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  1. Whats that smell?

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    You may remember all the "discussion" about certain records that a ex-dj and others claimed were true originals. ordinary soul fans, at 3 fi...

    All Era at the SECOND ROOM Monkey - Friday 27 Dec 02

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    You may have seen details out and about Second room what we call The Chameleon Room is "changing" format for this one Its going to be a case of All-Era soul Paul Baldwin …

    Trifles Blog from 2005

    By Trifle, in Soul Features,

    You Learn Sumfing New Everyday Posted by Trifle, 24 November 2005 · One Saturday at Rugby Soul Club, I learned that Young Matt Smart (and I mean young ... especially amo…


    By mike, in Soul Features,

    YORKSHIRE RIDER LOOK BACK 12/04/03 “If it weren’t true…………………..” Guest DJ: CRAIG BUTLER  Col & I went up to the Rider good ‘n’ early and, with the hel...

    100 Club - June 2001 Review

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Yet another great nite in London, 100 club niter was the place, regular crew were on (apart from Shifty) and with guests being Dave Rimmer and Russ Vickers, just knew it was …

    Lost Summer Casino Rip Off- Pete Smith

    By Pete S, in Soul Features,

    Yet another "oldie" Pete Smith from the 90s Heres a bit from Pete Smith , regarding a letter that was sent to him a few years back. Interesting stuff for those who used…

    Goodbye To Whitworth Street Twisted Wheel 2012

    By Anais nin Carms, in Soul Features,

    Yesterday 30.12.12 we said goodbye to one of the most iconic clubs of the 60's , the Twisted Wheel at Whitworth Street

    Written by Terry Christian and its titled "The Return Of Northern Soul", as you can guess it's one of those sort of mainstream...

    Bill Spoon and the Soul Notes by JR Smith

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Written by JR Smith in Oct 98 and taken from Soulful Kinda Music Dec 98 issue issue with permission

    Stuart Cosgrove - Soul Man - Short Film

    By soul source, in Soul Features,

    Writer and Soul Source member Stuart Cosgrove features in a short film (8 mins), talking all about his latest project and beyond with pics and sounds...

    New Century First Nite

    By Mark Bicknell, in Soul Features,

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a brilliant first night at The New Century House in Manchester on Saturday, still not done the final count but we had well over 600/700 peo…

    Oslo Soul Experience - Lookback -28 March 2012

    By JohanT, in Soul Features,

    WOW, that is the only word that I can think of right now if I shall begin to describe the soulful weekend experience I just had in Oslo. I'll take it from the beginning. …

    Ritz last week

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Word on recent freebie at Ritz was it was a packer, from dusk to dawn With Soul Sam and Tim Brown being the highlites according to one of the many soul source roving reporte…

    Dome Second Annivesary - Last Nite

    By soul source, in Soul Features,

    Word on last nite at the Dome was that it was a packer, with one of the longest queues, normal quality great sounds, great atmosphere, described in the words of one as the n…

    Mel Britt - Northern Soul Icon

    By Dave Moore, in Soul Features,

    With the passing of Mr Mel Britt I thought it timely to remind ourselves of a very special day in his company...

    Saturday and Event Submissions

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Winsford Niter was a enjoyable one , a good crowd and some good sets Seems was last nite for the modern room format More details soonest Heard that Yorkshire Riders a…

    The Johnny Terry Acetate Collection

    By Rob Moss, in Soul Features,

    Winford 'Johnny' Terry's career in the music business began in the 1950s when...<br />...acetates in the collection will be sold as a 'Job lot' in a 'Sealed bid' auction...

    Roger Williams Plays from Soul 24/7 guest spot

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Will Downing - Giving My All To You - CD: A Dream Fulfilled - Island 1993 Renee Diggs - You Didn't Know - CD: Oasis - Expansion 2001 Holloway - If You Want It - CD: Big Bad&B…

    who f****** the brooks bros

    By Mark Bicknell, in Soul Features,

    Whos ******* The Brooks Brothers and Melvin Davis Back To Back? Oh dear me, just when I thought the bootleg thing was slowing down imagine my horror to see two of Detroits fi…

    Who are the Great Soul Deejays?

    By stevesilktulip, in Soul Features,

    Who are the Great Soul Deejays?

    White Men Can't Jump - The Turley Richards Story

    By scotchmartin, in Soul Features,

    White Men Can't Jump - The Turley Richards Story By Martin Gavin (Scotch Martin)

    Patrinell Pat Staten Wright - An Essay

    By soul source, in Soul Features,

    While the story of the artist behind 'little love affair' has been documented a fair few times already, this 'essay' written by Peter Blecha, may still be worth a read/visit …

    BBC Newsnights Paul Mason talks Northern

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    While following Paul Masons (BBC Newsnight) twitter feed, I noticed amongst all the "current affairs" type tweets one or two comments/connections that could be taken as north…

    Rugby and I ain't talking balls - Allnighter Lookback

    By spot, in Soul Features,

    Where to begin? It's been a while since I put pen to paper for a Venue review but ...

    Magnificent Montague - Burn Burn Burn - A new book

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    When rioters in Watts, California, began shouting "Burn, Baby! BURN!" in the turmoil of 1965, they were echoing the most popular cry on rhythm-and-blues radio: The trademark …

    Wheelsville listing from Soul Express1986

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Wheelsville usa listing Listing taken from Soul Express Summer 1986 101 JIMMY GILFORD - I wanna be your baby/ Misery Street 102 STEVE MANCHA - Did My Baby Call/…

    What Went Down At Valatone Soul Nite

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    What Went Down At Valatone Soul nite Posted on Thursday, May 24 @ GMT Standard Time by mike h Johnny T wrote Hi everyone, I want to say a big thank you to all the soulboys an…

    A Modern Lookback At 2008 By Mark Randle

    By Mark R, in Soul Features,

    What I thought was great in 2008 by Mark Randle Gang, I was asked prior to Christmas 2008 to submit a written piece for a propsed publication to be released around Christ…

    Belfast Soul Club 3rd Anniversary Weekender

    By Dave Rimmer, in Soul Features,

    What an absolutely fabulous couple of days this was. I'd never been to Ireland before, but everything I had heard about the hospitality of the Irish is absolutely true. B…

    Soul Obsession Edinburgh Oct 1st lookback

    By Dave Rimmer, in Soul Features,

    What a great time we had. Johnny Weston and I left Birmingham airport at midday on the Saturday with brifght sunshine and 26 degrees. We arrived in Edinburgh to dull over…

    Out And About In The Midlands

    By Chris Waterman, in Soul Features,

    Went to two new venues last night after driving up to Manchester to pick Mark Bicknell up we landed at my place about 7.30pm just enough time for me to have a quick shower an…

    Top Tips For 2011

    By Sean Hampsey, in Soul Features,

    Well, its that time of year again Exactly 12 months since we did the last 'Top Tips' thread... so, as it's now a Soul Source tradition, here we go again!

    Euro 100 club nighter

    By Marc Forrest, in Soul Features,

    Well, for me it was "the most beautiful nightmare" ever...why that I hear you ask ? Well, of course the night down at the 100 Club was great if not awesome (to me anyway). …

    Lowton - Quick Word On Last Nite

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well trip back to Lowton this weekend, last one was at there was the North and South job last year which was the Capitol Soul Club gang delivering with the Northern boys a gr…

    Calendonia Soul In The Papers

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well told you it was being talked about, seems not just in the rare soul world, heres an article ripped from Scotlands biggest selling evening paper "Evening Times" on Saturd…

    Jazz FM today - These Old Shoes Crew On Air

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well todays show was a good one. Richard Searlings show featured the crew from Londons biggest little soul club These Old Shoes. The radio stars were Jo Wallace, Paul Thoma…

    Soul At The Social - Bangor - Review

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well this was a good local soul nite, extremely good I would say. Great sounds ranging from some well top rarities to classy well thought revivals, a 100+ crowd, many visitor…

    Dome CSC - Friday Alan H Last Hour Plays!

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well some of you after the storming last hour set Alan H delivered at Fridays Dome, may be interested in a full listing of those sounds that put the icing on a great nite S…

    The Truth is out there....

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well seems were rumbled, some have commented on team monkeys frequent trips to caribbean and other suspicious things. Investigative reporter Nick Brown of Scenesville fame re…

    CSC Dome Fri 27 Jun 01 Afterwords

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well my plans to get there early went straight out of the window due to a 2 hour jam , on the M bloody 6, so missed Stuart Tyler doing the “opportunity knocks” opening spot,…

    Well more than likely read the reports on last Saturdays Soul Nite at Yorkshire Riders Halifax, with guests Guy H and Andy Dyson, almost can be sure its going to be a good qu…

    Review - Top Nite - George Hotel - Macclesfield

    By soul source, in Soul Features,

    Well mentioned it earlier and heres a more detailed view Big thanks to Shirley for a well "spanking" account Posted earlier on Soul-Talk - The Only List for Real …

    Look back at Monkey Nov 2003

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well it's now Monday and after a busy weekend still playing catch up. You may have come looking after a full detailed report of going ons from Saturdays monkey.... sorry, ap…

    Northern Soul The Theme Park!!! UPDATED

    By Mark Bicknell, in Soul Features,

    Well it just had to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Northern Soul The Theme Park is on its way and will be built on the original Casino site in Wigan, this will include a total rebuild…

    100 Club Last Night - 18 May 2013

    By Dave Thorley, in Soul Features,

    Well I never, been over 10 years since I last visited the hollowed place that is The 100 Club

    Fleetwood Weekender 2001 - A Review and a half!

    By soul source, in Soul Features,

    Well here you go with a great (and I do mean great) review of Togetherness Event by Colin Dilnot<BR> If you want a informative, enjoyable well written view of the weekends go…

    Monkey How it was in July

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well got there in the end, a bit slower starting this time, but come midnight it was case of Monkey a go go, with the main room full and kicking. Second Room got off to a …

    Plays From The First Monkey July 2002

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well got off our arses and managed to put together something informative. Managed to get 10 plays from each of the guests and also DMSC Steve Thomas who got things unde…

    Dave Rimmer - Sunshine Radio

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well getting the audio sorted, next up is part one of a great show by Mr Everywhere, Dave Rimmer on Sunshine radio Originally broadcast on Sunshine Radio, w…


    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well done Sam Moore,Brilliant Allnighter again.Good rare sounds and atmosphere,and a nice touch a minute silence for the late,Mick,Aston.Can not wait to the next one,on the 2…

    CSC Dome 3rd Anivesary Plays

    By mike, in Soul Features,

    Well by now you may have heard that the recent 3rd Annivesary at the Dome was a winner, and demos that the CSC nite is still one of the best CSC soul nites around. Thanks to …

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