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Soul Features

Soul music related articles, reviews and features

419 articles in this category

  1. The Art of Ian Clark on Uk Vibe

     by mike  · Soul Features ·  17

    Uk Vibe website has a must visit lengthy and photo heavy article…
  2. Stuart Cosgrove - Soul Man - Short Film

     by soul source  · Soul Features ·  15

    Writer and Soul Source member Stuart Cosgrove features in a shor…
  3. Soulbowl

     by neckender  · Soul Features ·  124

    For those avid collectors of rare soul vinyl, the mail order lis…
  4. The Delgonives From A Song Writers Perspective

     by Carl Dixon  · Soul Features ·  19

    From a song writers perspective. Loving you always came easy by …
  5. Shredded Wheat Advert Background Interview

     by Russell Gilbert  · Soul Features ·  17

    Here's an advertising industry insider's perspective on the maki…
  6. Wakefield Unity Hall - New Beginnings From Old Stock

     by HARRY CROSBY  · Soul Features ·  17

    Things are looking healthy for this old lady of northern soul in…
  7. A Detroit Christmas Story

     by turntableterra  · Soul Features ·  7

    The story is purely hypothetical but based on various letters, w…
  8. The Johnny Terry Acetate Collection

     by Rob Moss  · Soul Features ·  2

    Winford 'Johnny' Terry's career in the music business began in t…
  9. £25.00 and Under - The Challenge

     by TailorMade Gaz B  · Soul Features

    Talking to a friend recently about soul music and the topic of ‘…
  10. 33 Rpm Stereo Little Lps - The Whys and Wherefores

     by Dave Moore  · Soul Features

    Most record diggers will have at least a few of what became know…
  11. Bob Abrahamian - Raw and Unedited

     by soul source  · Soul Features

    However the audio clip below is the full interview from Bobs bed…
  12. The Soul Source Favourite Motown Song Result

     by mike  · Soul Features

    Here on Soul Source it seemed a good idea to sound out members o…
  13. Dore L.A. Soul Sides - Kent CD Review

     by chalky  · Soul Features ·  2

    The compilation kicks of with the vocal group The Whispers. Gord…
  14. The Complete Fame Singles. Vol 1 - 1964-1967 - New Ace

     by chalky  · Soul Features

    Three words synonymous with Southern Soul are Muscle Shoals and …
  15. A Personal History Of Northern Soul by Ady Croasdell

     by ady croasdell  · Soul Features

    I first went to a rare soul all nighter in early 1969. It was in…
  16. One In A Million - The Songs Of Sam Dees - Review

     by Dave Moore  · Soul Features

    Sam Dees is held in the highest regard by producers and fellow-a…
  17. Extra Rich In Soul Cd Review - Soul Junction New Release

     by Dave Moore  · Soul Features

    Dave Moore steers his ears at Soul Junctions latest Cd Release .…
  18. Jessica Records Article on SKM - Preview

     by mike  · Soul Features

    Dave Rimmer passed on word of an article that he has posted on h…
  19. The Guardian Does Popcorn

     by soul source  · Soul Features

    An article on the 'Popcorn Scene' could be read in the Guardian …
  20. Teakwood - New Unreleased Tracks Found

     by Dave Thorley  · Soul Features

    Meet up with two of the guys from this very talented group Fred …
  21. Northern Soul Cover Versions? Love Or Hate ?

     by perux  · Soul Features

    Northern Soul Cover Versions?
  22. Northern Soul Video Girl - Interview with Levanna Mclean

     by soul source  · Soul Features

    Looks like the story with this series of vids just keeps on grow…
  23. Seven Days Of Loving You Author Article

     by soul source  · Soul Features ·  23

    The website Daily Bulletin features an article by David Allen t…
  24. Are Re-Edits And Mash Ups Killing Soul Music?

     by Andy Jackson  · Soul Features ·  144

    The amount of re edits/re workings/remixes/mash ups being played…
  25. The Real Pied Piper Story? by Rob Moss

     by Rob Moss  · Soul Features

    A look at the Pied Piper setup via interviews and more from Rob …

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