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  1. sister dawns blog from 2008-9

    By sister dawn, in Soul Features,

    Soul For Heroes A Soul Sisters Thank You Posted by sister dawn, 09 May 2009 · Well seeing as it's nearly a week ago now since that the inaugural event happened its ti…

    Current Bidds Plays From Mace

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Mace: Current Bidds Plays Something that haven't done for a while, current plays from a current member from a current event... Mace apart from being a long time me…

    The latest issue of the fine magagine "In The Basement " was a fairly solid hefty affair. One of the many artitcles in this latest issue was a lengthy feature on Philadelphia…

    Mattfox blog from 2008 1 of 2

    By mattfox, in Soul Features,

    Brand New Mix Online - Great Soul & Funk Choons! Posted by mattfox, 22 April 2009 · hi guys, a brand new mix by Kristian Auth and me (Matt Fox) is online and ready to …

    rugbysoulgirl blog from 2008-9

    By Mrs Simsy, in Soul Features,

    Crossfire 12.04.09 Posted by rugbysoulgirl, 14 April 2009 Wow, this place was hot! We queued for 20 minutes to get in, and when we finally made it down the stairs we c…



    By Guest, in Soul Features,

    Hello and welcome to a round up of all things Modern Soulful from the North - West of England. I was involved with the inception and promotion of a listings paper from …

    Sharon Cooper Blog 2006-9

    By Sharon Cooper, in Soul Features,

    The End Of This Era: Promoting A Soul Event Posted by Sharon Cooper, 27 March 2009 People used to ask us "how's it going?" There were many answers to that question. …

    You Can't Outsmart A Woman - The Kell Osborne Story

    By chalky, in Soul Features,

    From Chalky an informative write up of Kell Osborne soul output including scans and clips The Kell Osborne Story Kell Osborne (Born in 1939 on the 12th March) wa…

    tony foster blog 2 of 3 from 2008-9

    By Tony Foster, in Soul Features,

    Includes Prestatyn 2009 Look Back! Posted by Tony Foster, 19 March 2009 and more

    sandi blog part 2 of 3 from 2009

    By sandi, in Soul Features,

    Conversations That Bring A Smile To Your Face. Posted by sandi, 05 October 2009 · There is only 1 Smokey I think that many of us on the soul scene know the name Smokey fr…

    sandi blog part 1 of 3 2008-9

    By sandi, in Soul Features,

    Prestatyn Starts Here, Well It Does For Me And Harpo Anyway Posted by sandi, 11 March 2009 · Endless mountains of ironing now eventually come to an end,and all this in pre…

    A Modern Lookback At 2008 By Mark Randle

    By Mark R, in Soul Features,

    What I thought was great in 2008 by Mark Randle Gang, I was asked prior to Christmas 2008 to submit a written piece for a propsed publication to be released around Christ…

    Frank Jackson Reviews Revisited

    By Anais nin Carms, in Soul Features,

    A collection of great 45 reviews written by the late Frank Jackson

    Mattfox blog from 2009-12 - 2 of 2

    By mattfox, in Soul Features,

    Is It Meant To Be? // Downloadable Soul Podcast Online Posted by mattfox, 16 February 2012 northern, crossover, modern listen to it:…

    Groovesville Soul Club Opening Night Jan 2009 Lookback I have copied a couple of reviews from the opening night of Groovesville Soul club The next night will be Sat 18th…

    I Love Detroit - Sonny Munro - Falcons Interview

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    I Love Detroit - Sonny Munro - Falcons Interview

    Karime Kendra - It's a Family Affair - Interview by Martin Gavin Karime Kendra has soul music running through her veins and is all set for 2009 to be the year when she h…

    The Twisted Wheel - Blues and Soul - by Dave Godin

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    The Twisted Wheel- Blues and Soul - by Dave Godin A trip back to the far off past,...

    Eddie Foster Dreams of Wigan - Black Music 1970s

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Eddie Foster Dreams of Wigan - Black Music 1970s

    I Love Detroit December 2008 - Rob Moss

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    A end of the year view from Rob, includes info and background of Tokays, Buddy Smith, Tony Clarke and more...

    Trevski blog from 2008

    By Trevski, in Soul Features,

    Part Four Posted by Trevski, 04 November 2008 (The ultimate Accessory) Accessories With accessories, subtle, stylish and subdued is the way to go. Flash is not coo…

    The Best Of Hayley Cd Review by Eddie Hubbard

    By Eddie Hubbard, in Soul Features,

    Latest review, as per usual review has an all-tracks mix plus a competition to win this fine cd. Hayley records - The best of Hayley CD by Eddie Hubbard members…

    Soul Masters 2008 Long time members may recall how a few years ago an ground breaking series of rare soul video dvds were out and about.

    Bridlington Northern Soul Weekender June 2008. Yorkshire’s own sea-side event It is a little difficult to be un-biased about an event that you are co-promoting when asked …

    Champagne Shing A Ling - Highland Records

    By chalky, in Soul Features,

    Champagne Shing A Ling - Highland Records Posted by chalky, 04 September 2008 site note -just moved from blogs to articles as part of site reorg Highland Records I …

    Loraine Rudolph - Washington Post Article

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    48 Years Later, A Singer Finally In Demand The Washington Post website features an article on Loraine Rudolph. Written by Marc Fisher it concerns itself with the story of Lo…

    Written by Terry Christian and its titled "The Return Of Northern Soul", as you can guess it's one of those sort of mainstream...

    Rictic blog from 2006-8

    By RICTIC, in Soul Features,

    Alldayer At Chesterfield Sunday 24 Th Posted by RICTIC, 21 August 2008 · hiya soulies. northern soul oldies all;dayer at the phoenix club chesterfield ,chester st. s40 1d…

    Nubes Blog from 2007-8

    By nubes, in Soul Features,

    End Of School Report ...part 2.... Posted by nubes, 14 August 2008 Well...a bit late with this...but i have had time to reflect on Naim's first year at Secondary sch…

    Thanks to Chalky for passing on a indepth review of the recently released Falcons Cd from the Soul Junction label.

    I Love Detroit July 2008 by Rob Moss

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    In the days before computerized information flow, most Detroit performers’ awareness of any interest in their musical output from the 1960s or 1970s, anywhere in the world, w…

    Dave Rimmer Blog from 2007-8 - 2 of 3

    By Dave Rimmer, in Soul Features,

    That's A Nice Hat Posted by Dave Rimmer, 13 July 2008 · It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I went to Bishops Wood Soul night last night. You see it was…

    Cleethorpes 2008 - Lookbacks, video, photos,

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Just a very quick round up of members contributions via the various soul source site features

    Visiting Detroit Part 7 By Rob Moss

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    Visiting Detroit Part 7 Holidaying in Detroit is probably not everyone’s idea of an ideal vacation. Though the weather is scorching in the summer, there are no beaches o…

    Mo Do Records Online Article Feature

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    from the Billy Nunn website words on Mo Do Label

    Milton Wright and Ambassadors Background Snips

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Some background snippets on some classic recordings from The Honorable Milton Wright and a member of the Ambassadors

    The overall effect during the '60s led to a full-color, Mod L.A. soul scene that produced incredible, unique sounding records A great read and some tip top photos as well …

    Rob Moss delivers his view on the recently broadcast BBC4 TV programme Motor Citys Burning - Detroit from Motown to the Stooges I love Detroit — ‘Motor City’s Burning’ …

    Mattfox blog from 2008 - 4 of 5

    By mattfox, in Soul Features,

    Soul Superman - Brand New Mix Is Online Posted by mattfox, 03 November 2008 SOUL SUPERMAN MIX: PLAYLIST: 1. EDWIN STARR - RUNNING BACK AND FORTH 2. THE EXCITERS - …

    The latest in the Visiting Detroit series - Rob Moss expands things with a visit to Memphis making up part 6 of this great series of soul articlesIn many ways, Detroit and Me…

    Melvin Davis - His Story by Rob Moss

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    the sleeve notes from the cd from Rob Moss

    Rob Glover Blog from 2008

    By Rob Glover, in Soul Features,

    It All Seems So Long Ago! Posted by Rob Glover, 07 March 2008 I first started out DJ'ing at Lodge Farm Youth Club in Loughborough way back in 1982. I remember some yo…

    A great lookback at Prestatyn 2008 from the modern side originally posted on EMS and also posted on the forum here Prestatyn 2008 - Lookback from the Modern Side "Thought…

    tony foster blog 1 of 3 from 2007-8

    By Tony Foster, in Soul Features,

    Prestatyn 2008 & Queen Vic Posted by Tony Foster, 04 March 2008 Just recovering from a busy weekend at Prestatyn. I won't bore you with the accommodation, we all know by…

    Dave Morris Blog from 2007-8

    By Dave Morris, in Soul Features,

    On The Soul Side - Loft Bar@bournemouth Uni - 16th Feb 08 Posted by Dave Morris, 25 February 2008 · Well time certainly does fly.It seemed only like yesterday that we were…

    Russ Vickers Blog from 2008

    By Russ Vickers, in Soul Features,

    The Road To Addiction............ Posted by Russ Vickers, 20 February 2008 · It's the Spring of 1977 & my whole life was about to change forever..........working class fa…

    Article on the death Of Tiny Topsy from Jet mag 1964

    By rekorder, in Soul Features,

    From JET Magazine, September 3, 1964 "Tiny Topsy", a five foot, 250-pound-plus entertainer, whose name in real life was Otha Lee Moore Hall, died in Chicago's Cook County…

    Pete Burton Blog from 2007-8

    By Pete Burton, in Soul Features,

    Various Ramblings & Playlists Posted by Pete Burton, 22 June 2008 · Enjoyed a great night at Rugby last night, met up with loads of friends I've not seen for a while, en…

    Dave Moore Blog from 2007-8

    By Dave Moore, in Soul Features,

    45s Still In The Customs Shed Posted by Dave Moore, 26 January 2008 · Just thought I'd log the events of our move to Spain and vent a little frustration at the '…

    Visiting Detroit By Rob Moss Part 5

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    People who reside in the largest city, or the capital, of a country seem to have a pompous air of superiority and an apparent belief that they are, in some way, better than t…

    The History of the Fabulous Peps

    By Chris Waterman, in Soul Features,

    The History of the Fabulous Peps by Joe ( pep) Harris.

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