Go Go Event Feature

    Detroit Free Press website has a feature on the upcoming Detroit A Go Go  5 day festival written by Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press
  20. 6TS 100 Club 2018 Events Heads Up

    6TS at the 100 Club dates and heads up on all things 2018
      10   Bossfourpart1 |
  21. Detroit A Go Go - Oct 18-23 Oct 2017 - 5 Day Soul Event

    Word from Phil Dick of an upcoming event that is being held in Detroit USA over 5 days this October. Event information follows...
      3   Phild |
  22. Soultrip USA - Las Vegas - March 2018

    News on the popular Soultrip USA returning March 2018 at Las Vegas
      4   daveyboy66 |
  23. The Last Cleethorpes Weekender?

    A front page news highlight of a recent post by Ady C on the future of the Cleethorpes Weekenders
  24. Pat Bradys 60th Birthday celebrations at Leeds - May 7th 2017

    Well they say “time & tide waits for no man”, well as incredible as it may seem, Premium record dealer, Wigan Casino & Stafford
      6   Rob Wigley |
  25. Charity Soul at Prestatyn Northern Soul Weekender

    Prestatyn yn gwneud ei rhan dros Soul Elusen- (Pretstatyn does its bit for Charity Soul)

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