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  1. Not sure but isn't there a Pam Colquitt 45 on label ?
  2. Copy here.
  3. Can you not delete asking price once sold please. See sales guidelines. Some members use sales to get a rough idea of current going rate. If you would reinstate prices for Irwin and Anthony I'd be grateful. Thanks ROD [Moderator]
  4. Advertised as original on this site ?
  5. Moved discussion into here. ROD [Moderator]
  6. EBay sales in this section please. I think providing a direct link more fruitful.
  7. Please can you both carry on this personal transaction using the PM facility. Ady, you have already put your address in the public view, not to mention time of going to work. I don't think that's all that wise. Locking this ad. ROD [Moderator]
  8. Surprisingly Adam Topping on here.
  9. Better to use PM facility for personal conversations re transactions. ROD [Moderator]
  10. Have to agree with that. IMHO of the time more "Carry on Collecting" than film noir.
  11. Yes, I'll PM you with details soon.
  12. All records graded under strong light and condition as per SS guidelines. VG++ is still vey nice and toward M-. USA ALBUMS Graded cover/vinyl Phillip Mitchell Top of the Line ATLANTIC USA VG++/VG++ [Cover stamped promo. Inc. I'm so happy] £15 SOLD Shorty Long The Prime of....... SOUL USA VG++/M- [inc Baby come home to me] £15 Incredibles Heart and Soul AUDIO ARTS [sealed] M-/M- £25 [inc Mistreatment] SOLD Jean Terrell I had to fall in love A&M VG++/M- promo £10 SOLD Major Lance The Monkey Time OKEH VG++/VG++ £20 [name stamped on front and back cover but not obtrusive] SOLD Chris Bartley Sweetest thing this...... VANDO [sealed] M-/M- £20 SOLD Anthony & Imperials Payin our dues VEEP VG++/ M- £20 [inc. Better use.., Gonna fix.., It's not the same] SOLD Shades of Blue Happiness is the.... IMPACT VG++/ M- £25 [inc A way to love me] Rufus Lumly "same" RCA M-/M- £20 [inc. Stronger than me] SOLD Linda Jones Hypnotised LOMA VG++/VG++ £25 SOLD Esquires Get on up and.... BUNKY VG++/M- £10 SOLD Jackie Wilson Whispers BRUNSWICK [sealed] M-/M- £20 [inc. My heart is calling] SOLD Jackie Wilson Higher and Higher BRUNSWICK VG++/VG++ £18 [inc Somebody up there likes you] SOLD 45s Impressions Grow closer together ABC WDJ M- £15 Billy Sha-rae Do it HOUR GLASS M- £10 SOLD Young Folk Lonely Girl M- MAR-V-LUS £12 SOLD Intruders Cowboys to Girls GAMBLE WDJ M- £5 SOLD Young-Holt California Montage BRUNSWICK YDJ M- £15 SOLD Jimmy Bee If it wasn't for love 20th C. WDJ VG++ £30 SOLD Brenda & Tabulations Hey Boy DIONN WDJ VG++ £10 [WOL on reverse side- radio station type markings] Lou Johnson Unsatisfied BIGTOP M- £20 Sapphires Evil one HMV UK VG++ [nice copy but "I" written on label albeit barely noticeable] £150 Miracles Mickey's Monkey ORIOLE UK VG++ [nice copy] £35 SOLD All guaranteed refund if not happy. PayPal :- Gift or add 3% please Please PM me if interested Postage recorded at £2.75 for 45 and £4 album.
  13. IMO not a biggie at all but played there a few times.
  14. Don't really know for definite but I'd guess maybe during pop phase at Wigan ? The UK 45 to me was more a British collectible known pre-Wigan.
  15. And this