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  1. Bridlington Northern Soul Weekender June 2008 Lookback

    Soul Articles · Rob Wigley · ·

    Bridlington Northern Soul Weekender June 2008. Yorkshire’s own sea-side event It is a little difficult to be un-biased about an event that you are co-promoting when asked …

  2. Champagne Shing A Ling - Highland Records

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·   7

    Champagne Shing A Ling - Highland Records Posted by chalky, 04 September 2008 site note -just moved from blogs to articles as part of site reorg Highland Records I …

  3. Loraine Rudolph - Washington Post Article

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   4

    48 Years Later, A Singer Finally In Demand The Washington Post website features an article on Loraine Rudolph. Written by Marc Fisher it concerns itself with the story of Lo…

  4. Times Online - Terry Christian - Return Of Northern Soul

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Written by Terry Christian and its titled "The Return Of Northern Soul", as you can guess it's one of those sort of mainstream...

  5. Rictic blog from 2006-8

    Soul Articles · RICTIC · ·

    Alldayer At Chesterfield Sunday 24 Th Posted by RICTIC, 21 August 2008 · hiya soulies. northern soul oldies all;dayer at the phoenix club chesterfield ,chester st. s40 1d…

  6. Nubes Blog from 2007-8

    Soul Articles · nubes · ·

    End Of School Report ...part 2.... Posted by nubes, 14 August 2008 Well...a bit late with this...but i have had time to reflect on Naim's first year at Secondary sch…

  7. Review - The Falcons Good Good Feeling Cd - Soul Junction Cd

    Soul Articles · chalky · ·

    Thanks to Chalky for passing on a indepth review of the recently released Falcons Cd from the Soul Junction label.

  8. I Love Detroit July 2008 by Rob Moss

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·

    In the days before computerized information flow, most Detroit performers’ awareness of any interest in their musical output from the 1960s or 1970s, anywhere in the world, w…

  9. Dave Rimmer Blog from 2007-8 - 2 of 3

    Soul Articles · Dave Rimmer · ·

    That's A Nice Hat Posted by Dave Rimmer, 13 July 2008 · It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I went to Bishops Wood Soul night last night. You see it was…

  10. Cleethorpes 2008 - Lookbacks, video, photos,

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Just a very quick round up of members contributions via the various soul source site features

  11. Visiting Detroit Part 7 By Rob Moss

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·

    Visiting Detroit Part 7 Holidaying in Detroit is probably not everyone’s idea of an ideal vacation. Though the weather is scorching in the summer, there are no beaches o…

  12. Mo Do Records Online Article Feature

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    from the Billy Nunn website words on Mo Do Label

  13. Milton Wright and Ambassadors Background Snips

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   2

    Some background snippets on some classic recordings from The Honorable Milton Wright and a member of the Ambassadors

  14. LAs Crenshaw District RnB Venues of the 50s and 60s - Dumb Angel Blog

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    The overall effect during the '60s led to a full-color, Mod L.A. soul scene that produced incredible, unique sounding records A great read and some tip top photos as well …

  15. I Love Detroit - Motor Citys Burning BBC 4 by Rob Moss

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·

    Rob Moss delivers his view on the recently broadcast BBC4 TV programme Motor Citys Burning - Detroit from Motown to the Stooges I love Detroit — ‘Motor City’s Burning’ …

  16. Mattfox blog from 2008 - 4 of 5

    Soul Articles · mattfox · ·

    Soul Superman - Brand New Mix Is Online Posted by mattfox, 03 November 2008 SOUL SUPERMAN MIX: PLAYLIST: 1. EDWIN STARR - RUNNING BACK AND FORTH 2. THE EXCITERS - …

  17. Detroit and Memphis - Visiting Detroit Part 6 by Rob Moss

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·

    The latest in the Visiting Detroit series - Rob Moss expands things with a visit to Memphis making up part 6 of this great series of soul articlesIn many ways, Detroit and Me…

  18. Melvin Davis - His Story by Rob Moss

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·

    the sleeve notes from the cd from Rob Moss

  19. Rob Glover Blog from 2008

    Soul Articles · Rob Glover · ·

    It All Seems So Long Ago! Posted by Rob Glover, 07 March 2008 I first started out DJ'ing at Lodge Farm Youth Club in Loughborough way back in 1982. I remember some yo…

  20. Prestatyn 2008 - Lookback from the Modern Side

    Soul Articles · soulgirlie · ·

    A great lookback at Prestatyn 2008 from the modern side originally posted on EMS and also posted on the forum here Prestatyn 2008 - Lookback from the Modern Side "Thought…

  21. tony foster blog 1 of 3 from 2007-8

    Soul Articles · Tony Foster · ·

    Prestatyn 2008 & Queen Vic Posted by Tony Foster, 04 March 2008 Just recovering from a busy weekend at Prestatyn. I won't bore you with the accommodation, we all kno…

  22. Dave Morris Blog from 2007-8

    Soul Articles · Dave Morris · ·

    On The Soul Side - Loft Bar@bournemouth Uni - 16th Feb 08 Posted by Dave Morris, 25 February 2008 · Well time certainly does fly.It seemed only like yesterday that we were…

  23. Russ Vickers Blog from 2008

    Soul Articles · Russ Vickers · ·

    The Road To Addiction............ Posted by Russ Vickers, 20 February 2008 · It's the Spring of 1977 & my whole life was about to change forever..........working clas…

  24. Article on the death Of Tiny Topsy from Jet mag 1964

    Soul Articles · rekorder · ·

    From JET Magazine, September 3, 1964 "Tiny Topsy", a five foot, 250-pound-plus entertainer, whose name in real life was Otha Lee Moore Hall, died in Chicago's Cook County…

  25. Pete Burton Blog from 2007-8

    Soul Articles · Pete Burton · ·

    Various Ramblings & Playlists Posted by Pete Burton, 22 June 2008 · Enjoyed a great night at Rugby last night, met up with loads of friends I've not seen for a while…

  26. Dave Moore Blog from 2007-8

    Soul Articles · Dave Moore · ·

    45s Still In The Customs Shed Posted by Dave Moore, 26 January 2008 · Just thought I'd log the events of our move to Spain and vent a little frustration at the '…

  27. Visiting Detroit By Rob Moss Part 5

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·

    People who reside in the largest city, or the capital, of a country seem to have a pompous air of superiority and an apparent belief that they are, in some way, better than t…

  28. The History of the Fabulous Peps

    Soul Articles · Chris Waterman · ·

    The History of the Fabulous Peps by Joe ( pep) Harris.

  29. Pikeys dog blog from 2005-6

    Soul Articles · pikeys dog · ·

    Been A Bit Quiet Round These Here Parts... Posted by pikeys dog, 17 December 2006 so during the run upto xmas I'll start adding entries. WOOF ➢ Steam Ju…

  30. Shutes Blog from 2005-07

    Soul Articles · shute · ·

    Some Djs Are Full Of It ! Posted by shute, 16 December 2007 · Well just got back from Keele niter, not as buzy as last time I went, but hey ! its that time of the year..…

  31. Nigel Shaw Charity Alldayer -A Lookback and Thanks by Sean Chapman Nov 24 2007

    Soul Articles · Guest · ·

    THE NIGEL SHAW CHARITY ALL DAYER - BURTON BELVERDERE CLUB BURTON-ON-TRENT SAT 24 NOV 07 Over 8 months ago in conversation with Dave"Soulful Kinda" Rimmer he mentioned a…

  32. Night Nurse Blog from 2006-7

    Soul Articles · night nurse · ·


  33. Kent 25 Years Event - A Lookback by Ady C

    Soul Articles · ady croasdell · ·

    Kent 25 Years Celebration  - A Lookback by Ady C Thanks for all the great comments and sentiments from Soul Sourcers and I agree it was a truly great night. It's been just …

  34. Visting Detroit by Rob Moss Part 4

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·

    Visiting America can be a truly uplifting and pleasurable experience. It is the land of milk and honey, where the streets are paved with gold and everyone gets a fair chance …

  35. Madmandy Blog from 2007

    Soul Articles · Madmandy · ·

    Graduation Day Posted by Madmandy, 14 September 2007 Oh Happy day Much Better News This Weekend Posted by Madmandy, 01 July 2007 My oldest lad has passed hi…

  36. Chrissies Blog from 2007

    Soul Articles · chrissie · ·

    From Heey Baby To Sospan Fach With Triplets And Jelly Babies Posted by chrissie, 03 September 2007 · So it's Friday morning 31/08/07, I've thrown every possible i…

  37. Matt Male Blog from 2006-7

    Soul Articles · Matt Male · ·

    August Buys Posted by Matt Male, 26 August 2007 August 2007: Well here's what i bought this month... Only four months to go... Ann Sexton - I Still Love You …

  38. WorcSoulSurvivor blog from 2007

    Soul Articles · WorcSoulSurvivor · ·

    The Glades Kidderminster - 10th February '07 Posted by WorcSoulSurvivor, 06 February 2007 As expected Another great nite by the Kiddy Boys, although they messed up wi…

  39. Nashees blog from 2007

    Soul Articles · NASHEE · ·

    Roots Of Rhythm Blog Posted by NASHEE, 30 June 2007 ROOTS OF RHYTHM....23rd June 2007 The Roots of Rhythm event, was billed, rightly so, as UNMISSABLE....and bugger me…

  40. Dave Rimmer Blog from 2007 - 1 of 2

    Soul Articles · Dave Rimmer · ·

    I Have An Alien In My Chest Trying To Get Out Posted by Dave Rimmer, 13 June 2007 · At least that's what my post Cleethorpes cough feels like !!!! Oh yeah, my knee…

  41. Emanuel Laskey - This is his story

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·

    there are only two real voices in Detroit of any consequence - Emanuel Laskey and James Epps

  42. Rugby Soul Club Blog from 2007

    Soul Articles · Rugby Soul Club · ·

    Clefthorses 2007 Posted by Rugby Soul Club, 12 June 2007 · I was trying to think what to post in the thread but there was so much to say after a whole weekend, that a blo…

  43. Different Kettle Of Fish Soul night - A flying lookback

    Soul Articles · Nickg · ·

     Just a few lines to look back at the first "Different Kettle Of Fish" Soul night at the Dog In A Doublet pub Whittlesey nr Peterborough. If you've read the events sect…

  44. Keeping The Faith 40 Years of Northern Soul A 4 CD Box Set : Review by Rachel Apr 2007

    Soul Articles · rachel · ·

     Keeping The Faith, 40 Years of Northern Soul (Sanctuary)

  45. Wellingborough - The Final Curtain

    Soul Articles · Baz · ·

    Now that was a proper soul night! Here comes the rant............... Why oh why does it have to be the last one to atract numbers like that? too many inferior soul nig…

  46. A Reluctant Star - Mckinley Jackson Interview By Dave Thorley

    Soul Articles · Dave Thorley · ·   2

    here's a chance to read right through. One of Detroit's and soul musics gre...

  47. DJ Profile Len Dopson

    Soul Articles · mike · ·   1

    Thought some of you out there might find this of the most recent addition of "Manifesto" magazine ,Northants very

  48. Visiting Detroit...Part 2 and 3 by Rob Moss

    Soul Articles · Rob Moss · ·

    Part 2 and Part 3 of this lengthy look at "... visiting Detroit" by Rob MossDetroit’s musical and cultural legacy to the world has few equals. Forgetting the Motown and assoc…

  49. Prestatyn 2007 a week after catch up

    Soul Articles · mike · ·

    Just thought better add something about last weeked before it fades into the murky depths of my memory.   Due to work etc it turned out to be a short one for me, as only …

  50. Talking About Detroit - Interviews And Photos By Alex M. Franquet

    Soul Articles · alexfranquet · ·

    The Music Society of Detroit works to give the artists the recognition they deserve by Alex M. Franquet.

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